Exercise builds muscles

Exercise builds muscles

In our daily sports exercises, some of the more typical female fitness enthusiasts often talk about “muscle” discoloration, for fear of training their muscles.

Muscular bulges and bulging bodies become bloated and overly stout; it is their common view that women become men and women become beautiful and rough.

In fact, muscle training can best shape your body.

  When exercising with equipment during fitness, many people have the impression in their minds to play with barbells, dumbbells, etc.

In fact, as a bodybuilder, as long as you use the equipment reasonably, using the equipment is very important for us to achieve fitness purposes.

  A large part of the fitness people take fat reduction as the main exercise purpose.

Among the scientific fat loss methods, muscle training is the best exercise method for shaping.

In terms of volume, the minority volume is 4 times the muscle volume, and the muscle volume is relatively small.

We can make the local muscles tighter and make the small parts compact through the local exercise of the muscles.

  Such as worshiping meat, when we raise our arms, there will be shaking worshipping meat on the back of the upper arm. When we exercise the triceps with dumbbells or other methods, this part will tighten.

  When we exercise the hip-lifting action, we can tighten the hip muscles and raise the hips to become sexy; exercise the humerus muscles to tighten the upper abdominal muscles and reduce the waist circumference.

  The author and Fu Hui, the Asian fitness lady, have known each other for a long time. The physical condition and physical performance of the contestants have proved the importance of muscle training in human body sculpture.

The combination of strength and beauty is the art of physical beauty. Appropriate muscle exercises can improve human body shape, make the human body more streamlined, women become more graceful, men become more fit and upright.

  In foreign countries, the exercise methods of fitness people are transitioning to maturity, and equipment exercises are essential for their exercise methods.

Appropriate muscle equipment exercises can increase our basal metabolism and increase strength; slight metabolism in the body is increased, and slight accumulation in the body is reduced.



A catfish from loach, contained in Compendium of Materia Medica.

Li Shizhen said, “Long 3?
4 inches, sinking in the mud. It is small and small, with a pointed head, blue-yellow body, and no scales.

“The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  Contains protein, aunt, etc.

  Pharmacological loach smooth saliva has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

  Functional meat: warming and nourishing qi, detoxifying and collecting hemorrhoids.

Loach synovial fluid is a good anti-inflammatory medicine, and it is effective for various acute inflammations such as erysipelas and bloated.

Recently, people have found that it can cure acute and chronic hepatitis.

  [丹毒,面疔,瘭疽(指头疔),腮腺炎]  活泥鳅10-20条,先养于清水中漂去泥污,再置盆中,投入白糖适量,搅拌约10分钟,取滑液糖浆Apply to the affected area, replace it when dry, and apply it several times.

  [急性胆囊炎]  生泥鳅1-2条,取其背上肉,切细,装入胶囊。Swallow about 1 at a time and deliver it with warm water.

  [急性或亚急性、迁延性肝炎]  泥鳅若干条,放烘箱内烘干(温度在摄氏100度为宜),达到可捏碎为度,取出研粉,每服9克,每日3次,Take after meals, children should be reduced.

According to reports, 35 cases of infectious hepatitis were treated by this prescription, of which 32 cases were jaundice, and the course was prolonged for 7 months. After 12-16 days of treatment, 33 cases were cured and 2 cases were significantly improved (Gai County, Liaoning Province).

Massage can also cure stains

Massage can also cure stains

Facial pigmentation is generally caused by poor blood circulation in the human body. It can be massaged by different massage techniques, non-fixed acupoints, and only on the surface of the plaque.Here, the melanin accumulated between the epidermis and the dermis is loose and exceeds the spread.

  ● Four methods of spotted blood circulation massage: 1.

Spotted finger pressing method: Straighten the thumb, hold the other four fingers, press the center of the spot with the tip of the thumb, the direction should be vertical, the force should be light to heavy, steady and continuous, so that the stimulation can fully penetrate the epidermis and the leather.Between, bogey and sudden shaking after exerting force.

The penetration point is extended from the center to the periphery to reach the edge of the spot.


Spotted finger licking method: use the thumb belly to press the point position, draw a circle to rotate, gently soften it, 50-60 times per minute, the movement is coordinated and rhythm, the action part is between the epidermis and the dermis, before eachDo it for about half a minute at the point position, so that the pigment after the blockage is loosened in a small range.


Spotted finger smear method: use the side of the thumb and the end of the index finger, in a certain part of the point, the linear extension of the extension, the pressure should be balanced, the smearing speed should be slow, the force should be light and not floating during operation, heavyWithout stagnation, the loose melanin spreads around.


Spotted palm brushing method: use two palms to rub, produce performance, put the palm on the whole spot, do a loop and have a rhythmic movement, smooth, counterclockwise, frequency about 50-60 times per minute, willThe locally diffused pigment diffuses to a wider range, facilitating rapid absorption.