And the wall on the right is already white,The once-large eyes have disappeared as the big eyeballs leave,‘Eye of Prophecy’It seems to have been taken away by the big eyeball as a host。

Secondly, a weird guy appeared deep in the temple,Whole body brown,Body like a starfish in the sea,But I can stand up straight and walk,It looks funny,Only by checking carefully can I know that this thing is angry、Roaring,But it doesn’t seem to make a sound,But hysterical。
Just by intuition,The boy knew this was the caretaker of the temple,Although he has never seen each other with his own eyes,From the moment it appeared,As a teenager, it was determined,And suddenly there are all the memories of the caretaker of Guan Temple,This thing has been assimilated by big eyes。
One thousand two hundred and fifty-four chapters Colorful Stone
The boy only knows that the guardian is angry,But I don’t understand what it is angry about,Until the white smoke gushes from the depths of the hall,He finally understood the whole story,The guardian is very afraid of this white smoke。
But no matter how the guardian roars,It is difficult to leave the confines of the temple,The terrifying mana once possessed has disappeared,Just staggering to avoid the ubiquitous smoke,In the end it was quickly wrapped in heavy smoke。
The teenager can’t stop all this,I don’t know how long the guardian under the thick smoke can support,What will become,But the focus of his perception at this time has to be shifted,He has passed through the rainstorm zone,And the eyes are no longer full of milky white,The surrounding horizon gradually has an outline,Suddenly refreshed him。
Mountains appeared ahead,Although still based on white,But the layers have a three-dimensional effect,Suddenly my feet solidified,Like stepping on land,Legs need to walk normally,Rather than drifting like clouds and fog like before。
Go further,The boy finally saw colors other than milky white,Wang Bitan,At the foot of the mountain,Turquoise,It is particularly eye-catching and obtrusive in the white world。
Juvenile excitement,It’s like reuniting after a long time,And this mood is beyond control,Prompt him to speed up,Xiaotan only has acres,But bottomless,There is running water flowing in from the mountains,But Xiao Tan is also dissatisfied。
Teenager squat down,Reach out and touch the water,Bitterly cold,Take another bite and taste,Sweet and mellow,Another taste,This is completely different,The boy was petrified on the spot,The swallowed water suddenly became fierce,Not only let the mouthpiece burn,Also make the whole body boil,It seems that the smoke that entered the body just now burns。
Especially the god hidden world,Fire everywhere,If it’s not for God’s knowledge, it works,It is difficult for young people to find the location of the Temple of the Five Elements,at this time,This once majestic palace swayed in the fire,Just like the guardian just now, wailing in powerless struggle。
Such a violent pond,Unbearable,But can’t move,There is endless pressure around the pool, pressing the boy’s body firmly on the shore。
This pain,A teenager has experienced,Whether it’s under the black fire cliff of Five Elements Island,The lava lake of the Twelve Peaks of the Imperial Court is full of this feeling of body quenching,But this time it’s much more violent and terrifying,Quickly made him lose consciousness。
Don’t know how long has passed,Teenager wakes up,I found myself still in a crawling posture by the pool,The lake in front of you is as green as ever,The horrible burning sensation before finally disappeared cleanly,But his body does not feel relaxed,It seems to be difficult to move a finger,I can only turn my eyes occasionally,Watching around。