Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you


Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you

The word of conversation is very hot now, and there is a kind of person who is called a conversational expert, that is, those who love to speak actively and are good at creating casual encounters with chat.

In their eyes, approaching is simply a matter of learning, from “how to go” and “when to go” to “should go” should have a complete set of practical tricks.

For a woman who is inherently reserved and who defends “male chasing women”, if she masters the seven secrets from the boy’s version of “Study on Pick-up”, the chance of an encounter will suddenly multiply!

  Teach you to create a “temptation qi field” and use small air?

?Make the story happen “In most cases, a relatively closed place is better than an open place, and she will feel safe again.

If only you and her are in the elevator to work, it is a chance given to you by heaven!

“-The boy’s version of” Study on Learning “is the easiest way to accumulate” temptation fields “. The easiest way is to use incense.

Recently, in the small room where beauty editors gathered, every male colleague who came in couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s so fragrant!

who is it?

“Someone smiled slyly,” recently losing his body milk.

“Hey, the smell of body milk in a small space is several times stronger than that of perfume, and there is no worry that it will be pungent when accidentally used.

Elevators, buses, and small restaurants can easily arouse his curiosity.

  ① L’Occitane Orange Smoothing Milk 245 yuan charged to him within 3 seconds “sometimes inevitably shy or worried about failure.

The key to winning is to shoot within 3 seconds after finding the target, and don’t give yourself time to hesitate.

-The boy’s version of “Getting Started” is available in the same way. You look forward to your chances and the discharge time is only 3 seconds!

The earliest men would pay attention to the lips first, followed by the eyes and eyes that are not disproportionate.

The last point is very dependent on innateness, but it is not difficult for anyone to work hard on eyes and mouth, right.

98% of men said that they did not like decadent smoke and shiny lips, which made them feel inexplicable burden before kissing.

However, no man will refuse to flutter the eyelashes and look soft and tender lips.

Yes, it must be so soft that there are no lip lines, which coincides with their urge to kiss.

  Although many women do not like Lin Zhiling’s cymbals, other men have Lin Zhiling in their hearts.

You see, she used almost all the secrets that men most want to talk about: natural curls, fluttering eyelashes, and unobtrusive soft lips.

  ① Lancome pink unruly lip gloss 260 yuan ② Fu Xiu Xiu Dudu rich lip gloss transparent color (exclusive sale by Sephora) stirs his hair and awakens his interest “I just know, do n’t touch her body actively, although you have countlessThis thought came up again.

“-Boys’ version of” Study on Conversation “If that collaborator is exactly the boy you have longed for, you can’t wait to go further!

Don’t comb your hair completely, it always hints: I’m not a casual person!

In fact, a little irregular and slightly messy feeling is easier to get close to.

In the small space of two people, you may wish to use your fingers to flick the hair to make the hair smell more thorough. This “inadvertent” little movement seems to him to be a visual touch and can’t help but approach you.

  The supermodel Marie Steiss reveals the secret of her charm: the hair half-draped on the shoulder must carry the fragrance left after washing, and the moment you wake up and turn your head to see her boyfriend, veryNatural and must be sexy, right?
  ① Paris L’Oreal Yingying Brightening Shampoo 118 Yuan ② Chanel Coco Mlle Hair Fragrance Mist 365 Yuan Seckill Back wants him to follow the footsteps “Don’t rush to talk to her from behind!

Girls are afraid of strange greetings after coming to themselves.

-Although the boy’s version of “Getting Started” learns that the front cover almost makes girls feel safer, it does not reveal that men are easily attracted by a sexy back.

Didn’t expect it?

Naturally curly long hair, rounded hips, and slender calves are the three key points that make him most likely to follow.

It’s time to pack up the scenery behind it!

Auntie needs management.

This kind of management requires you to use body sculpting products, and at the same time, you can use the massage to “fix” the aunt in other parts to the place you want to be plump.
  ①YvesRocher plant fiber body shaping body cream (day and night) 390 yuan ② Clarins Newborn Firming Body Cream 550 yuan custom “Feromone” makes it tease memory “It is not important when you know, it is important to know after you know!
“-Men’s version of” Getting Started “In Meiti’s perfume class, perfume trainer Amanda discovered the secret of her use of perfume: at every important moment in life, I will choose a special perfume, because the memory of fragrance is the mostancient.

