Li Hui saw the eyes of the opponent’s grievance,The instinctive took the other party into his arms.。

Willow sweet, want to break free,But the euro is coming from Li Hui’s soft voice.。
“Sweet sister,sorry。”
This sound is sorry to completely let the hearts of the willow with their body.。
At the same time, the tears of the eyes were once again fell on the shoulders of Li Hui Feng.。
“Sweet sister,I actually have a lot of things to look at you.,Today, I want to talk to you.。”
“But,Sweet sister can not be gone?”
“Um,You said.,You are a few women, I know.。”
Willow sweet, let Li speak directly to the wind.。
“Forehead,Sweet sister knows how many?”
“Yup,Follow your sister flower,There is also the secretary of Shen Tian Si,Plus the boss to eat tonight,I don’t know this.。”
“Sweet sister,How did you know?”
How did Li speaks from the wind? He thinks that he thinks it is very good.,Actually, so easy to know the willow sweet。
“Is this still asked me??
There should be no few people in your village, don’t know.?
It’s just that they don’t say your face.。”
Will be so sweet,Li Hui Feng also understands。
I immediately smiled。
“Sweet sister,Among them, I still like people in North China.,There is also a woman who changed my life.,Just I can’t find her.。”
Willow sweet is the gossip,She is in fact, there are some people who have nothing to do with Li Xiang.。
But this time,Li Hui is completely recognized in her face.,This makes her have some unknown measures.。
She has always known that Li Hui’s will have another woman.,After all, Li is so good.,But I never thought that Li Hui has a lot of women.。
“Then they know my existence??”
Ask this,Willow sweet, don’t know what you are thinking.。
“At present, you will know your existence.,I am going to say it for this time.。”
Li Hui Feng has a consideration for a long time for this matter.。
“Then if they don’t agree with my existence??”
Willow sweetness after seeing Xu Ru,I have no previous kind of arrogant in my heart.。
Originally for Zhao Xiaoli with Zhao Xiaoling, she feels that she is not a matter of two.。
It is against Shang Han Shanshan,She doesn’t feel much better than my mature charm.,But Xu Ruzhen’s appearance,But let her understand that it is too much to be too much than the other party.。
The first thousand five hundred and fifteenth chapter
“Forehead,Why do you have this worry??”
Li Huihe heard the words of Liu Xu’s words,Suddenly I found out,Whether you are with?,He didn’t do it very well.。
Even the most basic security is not given。