“Hahaha Li brother,Little girl,have a look,I caught this pliers to bring hair.,I know this,This is a medicinal value。”

Looking at the laughing model of the laughter of the leaves,Ye Shuanghuang also can’t help some touch。
The kind of smile with the child,She feels at least for more than ten years.。
Now that the other party actually seems to put it down all the way.,Laughing is so selfless,Be so happy。
The 663th chapter in the mountains
The audience in the live broadcast saw that the smile of the leaves of the leaves also made a speech.。
“I make up,I still saw this laughing like a fool.。”
“What is the big truth?,I didn’t find a laugh, I’m still very cute.。”
“Yes,Before Ye Ge is smile, it is cool.,This is stupid this time.。”
The content of the leaves is also smiling and fun on the content of the barrage.:“You are sour,Hard acid,The water here is clear,Comfortable,If you are coming, you must experience it.。”
Finish,Ye Double Double Directly Going to the Boats,Then handle the phone to him that is catching crabs.。
“elder brother,Help me,I also want to catch。”
I heard the leaves of Ye Double,Ye Shuangzhou immediately bitter face:“Little girl,I started to catch a few bad things.?
You let me catch a few。”
“no,I have to experience it.,I experience you again.。”
The final leaf double boat is still defeated。
Ye Double is a shot while,Teach her。
soon,She also found a crab from the bottom of the stone.。
More than an hour of time,Plus Li Rong Six people captured a small bucket big crab。
Looking at the capture.,Li Hui Feng also directly let everyone go to the river beach.,After all, it is autumn.,It is also damaged in the water.。
Li Hui Feng let three women stay in the river,Then he took the leaves and rush to another youth and weeds.。
Not long,Three people are also holding a pile of firewood back.。
Li Hui, take the plate directly from the big backpack,kitchen knife,There is also a small pot。
Ye Shuangzhou is to take the material。
Several other people have also taken the things that have been brought.。
Seeing a few people out of the wild, there is such a fully equipped equipment,The audience in the live broadcast is not calm.。
“This is a picnic without a soul.。”
“This kind of wild。”
For the scribe,Ye Double is also laughed.。
Li Hui’s fire directly,Then boil the crab。
The brought the hoe is also cut into a piece with a knife.,Brush a layer of peanut oil,The frame is baked directly from the fire bunch.。