For example, in the honeymoon, she used Guerlain’s light fragrance and smelled it many years later. Her whole body was immediately filled with the happiness of the honeymoon.
Therefore, from the moment he knew his favorite, don’t change the fragrance easily during this time. The most fascinating thing for men is the unclear and unclear “Feromone”.

After many years, no matter whether it is a positive result or a parting way, this fragrance will record your story and it will always be memorable.

  Just choose the perfume that was reborn for the sake of love!

For example, Chanel’s Chance, Givenchy’s charm, the oldest and hotst fragrance in the back of the neck, 2 drops is enough.

  ① Chanel 邂逅 Fresh Eau De Toilette 50ml / 580 yuan ② Givenchy Magic Angel Rouen Eau De Toilette 50ml / 590 yuan innocent face makes him want to protect “When is the best time to talk?

The night is very unsuitable, girls are naturally afraid of darkness.

Except where she can at least see the other person’s face, and she happens to be ordering.

“-The boy’s version of” Study Conversation “is not suitable for night?

How can a romantic moment be staged into a bubble!

Pretending to be innocent can best win a vote of favor from the boys and release their vigorous desire for protection.

Glittering eyelashes, sweeping blushes in the square of the apple muscle, and lovely toot lips are the best props for innocent faces.

Among them, the most outstanding is actually the eyes.

Blue and purple mascara can easily help you capture the charm.

Don’t brush your entire eyelashes, you should first use black base, then use blue or purple to brighten up the accumulation of eyelashes to charm him.

  Benefit: The bad girl’s blue mascara is 240 yuan. Unexpectedly, there is a “perspirant” left in the palm.

-The boy’s version of “Study on Learning” wants to find a chance to break through this layer of window paper, and San Mao’s template is very worthwhile.

In “No More Rainy Season”, she finds the boy who has been secretly crushing on the conductor, and writes his name and phone number in his palm.

The popular perfume pen is especially suitable for this bridge.

The essence of this trick is to use perfume to make him more impressed with you, so when the master attends the party, he will deliberately spray a few drops of perfume in the palm of his hand. Once you shake hands with the person you want, his palm will leave your “sweat medicine”.Already.
  ① VeraWang perfume capsules ② CKONE electronic perfume pen

Tips for solving insomnia

Tips for solving insomnia

Sleep is a basic human need. For people’s health, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

Insomnia is also an issue of great concern in today’s society.

When we sleep, the trunk is resting, but the brain is moving.

Sleep is ready for an energetic day to come.

Although most people need to sleep for 8 hours per night, according to a survey of women’s sleep, women between the ages of 30 and 60 have an average sleep time of only 6 hours and 41 minutes during a week of work.

Studies have shown that there must be enough restful sleep to lead to drowsiness during the day, increase accidents, difficulty in concentration, work and study ability decline, and may increase the chance of getting sick and gain weight.

  If you have difficulty sleeping for any reason, here are some tips that can help you get a better night’s sleep: 1.

Exercise regularly, but end at least three hours before bedtime.

Exercise can relieve some symptoms of PMS and increase deep sleep.


Before going to bed, avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar (including honey, juice) and caffeine (coffee, cola, tea, chocolate), and high in salt and alcohol.

Both caffeine and alcohol can interfere with sleep.


Try to fix bedtime and maintain regular sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet, and let pillows, mattresses, and quilts give you a comfortable feeling.


If necessary, consult a healthcare professional.

  When to go to the doctor: Many sleep problems can be improved by changing sleep habits, reducing stress, changing diet and exercise.

If sleep problems persist, consider seeking professional help.

Your doctor will determine the cause of your sleep problems and can refer you to a sleep disorder treatment center.

These centers have professional sleep experts who will ask you about your sleep and monitor your sleep all night.

  The ideal anti-insomnia drug should meet the following criteria: rapid induction of sleep; maintenance of appropriate sleep time; no change in normal sleep structure; no effect on psychomotor activity; no memory impairment; no tolerance and remission; no respiratory depression; no sleepDrunk effect.

