Sleeping position?

Reveal Your Humanity

Sleeping position?
Reveal Your Humanity

According to the latest British research report, if you want to understand a person’s true personality, it is a good way to observe his sleeping position. After investigating about 1,000 people, the researchers analyzed and summarized six common sleeping positions, some of which are different from people.Personality related.

  The starfish-type sleeping position means lying down on the bed while sleeping, and lifting the pillow slightly.

People who are accustomed to this posture are helpful and very good listeners. They are generous and have many friends, but they don’t like to be the focus.

  Missing sleeping position means that the body is inclined to vertical, with both hands extended to form a right angle with the body.

About 13% of people adopt this sleeping position. Such people like to interact with others. They are outgoing and easy to integrate, but they may be confused, sometimes even a little extreme and cynical. It is difficult to accept different opinions.

  The fetal sleeping position means that the face is hidden inward, and the body is shrunk like a fetus in the womb.

  About 41% of people adopt this sleeping position. Such people have a weak personality and hide a sensitive heart under their strong appearance.

  Free fall sleeping position means lying on the bed with your hands on the pillows and tilting your face.

This kind of person is easy to be nervous, and is generally more active. They often act recklessly due to lack of foresight, and generally cannot accept criticisms of others with an open mind.

  The trunk-type sleeping position means that when you sleep, your body is tilted vertically, and it goes down and down against the body.

About 15% of people adopt this sleeping position. Most of them have a cheerful personality, love to interact with others, like to integrate into different groups, and in many cases show leadership and appeal.

However, they are easy to trust others, and they are a bit naive.

  The soldier-style sleeping position is lying completely on his back with his hands close to the sides of the body.

People who like to sleep like this are generally introverted and conservative. They don’t like places where people are noisy. They will scrupulously adhere to some strict standards and will consciously demand others over time.

Measure your temper

Measure your temper

If you know in advance that your boyfriend / girlfriend is coming to visit, what will you put on purpose to show your personality and make a good impression?

  A, Ragdoll or Model Toy B, Comfortable Cushion, Sofa C, Your Pride Photo D, Poster or Bookshelf Test Results: A, You usually care about what happened around you, and pay attention to the mood of your friends.Greetings.

However, in terms of relatives, of course, your favorite is of course your own!

This is a matter of course, and so is most people.

Only when you understand your needs can you be in a position to think for others.

So when you have everything in your hands and you have the capacity, you will take the initiative to help others, so that everyone can realize your affinity.

  B, many people will think that they are very important. Anyone who takes self as the starting point will not see such qualities in you.

You will consider the feelings of others. Instead, other people are more fond of coquetry with you, and you will not be too concerned about it. When you can do more for everyone, it is not important to eat a small loss.

So you are more like Big Brother, Big Sister, and have a mature style.

When you sometimes want to talk about it, you can only find your own family or close love.

  C, everyone around you treats you well, and treats you as a little brother / sister. You are also used to this way of getting along.

In the group, you want to suffer a little more understanding, everyone can know what you want.

Or when you ask, everyone can support and assist.

Of course, not all wishes can be fulfilled, so when you eat behind closed doors, you will keep this account in mind, and then this person will be included in your unwelcome list.

  D, your sensitivity is very sharp, you can quickly detect other people’s thoughts, in order to be more popular, you will express yourself.

When you feel happy, share the things that change your joy with others.

You will also be willing to tell your friends what you have learned.

However, if you meet someone who doesn’t know how to sing, or spit on you intentionally, you won’t give the other person a good look.

This place is dark, it is a bad performance of the kidney, eat it in the morning and raise the kidney and make up the yang.

This place is dark, it is a bad performance of the kidney, eat it in the morning and raise the kidney and make up the yang.

Is the kidney useful?

What x is coming out again, I don’t know if you can take a kidney and change it back.

I used to change the mobile phone with a kidney before I changed it. It is estimated that I regret it now because it will feel various problems in my body.

The kidney problem is mentioned in “Shou Shi Fax”. It is shaped like a bean, and there are two, one left and one right.

Right is the life gate, but the man is Tibetan, and the woman is also the cell.

Positioned below, the fourteenth vertebrae of the spine, the umbilicus, and the waist.

It belongs to water, and it is in the winter ten, November, the color is black.

Salty into the kidneys.

Outside the ear.

The juice is saliva.

In the seven passions of the Lord, in the body of the bones and teeth.

The possessors are fine, and the evil ones are dry.

Those who look black, kidneys, teeth and pain, nephritis.

Ear closed earrings, kidney deficiency also.

The eyes of the scorpion are faint, and the kidney is also deficient.

If the sun is not lifted, the kidneys are weak.

The kidney is sick, the pain in the waist, the cold feet or pain in the knees, the stunned, the weight of the bones, the umbilical lower wind, the waist is low and hard to stretch.

It is mainly said that the kidney is very important to both men and women. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney. The kidney likes black food. It is necessary to pay attention to controlling the lust to avoid overdraft of the kidney.

The face of the kidney is not black, often toothache, tinnitus, impotence and premature ejaculation.

When there is kidney disease, the limbs are afraid of cold, the back is sore, the lower plate is unstable, and the walk is light.

Therefore, from this Shoushi fax, we realized that the kidneys like black food, then we can do it when we raise the kidneys. We specialize in picking up black kidney food. Are we afraid that the kidneys can not be raised?

Pick black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, all the food that the kidneys love to eat, and then add walnuts, poached beans, peas, and scorpions to solidify the kidneys. The most common use of yam, mulberry, purple potato, and sputum to supplement the yin and tonify the kidney.

There is also a formula called Taohe San Black Powder, which is really good for the kidneys.

How to eat: There are too many foods, it is impossible to cook together in the pot, otherwise there is any taste, so we will grind it into powder, and use the broken wall technology to reduce the loss of nutrition.

The benefits of powdering are more conducive to the absorption of the kidneys, and it is better to use it for flushing.

These foods are very suitable for raising kidneys, so everyone should not be lazy.

If you are lazy, there is no problem. You can choose Taohe Sanhei powder. You can use the boiled water to eat it directly. If you don’t go to the trouble of polishing yourself, isn’t it better?