Teacher, don’t go, please-

Teacher, don’t go, will you?

That summer, I went to a mountainous elementary school in Chongqing to teach.

  There, as many stories tell, poverty and backwardness.

Dilapidated classrooms, broken tables and stools, as if being tortured by cars and scattered.

The only thing that counts better is a blackboard with a great color replacement.

  The principal gave me the best money and vacated my room for me to live.

I remember that night, I didn’t sleep well at all.

There are so many mosquitoes in the mountains, they bite hard at me.

Although I was prepared when I came, I still didn’t expect this place. There was no mosquito coil.

I regret not having brought a few boxes of mosquito coils when I arrived.

  Once in class, I couldn’t help complaining that this smashed place couldn’t even buy a box of mosquito coils.

The students just sat quietly, the little faces were red, and the naive background was awkwardly plated, and the bright eyes stared at my face tightly.

Above it, there are several bags bitten by mosquitoes.

I looked at the children’s big eyes, and I didn’t have any hand to stroke the pimple on my face. I told the children that the teacher couldn’t bear the torture of mosquitoes and would return to their hometown in a few days.

After all, how can I leave here?

I know, kids love me, and I’m deliberately scaring them.

  That night, I found some dilapidated sheets, simply aimed at a mosquito net, and fixed it above the bed to resist the “offensive” of mosquitoes.

I think this will also play a role.

  The results showed that the quality of sleep that night was indeed much better than the previous nights.

The next day, the early morning sun, lazily falling into the house through the window.

When I woke up, a lazy waist was not stretched out, and suddenly I saw a large group of children, a group of children with red eyes, sitting on the uneven floor under the bed!

  I was surprised and asked when did they come?

They told me in unison that they arrived when I fell asleep last night.

A little girl added that we didn’t sleep all night.

  No wonder they all turned red!

I really don’t understand what these children are going to do, and busy asking them why they came here.

  They did not answer me directly.

Still the little girl, ran to me, holding my hand and said, teacher, did you sleep well last night?

  Then I remembered that my sleep was really good last night and I was not invaded by mosquitoes like the first night.

I nodded and said yes.

  The little girl smiled like a flower, clapped her hands and said, “I’m right, we are here, and the mosquito is gone.”

  When you come, the mosquito will go?

I can’t help but yell at the mosquito net I made last night.

But, for their childlike innocence, I asked with a smile on her little nose, and then you tell me, why did you come and the mosquitoes left?

  The little girl lowered her head and whispered, “Teacher, I’m sorry, we are poor here and have hurt you with mosquitoes.”

So, while we were asleep, we ran to you secretly.

We are crowded and mosquitoes will come at us and never find you again.

Having said that, she suddenly turned her head and looked at the two little boys closest to the bed, but the chubby talked to the dog was not counted, and said that you should be optimistic about the two holes in the mosquito net for you and not let a mosquito enterof.

But who knows, so many mosquitoes can even fall asleep.After that, he cried.

  At this time, I suddenly saw that the exposed children’s exposed skin were all gnats bitten by mosquitoes, which were large and harsh red.

I never dreamed that a joke that I had no intention of let the children remember.

I regretted my joke, hugged the little girl tightly, and kissed the tears on her shoulders.

  The little girl begged me softly in my arms, teacher, don’t go, okay?

  I made her even tighter, nodding her head and saying, “The teacher won’t go, don’t go!”

At that moment, my tears burst out.

I know that on a sweltering summer night, there are such a group of children, because the teacher made an unintentional joke, using his young and delicate body to build a wall that no one can surpass, and the bricks used for building the wall are allLove!

Facing hidden rules, experts come to support

Facing hidden rules, experts come to support

We often listen to people to educate their children: do first and then do things.

This is not just a family’s education of children’s social knowledge, it is not simply a matter of educating children to be upright people.

Even in the most professional academic institutions, we often hear the principal’s preaching coldly without saying a word: We must learn not only the knowledge but also the person.

It can be seen that this human effort is not so easy to master.

    It is easy to do things, there are rules to follow, and at the end of the day, it is clear, preferably robot management, then all the quantifications are one, two, two, green onions mixed with tofu, clear.

It is difficult to know how to be human.

We often hear people say: It is easier to do things than to do things.

In the workplace, or more accurately, in the Chinese workplace, the nature of being a person is by no means less important than being able to do something.

To a certain extent, learning to be a person means that you know the hidden rules with your heart.