Counting saliva 8 big health effects

Counting saliva 8 big health effects

Saliva, commonly known as saliva, is precious in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been very much looking forward to the maintenance of the body fluid. Since ancient times, there has been a record of “the body fluid is the essence of the human body.” It is believed that swallowing saliva often can moisturize the pores, strengthen the stomach, nourish the five internal organs, smooth the joints, and replenish the brain.The role of prolonging life.

Therefore, there is a method of pharyngology in the ten methods of TCM health care.

  The origin of the throat method is found in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”. It is mentioned in the “Su Wen and the Stinging Law”: “If the kidney has a long-term illness, you can face the south when you are stunned, and you don’t think about it.All over, to lead the neck and breathe, such as pharynx is very hard, so after seven times, the bait tongue is under the order.

“Do people secrete saliva 1 per day?

5 liters, the body fluid is like spring water, and it is used infinitely. Therefore, there are many famous names for the body fluid, such as gold jelly jade, Tianchi water, Jinjin jade liquid, and Shenshui.

  Why can saliva be healthy?

  Chinese medicine believes that: “five organs of five fluids, heart is sweat, lungs are sputum, liver is tears, spleen is saliva, kidney is saliva, is five liquid.

“It means that saliva is made by the spleen and kidney. The kidney is the birth of the human body. The spleen is the essence of the human body. The spleen and stomach are enriched with the essence of the five internal organs, and the blood is the essence of the blood. Therefore, the saliva is rich in many health benefits and longevity.Substance has a special effect on health care.

Ancient doctors once believed that saliva filling supplemented the body to be strong, and judged the disease according to the rise and fall of saliva.

Others believe that saliva maintenance is a kind of Qigong, which contains many profound principles of health.

In any case, the practice of the ancient health homes has proved that saliva health does have a good effect of strengthening the disease, prolonging life, beauty and so on.

  Modern medicine also shows that saliva contains various components in plasma, and more than a dozen enzymes and nearly ten vitamins, a variety of minerals and organic acids and hormones.

There is also a kind of salivary gland hormone in saliva, which can stimulate the hematopoietic function of the human body, delay the aging of various tissues and organs of the body, prevent senile diseases, and is beneficial to people’s health and longevity.

There is also a peroxidase in saliva that inhibits the toxicity of carcinogens.

Saliva also has a variety of functions such as anti-inflammatory, detoxification, digestion and muscle loss.

  According to the results of the University of Georgia, the aflatoxin and nitrite, which are carcinogenic, will replace the inhibition after 30 seconds of contact with saliva.

In fact, saliva has a strong anti-cancer effect and is also a natural anti-cancer agent.

In addition, because it has the elimination of free radicals harmful to the human body from oxygen and food, and the bacteriolysis can kill viruses and bacteria, saliva is not only a self-made health care device, but also a beautyBeauty and skin care to lose weight.

A saliva is only 3 ml, but it is often consciously swallowed by saliva, which has a good nourishment effect on the trachea, esophagus and stomach.

  The finest saliva 8 big health effects are the flushing effect, which can wash away the food residue to keep the mouth clean and hygienic.

The doctor reminded that the toothpaste can only clean the mouth and not whiten the teeth.

  The second is lubrication, which contains mucin in the saliva, which makes the mouth soft and soft.

  The third is hemostasis, saliva can promote blood coagulation, saliva can help stop bleeding when it is caused by internal or external trauma or tooth extraction.

  The fourth is the substitution function. When the irritating substances such as acid and bitterness enter the oral cavity, the secretion of saliva increases, and it is replaced to facilitate the spit or swallow.

  The fifth is the antibacterial effect. The various organic and inorganic components in the saliva produce a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.

  Sixth is the treatment of injury, there is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva, this auxin can significantly shrink the wound healing time, can accelerate the healing of burned skin.

  Seven is the digestive action, the mouth water contains a lot of amylase, which can crush the starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.

  Eight is anti-debilitating effect. The saliva contains a kind of “salivary salivary hormone” that can keep people young. It can make people smart, strong in teeth and strong in muscles, so that even when people reach old age, they will be red-faced and not young.

