瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

Patients with facial paralysis must pay great attention to the diet during treatment. Many foods are distorted and irritated, causing the disease to worsen. So, what are the precautions for facial paralysis?

Let’s take a look at the prevention and treatment experts to give you a detailed introduction to the diet guidelines above.

Diet guidelines for patients with facial paralysis 1, adjust the diet.

Because the disease causes the taste and chewing function to decrease the appetite, it is necessary to encourage the patient to eat, give the taste suitable for the patient, and be nutritious, delicious, light, digestible or semi-liquid or soft diet.

2, eat more fresh vegetables.

Because the early facial nerves have edema, you can eat a little bit of damp vegetables and snacks, dishes can choose melon, loofah, robe, etc., snacks can eat rice kernels and red dates soup.

Fruits, whole grains, beans, such as corn, onions, jujube, bananas, purple eggplant, loofah, pumpkin, melon, mulberry.

Can eat all kinds of fish, lean meat, eggs.

3, patients with facial paralysis should increase the intake of vitamin B family.

Vitamin B group elements are also helpful for facial nerve diseases, such as B1, B2, B12, etc.

Vitamin B vitamins in certain foods: coriander, tomato, melon, cucumber, papaya, apple, pineapple, pear, peach, watermelon, vitamin B, can help the synthesis of neurometabolites, so it should be appropriate tonic.

4, facial paralysis patients need appropriate amount of calcium.

Calcium is fully beneficial to bones and intelligence, and can promote normal muscle and nerve function. Because facial nerve disease patients are mainly facial nerve interference disorders and cause muscle atrophy, calcium supplementation is very important, ribs, dark green vegetables, egg yolk, kelp, sesame, fruit.Carrots, watermelons, dairy products, etc. are all calcium.

5, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals.

Patients with facial paralysis put the food behind the healthy side of the tongue, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals, tandem the body needs, according to the patient’s physique, rational allocation of diet, according to the condition of the semi-liquid or general diet, should be light, easy to digest dietAvoid spicy, sour, dry, hard, and rough foods.

Oral care before and after eating, such as gargle, clean the mouth, to prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.