From this perspective, mastering the hidden rules is more important than the work itself.

Have to make people helpless.

    In the two series of unspoken rules we prepared earlier, some experts have made it clear that office politics cannot be classified into unspoken rules.

Office politics should be part of social culture.

Academically, this may not be an objection.

But in life, those invincible cold guns and dark arrows, those that cannot be placed on the table, and those disgusting mouth honey swords, we have to categorize them all into the hidden rules.

The word hidden rules may be misused by the public. The more it is used, the more derogatory it is, so that it can also spread the meaning of the public and change it completely.

Didn’t you say that people make history?

Then it is no exaggeration for the people to change the nature of a vocabulary.

     The core of the unspoken rules is Personnel Guangdong Labor Association, the director of Guangdong Human Resources Management Association, and the chief consultant of Guangzhou Clarion Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Mr. Zeng Wen told reporters that unspoken rules exist in the world, but there are more unspoken rules in Chinese companies.In addition to factors such as incomplete systems and relatively backward management, this is inseparable from the thousands of years of Chinese history and the concept of people.

In Chinese companies, unspoken rules often revolve around personnel relations, such as fellow villagers and classmates. The core of office politics can also be said to be personnel matters.

    Zeng Wen gave a reporter a case. In a small enterprise in the Guangzhou Development Zone, there were five employees, but three of them pulled up the mountain. So when the outstanding employees are selected every year, these three people take turns to do it.The two “minorities” were left aside all year round.

This is a manifestation of internal hidden rules.

    For newcomers in the workplace, Zeng Wen cautions: It is best not to participate in office politics, because you don’t know how deep the water is.

However, due to the existence of hidden rules, in the long run, if it does not adapt to the company culture or hidden rules, the work will be difficult to carry out.

“Small businesses are also big societies. If you have a company with a very serious office politics, it’s really not easy to stay out of the business or to clean yourself up.

The ending is nothing more than two, or it is retained as the existence of a balancing force, and it is eventually finally squeezed out.

“Zeng Wen said.

    Choosing your own position Li Jianming, senior consultant and senior trainer of the Emperor Professional Advisor, told this reporter that the hidden rules prevailing in the company itself are that the company does not have a specific set of mechanisms, and it is difficult to tell who is outstanding and who is doing superficialwork.

However, the reality is that some people who do superficial work and see the leadership’s glory and appreciation are called “talents”; while some excellent people who do practical things are not good at expressing themselves and think they can be valued by leaders, oftenWill be a victim of this hidden rule.

    A direct consequence of not being able to adapt to the hidden rules and failing to handle office politics may be cold violence.

    Cold violence in the workplace is said to be one of the most unspoken rules for professionals. Cold violence isolates us with an unspeakable pressure, which makes people feel shudder.

    Military Zhilian recruitment has also conducted workplace cold violence surveys. Nearly 70% (67%) of the surveyed white-collar workers said they have encountered workplace cold violence, and the main actor of this violence is their boss.

After encountering cold violence in the workplace, only 16.

9% said they would actively seek a solution, 38.

1% of the victims said that they would be depressed all day, which seriously affected their motivation.


9% of workers in the workplace are cold.

Nearly 20% of the victims chose to leave the job sadly.
    In order to prevent illness before it happens, in addition to hard indicators such as resumes and backgrounds, job seekers and employers should check each other when applying for jobs, and also consider soft indicators such as company culture and personal value orientation.
    Mr. Li Jianming told reporters: Everyone has their own professional temperament issues.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish where the personal value orientation and interests are, and whether they can adapt to the company culture.

Everyone has potential factors that cannot be changed. The key is to choose a position and find a company culture that is suitable for their survival.

In addition, the staff must adjust a certain mentality, in general, even the company that suits them, and their work willingness is only 80%, so the employees do not have to be too impatient, and should be treated normally.

    For the company, Mr. Li Jianming believes that the recruitment of human resources can not only start from a foreign career (such as academic background, work experience, etc.). Recruiting talents must treat the internal career and the external career equally, and the internal career includes personal characteristics., Career orientation, hobbies, etc.

If you only consider foreign careers, it is easy to cause staff turnover.

  Experts are facing invincible and ubiquitous hidden rules, especially under the condition of obvious lack of rules. How should professionals in the workplace respond?

By collecting expert opinions and sorting out some routines to deal with unspoken rules based on public information at home and abroad.

Zeng Wen said that these tricks are good and can be replaced by professionals in the workplace.