  Therefore, “saliva” is precious, can not be wasted, throwing away, should be good at promoting the secretion of saliva, to achieve fitness and strengthen the body, to develop a life.

  The saliva regimen of famous celebrities and doctors of the past generations The legend of the Western Han Dynasty Taoist saliva regimen was created by the Western Han Dynasty. The goddess was ruddy because of the “Yuquan” (saliva), and the teeth were strong and the breeze was at the age of 120.

  Cao Cao ancients called saliva “water of Huachi”, “Yuquan”, “nectar”, “Qing Pulp”, and the Chinese medical library has the reputation of “Jinjin Yuye”.

During the Three Kingdoms period, a hundred-year-old man named Huang Emperor Qianlong, his ears were clear and his physical strength was not bad.

Cao Cao asked him for the technique of longevity. He said: “If you want to live longer, you will serve Yuquan in the DPRK.

“Sun Sizhen, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said in the “Healthy Ming” that “Morning Xingyu Yujin” can be cured and prolonged.

He woke up every morning, stirred his saliva with his tongue, swallowed and lived 102 years old.

  Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Song Dynasty, and his health scientist Su Dongpo said when he called his own way of health preservation: “Every day, the tongue is stirred by the tongue and the inside and outside of the lips, and the mouth fluid is swallowed.
He believes that “the function is not to be measured, it is a hundred times more effective than taking the medicine.”
  Wang Caiming’s famous doctor Wang Cai also pointed out: “Every morning, the teeth are licking, and the sputum is full of pharynx” can make people grow bright and clear.

  Emperor Qianlong of the Qianlong Emperor’s 80-year-old emperor, one of his body-building methods is “tooth often, and often swallowed”.

  Wudang Daogu Li Chengyu is also a modern person who values saliva fitness and has a long life.

For example, when Wu Danggu and Li Chengyu had a life of 108 years old in 1996, they still face a middle-aged woman. One of their health regimens is called “white jade teeth with Yuquan, and I have been breeding for many years”.

  150-year-old Indian longevity old man 150-year-old Indian said his longevity secret – I am every meal, or dish, chew slowly, chew on thirty-two times, and when I drink water, or drink, let themStaying in the mouth for a while, and then swallowing it in a while, these methods helped me to live to 150 years old.

  How does Shenyu Yuquan (saliva) get?

  1 The so-called “coveted three feet” is a natural way: in the face of food, do not “gobble” or “swallow the date”, so that the liquid is too late to overlap secretion; conversely, if you grasp the “slow chewing” essentials;Enjoy it with ease, enjoy the food, and continue to breed in the mouth to promote digestion, refreshing the mouth and even letting the mouth scent, it can be said that it is counted.

  2 Of course, there is another simple liquid method, that is: continue to “squat on the tongue” for a few minutes, from the mouth full of fluid, taste nectar.

  As long as people are legally and legally committed every day, they can be healthy and beautiful forever, why not?

The saliva regimen is easy to recover. It has a long history in the past. It has the unique effect of fitness rickets and prolonged life. It often moves the tongue and the exuberant secretion of the salivary glands, which is beneficial to delay aging and maintain human health.

Can coptis powder acne teach you how to use berberine to remove acne marks?

Can coptis powder acne teach you how to use berberine to remove acne marks?

Coptis is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine, and its nature is bitter cold.

Coptis is not a drug for acne, it is mainly used for de-fired drugs.

Experts tell us that there are many reasons for acne. If it is acne caused by fire, you can take Huanglian Shangqing tablets. In this case, you can complete acne.

Coptis (available in Chinese medicine) can be used as a mask and rinsed off after about 30 minutes.

This mask can achieve acne, anti-inflammatory, oil control, and astringent skin.

Specific method: Take 5 grams of berberine for use, and prepare a cucumber.

The berberine is ground into powder, the cucumber is juiced, and they are blended with each other and applied to the face.

After 10-15 minutes, wash it off.

Coptis has the characteristics of clearing heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification. Cucumber is also beneficial to water swelling. The combination of the two can remove skin toxins and has a good detoxification and repair effect on acne wounds.

