And John·Martinis is very easy to find,Before one o’clock in the morning,Not in his own office,Is in the lab of Xiaozhi No.2,Won’t be in the second place。

as expected,Wait for Wang Yufei to deal with Guo Xiaoyi’s affairs,When looking for the door,John·Martinis is still in his office,Together with the chief assistant Jackson he just received, he is calculating some data for Xiaozhi 2。
I didn’t understand the work with other staff in the laboratory at the beginning,Just follow Wang Yufei’s goal to complete the production tasks step by step.,While obeying Wang Yufei’s design and manufacturing Xiaozhi 2,John·Martinis also hopes to understand a lot of details,This requires a lot of calculation work。
This is also Wang Yufei let John·One of the reasons why Martinis came to preside over the work。
Only knows Xiaozhi No.1 well,In order to contribute to the future research on the miniaturization of quantum brains,By the way, it can also cultivate a group of qualified quantum mechanics talents,As he gradually let go of the quantum computing laboratory,Support the future research and development work of this laboratory。
Of course it just suffered Jackson。
For Australians who love freedom by nature,These days he really feels that life is worse than death。
Before joining Yuxin Technology and being assigned to work under Old John,He really didn’t expect this old professor to be a true workaholic。
Like today,He has been in the laboratory for more than sixteen hours。
This is simply unimaginable for Jackson。
After all, Australia is a country that regards overtime as a scourge。
This is illegal!
Helplessly,Old John ate him to death,And took the opportunity to have a very candid and in-depth talk with him,Said it was a deep talk,In Jackson’s view, he was threatening him overtly and secretly。
But no way,On reputation in the industry,He couldn’t catch up with old John,On achievement,Can’t compare with this elder,On temper,The old guy becomes stubborn,It’s terrifying and amazing。
In the words of Old John,Jackson is now making up for it。
Not working well,This life will only be nailed to academic shame。More terrifying is,The old professor said directly,He doesn’t mind helping Jackson nail the first and last nails。
Life is so hard,No way to complain,Can only accept。Jackson’s mood can be imagined。
But he can’t resist。
After all, where is the influence of Old John,And after becoming the second person in Yuxin Quantum Computer Lab,This influence will be even more terrifying。If you really want to put him on a pillar of shame in the industry,That’s definitely a matter of minutes。