瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

Patients with facial paralysis must pay great attention to the diet during treatment. Many foods are distorted and irritated, causing the disease to worsen. So, what are the precautions for facial paralysis?

Let’s take a look at the prevention and treatment experts to give you a detailed introduction to the diet guidelines above.

Diet guidelines for patients with facial paralysis 1, adjust the diet.

Because the disease causes the taste and chewing function to decrease the appetite, it is necessary to encourage the patient to eat, give the taste suitable for the patient, and be nutritious, delicious, light, digestible or semi-liquid or soft diet.

2, eat more fresh vegetables.

Because the early facial nerves have edema, you can eat a little bit of damp vegetables and snacks, dishes can choose melon, loofah, robe, etc., snacks can eat rice kernels and red dates soup.

Fruits, whole grains, beans, such as corn, onions, jujube, bananas, purple eggplant, loofah, pumpkin, melon, mulberry.

Can eat all kinds of fish, lean meat, eggs.

3, patients with facial paralysis should increase the intake of vitamin B family.

Vitamin B group elements are also helpful for facial nerve diseases, such as B1, B2, B12, etc.

Vitamin B vitamins in certain foods: coriander, tomato, melon, cucumber, papaya, apple, pineapple, pear, peach, watermelon, vitamin B, can help the synthesis of neurometabolites, so it should be appropriate tonic.

4, facial paralysis patients need appropriate amount of calcium.

Calcium is fully beneficial to bones and intelligence, and can promote normal muscle and nerve function. Because facial nerve disease patients are mainly facial nerve interference disorders and cause muscle atrophy, calcium supplementation is very important, ribs, dark green vegetables, egg yolk, kelp, sesame, fruit.Carrots, watermelons, dairy products, etc. are all calcium.

5, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals.

Patients with facial paralysis put the food behind the healthy side of the tongue, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals, tandem the body needs, according to the patient’s physique, rational allocation of diet, according to the condition of the semi-liquid or general diet, should be light, easy to digest dietAvoid spicy, sour, dry, hard, and rough foods.

Oral care before and after eating, such as gargle, clean the mouth, to prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

Three hidden rules for children’s admission

Three hidden rules for children’s admission

Parents said: “Average 60 yuan in class, is it a bit expensive?

But if you go to the parent-child class, you can enter the park first. Now it is too difficult to go to a good kindergarten.

“-Mr. Liu, the netizen,” starts to report in June every year, but you called in March or April even earlier, and you will not be able to report if you don’t.

“-Kindergarten staff” Good public kindergarten almost depends on the relationship, and good private kindergarten depends on the money. How can it be more difficult to go to a kindergarten than to go to college!

“Netizen Chenchenma” “I have no news. I can only stare at the kindergarten’s webpage every day. If there are still only 40 places, I’m afraid that as soon as the news is announced on the Internet, it will all be ‘seckilled’!

“Mr. Chen, a netizen,” said the teacher over there. The first recruiting students in the park were students from the parent-child class. Outside the park, like my son, there were no places available a year ago.

-Netizen mother’s hidden rule one: How long does it take to “flexibly master” in advance the admission pressure of kindergarten this year is much greater than in previous years, and many Olympic babies have reached the age of admission.

It is understood that some kindergarten admissions information was overbooked on the first day of publication.

Nanjing Ruyi Kindergarten issued an urgent notice to parents online on March 1 stating, “Today is the first day of our kindergarten to enroll in autumn nursery schools. But in the short hours of the morning, there were more than 80 babies.Come to register and interview.

Since the number of people has exceeded our rated number, the enrollment of childcare classes must be ended in advance. Please forgive the parents who apply in the future. ”

  According to reporters, similar phenomena are still common.

Mr. Ding, the director of Nanjing Phoenix Kindergarten, said, “Recently parents have begun to register one after another, and the enrollment has basically ended by the end of March.

“The park also hosts parents of babies born in November 2009.

The reporter shouted that the parent had signed up a year and a half in advance, and the parents’ eagerness was self-evident.

  A kindergarten teacher revealed that the formal enrollment has not yet started. The kindergarten has to wait for a unified notice from the Education Bureau and then replace the enrollment brochure. The time is generally April of each year.

“But I ca n’t wait for the prospectus, and I will be over-recruited at the end of this month, and I will start screening.

“Early registration is already a hidden rule for kindergarten admission. As for how long in advance, parents need to be” flexible. ”

  Hidden rule two: Teacher Yang, who works in a kindergarten as a “bundled sale”, said that children who are 2 and a half years old can report to the parent-child class.Copyright priority.

He also said that because the children in the parent-child class are relatively small, the teachers take care of them more than the children in the ordinary class. Therefore, the tuition in the parent-child class is generally one or two yuan more per month than the ordinary class.

  Although the state does not require parent-child classes to be entered before entering the park, in the face of actual conditions, many parents are reluctant to choose to participate in parent-child classes.

“It’s too difficult to go to a good kindergarten now. If we can go directly to the kindergarten class, it will save us too much.

“Of course, attending a parent-child class is not unhelpful. A teacher said that babies who have attended parent-child classes are obviously more suitable for kindergarten life when they officially enter the park, and some babies who have not attended parent-child classes often grow up after the parents leaveCrying, some even cry for a day, making the teacher quite helpless.

  Of course, there are also many kindergartens that do not use parent-child classes as a “bundled sale”. The principal of Ding Fenghuang Kindergarten also suggested that if the child is too young, it may not be appropriate to attend childcare or parent-child classes.Secondly, children are susceptible to illness when they are young. I generally don’t recommend that children who are too young come to parent-child classes.

Hidden Rule 3: There must be a “backstage” when going to kindergarten. This newspaper has reported that the content is that during the admission season, the “notes” received by a kindergarten principal are thicker than the dictionary.The different colored handwritings represent the depth of the relationship.

This is the personal experience of our reporter in the office of a kindergarten principal.

In addition, some kindergartens need to know their parents ‘occupation and identity when filling in the information. Parents call them that children with broad social relations with their parents will be“ reused ”by kindergarten teachers.

According to the mother of a lady from Point Weekly, her daughter was three years old by June this year. She went to Rehenan Road Kindergarten in front of her home to sign up for a small class in December last year, but was told that she was full.

Now, she considers letting the children return to Gaochun’s hometown for a small class for one year. This year, she will try to enroll her children in the middle class next year.

“This is also a helpless move. I didn’t expect that there were so many Olympic babies. The newspaper said that there were more than 7,000 people this year.

Other kindergartens are too far away and inconvenient.

This mother said that this year, we must find ways to inquire in many ways and register in advance. It is better if we can find acquaintances.

  During an interview with the Phoenix Kindergarten, the reporter found that although the school has not officially started enrolling students, parents have gradually come to register.

According to the director, according to this situation, the quota has already exceeded the quota by the end of March.

This phenomenon also makes the extra kindergarten director feel a lot of pressure.

“From my personal point of view, I hope that all babies of appropriate age will be happy to go to kindergarten, but sometimes the actual situation is not very well controlled, after all, resources are limited.

“Postscript:” It’s harder to go to kindergarten than college “has become a strange phenomenon of preschool education.

However, no matter how many hidden rules, the root cause is caused by man-made, go to a good kindergarten, go to a good primary school, test key secondary schools, intangible pressure exacerbated the phenomenon of imbalance in educational resources.

Recently, Yuan Guiren, Minister of Education, said that the problem of difficulty in enrolling in preschool education will be alleviated within 3 years . but the bright future of children requires the joint efforts of society and families to create.