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Demystifying the truth about sports acne

Food can also eat 姨

Food can also eat 姨

Aunt is eating out. It is generally believed that dieting can lose weight. In fact, reasonable eating will also eat your excess aunt.

We may wish to use some common foods that lower the fat to help you eat cockroaches in the body.

  Fruit grape juice and wine contain resveratrol, a natural substance that lowers cholesterol.

Animal experiments have also shown that it can lower cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation, so grapes are one of the best foods for hyperlipidemia.

  Apple has a very good lipid-lowering effect due to crystalline pectin, cellulose and vitamin C.

Apples can lower low-density cholesterol in human blood and increase cardiovascular-dense high-density plasma levels.

  Vegetable garlic contains sulfur, and the excess compound formed can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent thrombosis, and help increase high-density cholesterol, which is good for weight loss.

  In addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, amaranth also contains carotene and a large amount of cellulose, which can enhance metabolic peristalsis, has a good laxative effect, can help eliminate excess sputum in the body.

  Onion contains prostaglandin A, which has vasodilators and lowers blood pressure. It also contains organic sulfur compounds and a small amount of sulfur-containing amino acids, which can lower blood fat and prevent arteriosclerosis.

  Winter melon contains protein and a variety of B vitamins, which can remove excess traces and water from the body and reduce body weight.

  Carrot oxide calcium pectate, which can be combined with bile acids to excrete from the stool.

The body’s production of bile acid is bound to use cholesterol in the blood, resulting in lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.

  Cereal oats are rich in linoleic acid and saponins, which can be called atherosclerosis.

  Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., all have a cholesterol-lowering effect.

The Indians have almost no high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, which is mainly due to their corn-based diet.

  Aquatic products oyster oysters trace elements zinc and taurine, taurine can promote the decomposition of plasma, help reduce blood lipid levels.

  Kelp dialysis of taurine, dietary fiber alginic acid, can lower blood lipids and plasma in bile.

  Dairy milk is rich in orotic acid and calcium. It inhibits the deposition of plasma on the arterial wall and inhibits the activity of cholesterol synthase in the body and reduces cholesterol production.

  Yogurt contains both the nutrients in milk and the lactic acid bacteria that help digestion, and the fat-reducing effect is better.

  Edible mushrooms can significantly lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increase their high-density cholesterol.

  Auricular iron phospholipids, vitamins and various phospholipids have the effect of promoting digestion and lowering blood fat.

  In addition, other coaxial cellulose, pectin and vitamin C fresh green vegetables, fruits and seaweed, such as celery, cabbage, green pepper, hawthorn, fresh dates, citrus and seaweed, spirulina, etc., have a good lipid-lowering effect.

Incorporation of red wine

Incorporation of red wine

Most red wines are suitable for replacement at certain room temperatures.

If the temperature is too low, you can use the body temperature to heat the wine.

The dishes traditionally paired with red wine are beef, some cheese foods, hollow powder with red sauce and poultry.

Of course, like liquor, the rules for the addition of red wine are not as rigid.

Many people don’t care what the main dish is, just because they like to choose red wine.

At this time, the red wine that is consumed is more likely to cause the taste of Bordeaux dry red.

The red wine produced by Burgundy is rich in flavor and generally not suitable.


hzh {display: none; }  不起泡的粉色葡萄酒也是红酒家族的一员。These are suitable for ice after the course of course.

The main dishes accompanying the dishes are light, such as fish, veal, chicken and fruit.

For a good bottle of red wine, if you want to enjoy the beauty of it, you must carefully follow its slightly more complicated wine procedure: replace the wine one by one or two days before removing it from the wine cellar or the wine cabinet.The way to transfer it to a straw-woven basket and keep the bottle in a semi-level position – 15 or 20 degrees more than when you drink it.

Then rest for at least one day, and the knight’s sediment in the wine sinks to the bottom of the bottle.

  If you do not have a dedicated wine cellar, the wine must be purchased a day or two before the same procedure is prepared.

It takes at least an hour or so to be the best time to open the stopper.

Of course, the metal foil on the cork should also be cut at the same time, so as not to affect the quality of the wine when it is poured into the wine.

Based on the same considerations, the bottle mouth is wiped clean with a wrapped cloth to remove the residue from the upper area.