    1) Thinking in other places, always introspection.

    There is a reason for everything, and when encountering cold violence, you should not hinder you from looking for more reasons.

Look at yourself from the perspective of others and learn to rebuild yourself to prevent colleagues from becoming hostile to you.

Many times if you don’t adapt to office politics, it’s not because your colleague has a problem, but it is probably your own problem.

    2) Strive to adapt to improve your “immunity”.

Colleagues’ attitude towards themselves is often just their own imagination.

Being too sensitive to others’ attitudes can easily hurt you.

If we return to the same attitude, a vicious circle will be formed.

Anyone who enters the job will have longing for and illusions about a new workplace life. Cold violence will throw us a basin of cold water. It is normal that cold violence cannot absolutely disappear.

There must be this strange realization.

    3) Actively respond Don’t wait to be able to help but not solve it. When you are frustrated for the first time in the workplace, you should actively consider a solution, and at least have a sense of positive response.

Active communication and active communication are particularly important. In fact, in the cold violence campaign, whoever takes the initiative first wins, and this communication must be active, not for communication, to be open and open, and to discuss issues.

    4) Don’t do what you want, don’t do it to others. You don’t like being left out and being disturbed. Similarly, others don’t like it.

To avoid cold violence in the office, first of all, don’t make yourself a “violator.”

    5) To keep Rakuten know, emotions are contagious, and happiness is no exception.

In a pleasant environment, who has the mood to engage in a small plot?

Facing the cold violence in the workplace frankly, not resisting is the best resistance. Before we can figure out what is going on, let’s just ignore what we do and don’t take it into our hearts.

Always keep your optimism.

    6) Thinking about a win-win conflict of interest is one of the causes of corporate politics. We know that if someone wins, someone will lose.

We worry about others winning, because that may imply that we are the one who loses.

In fact, this world is not the case.

Trying to think from the perspective of “how to win-win in the same situation” requires that you first understand the interests of others in this situation, and then understand your own interests, so that both parties can accept and mutually benefit.

    7) first understand people, then seek to be understood.

    It is very strange that once someone feels that they are understood, he will become more open to you and want to achieve a win-win situation. It is difficult to understand each other.

10 classic toys that can make your baby’s brains linger

10 classic toys that can make your baby’s brains linger

Toys are good friends for babies. There are a wide range of Qizhi toys in maternal and infant stores with different play styles and quality.

In order to facilitate parents’ choice, toy manufacturers will advertise a variety of exceptions, including those that increase children’s motor skills, have sound and light effects or color changes to attract children’s attention, and can increase visual and auditory stimulation, moreProminent toys can increase the development of children’s intelligence, and children can be made smarter by playing with toys.

  Ring toys and whistle sticks allow these toys to be easily grasped by the baby, and at the same time they can make sounds, which can easily arouse the baby’s interest.

Especially suitable for 2?
4 months baby playing.

  The blocks are bright in color and different in shape. They can be stacked and disassembled at will to create a lot of patterns.

It’s best to keep the blocks small so that they can be easily grasped and operated by your baby.

Babies over 6 months love to play.

  Picture books are toys for babies.

From grabbing a book to turning it page by page, you can see the whole process of the baby’s small hand development of fine movements.

Babies over 6 months will be able to read after sitting.

  The ball can roll, and the colored balls are particularly interesting for babies.

Babies can grab, push, pat, etc. with their hands.

Babies who can crawl over 7 months can play.

  Collars and cups can be played separately or put together in different order.

Right 1?
For a 2-year-old baby, this is a good toy that can change endlessly.

  Plasticine baby can knead, pinch, squeeze, press, and make whatever he likes.

This is one of the toys that can not share the fine movements of little fingers, and almost all babies like it.

Babies around 1 year old can play.

  The alignment box needs to be properly shaped to place the part in.

This allows babies to recognize different shapes while moving their little hands.

Especially suitable for babies from 1 and a half to 2 years old.

  Piercing a rope through a small hole requires not only hand and eye coordination, but also concentration.

Baby can play around 2 years old.

  The paintbrush can be painted from about 1 year old to 3 years old and can draw a decent picture. Which baby can draw it?

Grasping, holding, and moving the pen are good exercises for fingers and wrists.

  Like plastic blocks, plastic blocks have bright colors and different shapes.

In the operation, the small muscles of the baby’s hand can be well exercised.

Suitable for babies over 3 years old.