She is eyelash,Expression is somewhat stiff:“Forever?”

NS130chapter Tianfeng last day
The meeting room began to become increasing,Everyone has started chatting.。
And Wenye I listened to the sound in the meeting room.,I will go back and steal my head from time to time.。
“Would you like me to go in soon?,Will I still have to train what skills??”Zhou Ye smiled bitterly。
His current smile has been distorted.。
And all of this is the deer……
Shu De seems to be a bit difficult:“But I don’t want to go in.,You will go out with me.。”
“啥?Go out to walk?”Zhou Ye watched the deer。
This fuck is still in class.。
So you clearly slipped?Let the people in the people waiting for a few hours?Zhou Ye thinks that I think this is some stimulus.。
But this is also purely a thief,No thief,。
Zhou Yewu:“Don’t whole me.,The medical department of the medical agent is sitting,If you don’t go back early,Wait for him to complain to the hospital,We can’t eat it.。”
Shu De seems to not meet,Want to go outside。
“Then I am walking alone.。”She is going to go outward。
“do not want。”Zhou Ye’s consciousness pulled the hand of Shu Lu.。
The hands of the two caught together in an instant。
Shu Lu has。
And Wichen I also stayed slightly。
“Do you want to get this,I will take you away.?”Zhou Ye。
And the deer attitude has also changed,Her 糯:“it is good。”
Two people walked into the meeting room in this day.。
Everyone is not looking at mobile phone.,Just chatting,So I didn’t pay attention to them for a time.。
Until the medical department of the medical department, the scorpion coughs,Originally, some playing rooms are again quiet.。
Zhou Ye watched the guide in the mobile phone。
Remember that it should be the preceding sugar corticoids to the newgTherapy。
“During the oxygenation index, sexual deterioration、Imaging progress is rapid、Patients with excessive activation of body inflammation,Use glucocorticoids using glucocorticoids in the short term,It should be noted that larger dose glycemocorticoids due to immunosuppression,May delay the clearance of viruses。”
Hormone is such a double-edged sword,As a doctor, it is still good to use.。
About hormone applications,Zhou Niwu’s experience is also relatively small。
“Then to the heavy duty、Critical patient,It should be based on the above treatment,Actively prevent complications,Treatment of basic diseases,Prevent secondary infection,Suitable organ function support,Such as breathing support,Nose or mask oxygenPaO2FiO2Lower than300HgHeavy patients should give oxygen therapy immediately。”
Generally, after receiving nasal conduit or mask oxygen in clinical practice,Patients should closely observe short time,If breathing distress and hypoxemia have no improvement,Should use the nasal high flow oxygen or no ventilation,This is a lot of people in the breathing department.。
“Raste high flow oxygen or innocent ventilation,PaO2FiO2Lower than200HgIt should be given to the nasal high flow oxygen or no ventilation,acceptHFNCorNIVPatient,No contraindication,It is recommended to implement a prone position at the same time.,That is to awake the prone position,The treatment time of the prone position should be greater than12Hour……Some patients useHFNCorNIVTreatment failure risk,Need closely observe the symptoms and signs of patients。”
“If there is no improvement in the short time after treatment,Especially after receiving prone position,Low sepopholemia still has no improvement,Ordnance、The amount of tidal is too large or the inhalation is too strong, etc.,Often tipsHFNCorNIVWhether the treatment is poor,It should be carried out in time to create mechanical ventilation treatment。”
In this step,Also didn’t choose。
Creative is the same,Will cause trauma of the human body。
Zhou Ye is silent for a while to continue:“If there is a mechanical ventilation in general,PaO2FiO2Lower than150Hg,I can only pay attention to gas pipe,Implementation has a mechanical ventilation,However, in view of the clinical manifestation of hypoxemia in patients with severe new coronary virus pneumonia,Should not be simplyPaO2FiO2Whether to reach the standard as a tracheal intubation and an indication of a mechanical ventilation,And the clinical manifestations and organ function of the patient should be evaluated in real time.。”
It is worth noting that,Delay tracheal intubation,The harm brought more than!