  Care should be taken when pulling the cork, and the cork should be placed next to the wine so that the person with the heart can notice it intact.

The hour after the cork is opened is the breathing period of the agar in the bottle, which can be used to dissipate the musty or other strange smell absorbed during the storage of the wine cellar.

  In order to let the guests know the condition of the wine, the bottle must be placed in the basket and the label on it cannot be torn away.

Be extra careful when weighing the wine, otherwise the wine may return or even foam from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle due to the “backlash”, which will cause the sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Finally, the wine in the bottle can not be emptied, leaving about one inch deep of the wine, because these wines have long been turbid due to precipitation.

What should I do to prevent neonatal snoring?

What should I do to prevent neonatal snoring?

Mothers often feel distressed about snoring for newborns. Newborns are prone to snoring. Common causes are: too nervous, cold, excessive milk or too cold milk, and eating after crying.

So, what should I do to prevent neonatal snoring?

Causes of neonatal snoring 1. If there is no interference from other diseases, the child will suddenly and loudly snoring. At this time, it is necessary to pay special attention. This is mostly the cold signal that the baby sends to you.

2, drinking too much milk or milk too cold baby diet is also an incentive, give your baby too much milk or your baby is too fast, you will inhale a lot of air, snoring constantly.

In addition, the milk that is given to the baby is too cold, and the excessive cold medicine is fed, which in turn interferes with the normal operation of the spleen and stomach function, and the stomach is reversed, which may also cause snoring.

3, crying after eating baby suddenly burst or wake up, crying, Mommy usually use breastfeeding to deal with, and the baby is constantly licking and drinking milk, naturally will fight.

But this kind of snoring is generally spontaneous, and does not produce too much excess. It will recover after a while, without being too nervous.

What should I do to prevent neonatal snoring?

1, pay attention to the feeding posture bottle replacement: whether you are letting the child drink milk on the sofa, or you allocate him to feed, you should pay attention to the child’s small head, lower the body, the overall tilt.

Breastfeeding: If the mother is breastfeeding herself, first take a little more time to study the various postures, and then adjust the breasts.

Need to remind the mother is, do not let the child sit on the lap obliquely, this position is easy to induce snoring.

2, pay attention to the feeding environment When feeding the child, the environment is also very important, try to keep the surrounding quiet, do not put him into the pacifier in the child’s snoring lungs, or the child is extremely obese.

At the same time, give a little more patience, do not let the child eat too much, or too hasty, but also pay attention to the temperature of the milk.

3, a small amount of multi-meal mothers can completely increase the number of drinking milk, reduce the amount of milk to ease this phenomenon.

When the baby drinks 50%, pause, pick up, pat the back, help him to vent, and then continue feeding after the discharge, so that the child will not appear to be more than snoring.

Spring skin dry teaches you four skin care tips

Spring skin dry teaches you four skin care tips

Reminder 1: Maintain skin with water and wash your face alternately with hot and cold water in the morning. Apply wet water first, then rub face with cold water. This method helps to relieve the skin’s sensitivity to low temperature. Before going to sleep at night, wash your feet with hot water.The pores dredge the meridians and promote blood circulation, which can effectively prevent foot cracks and frostbite; the water temperature in the winter bath should be controlled at about 38 °C, which is beneficial to alleviate pruritus and not easily wash away some useful substances on the skin.Sebum.

Use less soap when washing your face, and use facial cleanser; add a small amount of vinegar to the water during bathing to reduce the damage of alkaline substances to the skin.

Reminder 2: After using skin care to wash your face in the morning, use some skin care cosmetics containing more oil and massage for a few minutes to restore the skin elasticity weakened by cold air stimulation.

Making a fruit mask is a good way to moisturize the skin in winter. You can use apples, pears and bananas with rich vitamin C as mask materials. It should be done once or twice a week for about 20 minutes.

Reminder 3: diet and skin care to drink plenty of water is to maintain the initial soft state of the skin, drinking water is about 2 liters per day.

For daily diet, you should eat a variety of foods such as vegetables, fresh milk, eggs, vegetable oils, etc. These foods contain many vitamins that are good for skin care.

