Fall skincare takes control of the beauty theme

Fall skincare takes control of the beauty theme

The autumn wind is rising again.

With the advent of autumn, the weather dries up day by day, and human skin is also tense and dry day by day.

The complexities of skin care first start with skin care. In the summer, more or less damaged skin urgently needs repair.

It is understood that the main theme of autumn skin care is still whitening and moisturizing.

  A beautician told reporters that for oily skin, although the face is shiny all summer, but in the fall, the skin will also be dry and peeling, and then the thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin.Experts suggest that people with oily skin may wish to use oil-removing firming lotion, which can shrink pores and replenish moisture to the skin. At the same time, for oily skin with excess oil secretion and pores that are large and easy to block, it can inhibit oil secretion and reduce inflammation.

  The proper method of autumn care for normal skin is also necessary. After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid toning, and then add oyster-containing nourishing firming milk to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the skin.Allows water to evaporate, soothing and anti-pollution.

  Dry skin and oily skin, normal skin are listed, more care should be taken.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for autumn dry skin, because the pH of dry skin is easily destroyed, and the moisturizing liquid can play a role in repairing the skin’s PH value.

At the same time, it is supplemented with a water-in-oil firming cream to supplement the skin and make it moisturized and not dry.

  In addition, skin care experts also pay special attention to people with dry skin. Due to frowning, talking and other head muscle movements, people with dry skin are prone to false wrinkles when the skin is dry in autumn, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more.Vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food.

Never skin, it is very important to clean the skin in the autumn, and to remove dead skin on a regular basis for a month.

  To have fair skin, of course, it is best to use skincare products containing whitening essence, and it is best to use natural raw materials, because it can help inhibit the formation of melanin, promote skin metabolism, and lighten the melanin that has formed, thereby reducing pigmentation., Make the skin fairer and healthier, and the pure raw materials make you whiter, whiter, and whiter.

  In addition to going to the beauty salon for weekly care, daily cosmetics also need to be carefully selected.

It is understood that in the autumn, the skin is locally dry. When using cosmetics, it is necessary to use dispersed and surfactant-containing moisturizing creams and moisturizers. Applying them to the skin is very good for activating damaged skin cells.

For foundation creams, lipsticks, skin creams, eyeshadows, rouges, etc., try moisturizing creams.

In the replacement of lotion, people with oily skin can choose toner, neutral and dry skin is better to replace moisturizing water.

In this season, it is best not to use dry powder for makeup, as it will make the skin more dry.

The first step is to choose the right skin care product.

The principles for choosing skin care products: one is based on skin properties, and the other is based on time and climate.

In autumn, you should add lotion without alcohol, moisturizing and non-greasy day cream and night cream, and soft mask with bleaching effect.

First of all, pay attention to daily skin care.

  Although the ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as violent as in summer, they will increase the skin melanin, deepen the skin tone, penetrate deeper into the skin, damage the supporting structure of the skin, and cause skin aging.For nutritional functions, such as Revitalizing Freckle Freckle Cream Series, A Flower Freckle Freckle Cream, etc., only in this way can it meet the skin’s various needs in autumn.