Briar family Rosaceae.

The fruit is famous, the flower name is Lily flower, and the name of Jiangsu medicinal material is white residual flower.

The fruit can be brewed, flowers, fruits, roots, stems, and are used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual fruit: sour, warm, non-toxic.

Roots: bitter, astringent, cold, non-toxic.

  Ingredients Root bark contains sulfur, flowers contain volatile oils (for geraniol, vanillyl alcohol, etc.), fruits: contains rosate, pectin, vitamins C and P.

  Compounds in pharmacological fruits have a laxative effect.

  The function is the astringent medicine; the flower is an aromatic qi medicine, which cures stomach pain and gastric ulcer; the fruit has diuretic, menstrual flow, and edema.

  [急性肾炎,全身水肿、小便不利]  营实3-6克,红枣3个,水煎,一日2次分服。  [口舌糜烂]  蔷薇根煎浓汁,频频含漱。Root bark for winter and branches and leaves for summer.

Aphthous ulcers, those who do not wear for a long time, are effective.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet for Diabetes

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet for Diabetes

Diabetes is a relatively common metabolic endocrine disease. It belongs to the “thirst-relieving” secretion of the motherland medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly divided into two types of deficiency of yin deficiency and heat and kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, both of which can be treated with nourishing yin.

  The clinical manifestations of the type of yin deficiency and hotness are as follows: polydipsia, thirst, hunger and thinness, dry mouth, dry tongue, red tip, and pulse count.

Expelling nourishing yin and clearing heat, and using gypsum to know mother ginseng decoction and benefit stomach decoction.

  Drugs: 30 grams of raw gypsum (fried first), 12 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of raw licorice, 6 grams of American ginseng (stewed separately), 15 grams of North American ginseng, 15 grams of asparagus, 15 grams of raw radix rehmanniae, 12 grams of jade bamboo,30 grams of trichosanthin, taken orally in decoction, 1 dose per day, 2-3 times per dose, divided into 2-3 servings.

  The main clinical manifestations of the kidney deficiency and yin deficiency type are: frequent urination, weak backache, dry mouth, red tongue, urine like fat cream, and thin pulse.

Expelling Ziyin and Kidney.

The side uses Liu Wei Di Huang Wan addition and subtraction.

  Drugs: 15 grams each of raw and cooked land, 15 grams of yam, 10 grams of Poria, 10 grams of mangosteen meat, 8 grams of tannin, and 6 grams of diarrhea.

Take one dose daily, fry 2-3 times for each dose, and drink 2-3 times.

  In addition, the medicinal diet with the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat: 1.

Pork Liver Pills: 7 pork liver pills, ground into fine powder after roasting, and refining honey into pills such as sycamore seeds, 6 g daily, morning and evening on an empty stomach, serving as one course, and even serving several courses.


Songpi pork bone soup: 500g of fresh pork bone, 60g of pine double-layer skin, 200ml of water, boil soup, drink twice daily.


Pig skin soup: 500 grams of fresh pig skin, 30 grams of white honey, 250 grams of rice flour.

First clean the fresh pork skin and cut it into a pot. Then take the soup, add white honey, the previous rice noodles, boil until the flavor overflows and mix well. Take 6 times and take 2-3 times daily.


Radish and Abalone Soup: Take 30 grams of dried abalone and 300 grams of fresh radish. Wash the two things first, soak the abalone with water, then boil the radish and abalone in the water of soaked abalone. Take the salt after cooking.


Horse milk drink: Use 250 ml of horse milk every day, drink 3 times after boiling.

What is your attitude in love?

What is your attitude in love?

The test starts 1. You prefer warm colors to cool colors.

  2. A person who is acute.

  3. Do not like to listen to others’ opinions.

  4. Change your hairstyle frequently.

  5. In the past, there have been “two boats on foot”, or this is the case now.

  6. I like to pursue excitement.

  7. There are no more than 3 male (female) friends who have been with you so far.

  8 Even if you fall in love, it will recover quickly.

  9Appetite is often strong.

  10 At school, even if you are not sure, answer the question actively.

  11When there is a lover, the lover will be the center of life.

  12Even if you are unhappy, you will forget when you sleep.

  13Be able to think about the other party’s mood.

  14. Although the chance is small, there is no way to fall in love with it.

  15. The chance that friendship develops into love is small.

  16. To think that in the relationship with lovers, it is important to have a harmonious sex life.

  17. I almost always confess my anisotropy.

  18Think “love is irrational”.

  19. I like summer most of the four seasons.

  20. I like Christmas, birthday parties, etc.

  The number of translations for which the scoring standard answered “Yes” is one.

  There are more than 16 test results: very positive. You are a very active type in love.

As long as you like it, bravely confess that you must first express your thoughts to the other party, then you can understand the other party and further associate.

So it was very positive.

15: Friend’s assistance will increase their enthusiasm and be more active in love.

But just thinking positively, but often discouraged in action.

At this time, the support of friends is very important, because there is inherent enthusiasm, so when it is helped and encouraged, it will be put into action.

10: Take care of other people’s affairs, but once it comes to yourself . Your love for others can convey positive and effective suggestions, but it becomes very negative when it comes to yourself.

For example, when a friend tells you his love story, you can give him various suggestions.

But when it comes to your relationship, even if your friend gives you advice, you often cannot accept it.

  5 or less: too negative or too negative.

He will not confess his admiration to the other party, and will not actively call the other party even if he starts dating, and will not show his “like”.

If you are always overly negative, it is likely that the other person will hate you.

  Psychological analysis of love psychology is a complex and gradual process, a process in which a pair of lovers understand and tolerate each other.

Love is divided into the following stages: 1. The feeling stage This is the germination stage of love, that is, the stage in which men and women have an affection for each other.

During this period, the appearance of the opposite sex will play a key role, which can stimulate sensory happiness.
Some people can fall into the “love network” with this short feeling, which leads to blind love.

This is a rather primitive feeling, so it cannot withstand the wind and rain, and it is easy to make people think differently.
  2. Once the attention phase is attracted by a certain opposite sex, it will consciously focus on all activities, hobbies, and family situations of the opposite sex.

The elderly think about how they are close to him or her, how to show their true feelings, and from time to time predict some situations of meeting.

This stage is mostly manifested as “unrequited love” and “daydreaming”. If there is no proper time, the admiration will disappear or be buried in the heart.

  3. The courtship phase This is an important and difficult phase for a courter.

During this period, the suitor’s psychology was more complicated, and various complications continued to emerge: fear of being rejected after being confessed to the other party;

This stage is prone to court frustration and psychological obstacles.

  4  When one party confesses and one accepts, the relationship between the two parties is determined.

After the courtship was successful, the boat of love was transferred into the ocean of love, and the two people began a common emotional exchange.

At this stage, mature people can correctly view the relationship between love and career, while considering the future and future of love.