In addition, if you want to have good skin, you must also add some minerals, such as magnesium and potassium. These minerals can eliminate fatigue, help digestion, accelerate enzyme activity, and promote blood circulation, which is beneficial to beauty salons.

The human body must ingest 300-400 mg of magnesium per day, and magnesium is mainly found in food and food, so excessive pursuit of “eat more food and eat less” is not conducive to the health of the skin.

Reminder 4: Pay attention to sun protection Some women think that they only need sun protection in summer. In fact, spring sun protection is also very important.

Spring and spring gradually rise, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are also growing stronger, and it is very harmful to the skin that adapts to the low-UV environment in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to sun protection when going out in spring, which is very good for the skin.

It’s also easy to get fit in front of the computer.

It’s also easy to get fit in front of the computer.

For our health, but overdraw, and indulge in the computer network, don’t forget to go back to reality, move the tired cells, and let the body rest during the class.

  Exercise 1: Face movement 1.

Use the top of the tip of your fingertip to move up and down.

Then gently massage from the temple to the lower jaw, pinch the upper eyelids with the index finger and thumb, and extend the pull, which can be repeated many times.

Pinch the ear bones up, down, and extend each 3 times, then forward and backward 3 times.


Gently massage around the eyes along the cheekbones.

Excessive massage from the nostrils to the lower jaw, and then back to the origin.

Perform a lower jaw massage.

The lower jaw is rotated 5 times.

The palm of your hand stretches your nose and makes a whole body movement, 5 times in each direction.

  Exercise 2: Static and behind motion 1.

The head slowly taps forward, the lower jaw is as close as possible to the top, allowing the buttocks muscles to enter the crypt.

Then slowly raise your head until the muscles of the throat are tight and repeat 5 times.


Slowly and gently turn your head to the right to keep your shoulders still.

Look at one of the targets behind you and keep turning back after 5 seconds.

Turn left again for 5 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.
Avoid rotating too fast during the process to prevent straining the wound muscles or causing dizziness.

  Exercise 3: Exercise of the wrist and arm 1.

Flex the forearm, extend the forearm, turn the wrist clockwise, counterclockwise, and flex 5 fingers at the same time, open the palm of your hand, and close one finger at a time.

Each hand is done 10 to 15 times and repeated two to three times a day to prevent symptoms such as tenosynovitis in the wrist.


Press the two hands on the shoulders, slowly move the elbows up and down, and rotate the arms around the shoulder joints. Each group will do 20 times and make 3 sets in a row.

It can prevent the body from numbness caused by overwork.

  Exercise 4: Abdominal exercise abdomen movement: the knees are separated from the shoulder width, the back is straight, the backrest is pressed tightly, the abdominal muscles are contracted, and the shoulders are bent to the waist, which is a circular arc shape.

Pay attention to inhaling when the abdominal muscles are tightened and exhale when relaxing.

Do 5 times in each group for a total of 3 groups.

  Exercise 5: Leg movements Relaxation of the legs: Relax and rest, lean on the backrest, slowly straighten forward, lift the calf, feel the muscles of the thighs cross, and the two legs can be alternated.

Sticking 15 times, the whole body will feel relaxed.

  Exercise 6: Ballet exercises for the foot movements: The knees of the legs are close together, the body is in a sitting position, the soles of the feet are placed on the ground, trying to lift the heel, and the rhythm is controlled like a jump, so that the feet move elastically up and down.

  During the process, the body should try to relax. There is no limit to the number of times, as long as it feels comfortable.

This exercise helps relieve tension in the calf muscles and helps speed up blood circulation in the feet.

Old people can’t take morning business as working

Old people can’t take morning business as “working”

Among the elderly who love morning exercise, there are some elderly people with high cultural structure and high health quotient. When they are young, they pursue perfection in their work. Now they have retired from their jobs. Therefore, they have become “working” and even become psychological.An alternative to the above is to pursue perfection.
The adverse consequences caused by this mentality, for example, in order to achieve an effect in a short period of time, lead to excessive exercise load, in order to practice a sports routine, repeated actions repeatedly lead to muscle strain.
  Morning exercise is not “going to work”, do not have too strong competitive psychology.
If the elderly regard the morning exercise as “working”, it is easy to be as meticulous as the work, so that the elderly partners who exercise together in the morning exercise compete with each other and compare the learning speed of sports technology, which is unfavorable to the physical and psychological of the elderly.
The purpose of fitness is to pursue health, and health is composed of physical health, mental health and social health.
  From the perspective of sports medicine, morning exercise like work, that is, the frequency of exercise is 5-6 times a week. This frequency of exercise is too much for the elderly.
Reasonable frequency of exercise for healthy exercise in the elderly is recommended 3-5 times a week.
Of course, if you like to go every day, you should pay attention to the fact that it takes only 3-5 days to reach the effective amount of exercise in one week. Other time can be leisurely, and the small amount of exercise is mainly to maintain a good mood.
  晨运最好每周3-5天  要说晨运的好处,更是张嘴就能说一堆:晨练能促使神经细胞由抑制转入兴奋,成为一天开始的良好过渡;晨练能使大脑得到充足Oxygen and negative ions improve the working state of the brain; morning exercises significantly improve people’s emotions; morning exercises enhance heart and lung function, improve immunity, delay aging, and so on.
  However, the elderly should master some principles in the morning exercise — frequency of exercise: the number of exercises per week should be 3-5 times, about 30 minutes each time.
If the physical condition is good, the time is allowed, and the amount of activity of the physical exercise is not large, and it can be extended appropriately.
However, the morning exercise time mentioned here refers to the continuous physical exercise time with a certain amount of activity. The time spent chatting and watching in the morning cannot be regarded as morning exercise time.
  Because each person’s physical health, physical fitness, age, gender and other factors are different, it is impossible to define a uniform standard of activity.
However, the general principle is that the amount of activity and the intensity of activities should not be too large. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of gradual and orderly progress, and it is not appropriate to conduct strong sports competitions.
The activities of the morning exercise can be selected according to their own hobbies and specialties, but in an appropriate amount, the activities should be carried out easily and gently, and the body should be kept in an active state.
  Morning strength: The activity intensity is controlled by the number of pulse beats per minute. The elderly have a “170-age” aerobic metabolic activity.
Master the physical activity without breathing the atmosphere, and adjust the coordination of exercise and breathing in time.
  Environmental requirements: The main choice is to choose fresh air and no noise, which can greatly improve the morning exercise effect.
  The order of content arrangement is: the amount and intensity of activity should be from small to large, from moderate to rapid, from large muscle group activities to small muscle group activities, from systemic activities to local body parts activities.
Generally, I will start some activities of walking and jogging, so that after the whole body is fever, I will do some flexible exercises, flexibility and strength exercises.
Before the end, it will gradually reduce the amount of activity, let the body have a transition, and do a good job of finishing activities.
  Rain and fog are not suitable for morning activities. Not all old people are suitable for morning exercise.
Especially for the elderly with abnormal heart function and hypertension, it is not suitable for morning exercise. The best exercise time is afternoon or evening.
At the same time, you should master the amount of exercise according to your own physique, in order to achieve the purpose of fitness and longevity.
In addition, elderly people with uncomfortable legs or knees should never climb the mountain to climb high, or often walk a hundred steps.
Some people think that this can better exercise the joints of the legs and feet, but it is actually a kind of injury.
  The elderly still need to realize that fasting and fullness are not suitable for morning exercise, and morning exercise should not be too early.
Some old people slept early at night, got up early in the morning, got up and exercised at three or four o’clock, and then went back to sleep to “get back to the cage”.
This is not only vulnerable to air pollution, but also causes the biological clock to be disordered, leading to fatigue and premature aging.
  It should also be emphasized that there are two kinds of weather that are not suitable for morning exercise: one is rainy and foggy weather.
The current “fog” is different from the “water mist” in the past. Due to serious pollution, it is now mostly “pollution fog”. The small droplets contain a lot of pollutants and pathogenic bacteria.
Second, the temperature is too low and it is not suitable for morning exercise.
If the temperature is too low in the winter morning, or the sudden drop in temperature is not suitable for morning exercise, especially for the elderly and the infirm, the body temperature regulation ability is poor, and it is cold and susceptible to illness. The elderly should also pay attention to keeping warm.