Massage makes you thin all over

Massage makes you thin all over

Every beautiful MM wants to make her body sexy and hot enough. This is not only a sign of their youth, but also a manifestation of their youth.

However, due to the temptation of daily diet, some people still have unwanted thick legs and fat buttocks.

Traditional Chinese massage can help you skinny legs, buttocks, and waists, and make you a perfect woman.

  Massage methods are as follows: 1. Before massage, it is best to take a warm water bath and apply some moisturizer on the body to reduce friction and avoid skin damage.

  2. In the rubbing method, use both palms or loofahs to sweep upwards from the feet to the thighs, and then continue upwards, rubbing the hips with one hand, and the abdomen with one hand.

Do it first, then do the right.

  3, lifting method with the thumb and other four fingers to grab muscles, like kneading the dough, kneading the muscles while kneading.

Knead the autonomy up to the hips and waist.

It can be done alternately from left to right, or it can be done twice with both left and right hands.

Finally, rub your abdomen with both hands.

  4, five fingers close together, the back of the hand slightly arched, so that the palm of the palm is shaped, moderately, beat the whole body rhythmically.

Bottom-up in turn.

Don’t use your palm to pat on the body. When you tap with the concave palm, the palm will form a hollow when it comes into contact with the skin, and it will make a “pop” sound.

The tapping action helps to strengthen the muscles and make the skin elastic.

  5. Whether it is rubbing, kneading or patting, it is necessary to stimulate nerve endings, promote blood circulation, and resolve the role of aunt.

Attention should be given to moderate strength, and excessive force should not be used so as not to rupture the subcutaneous fine blood vessels or scratch the skin surface.

Workplace Waist 10 Law

Workplace Waist 10 Law

1, retrograde treatment of back pain walking on the flat ground, try to do not bend, do not bend, relax at the waist, hold empty fists with both hands, wrap the thumb with four fingers, swing freely before and after the arm, you can also use your hands to hold the waist gently.

Going back 100 times each time?
200 steps, 2 per day?
After 3 times, low back pain can be relieved after half a month.

  2, the thermos bottle treatment of low back pain method is mainly inserted into the patient’s waist, when pressed to the pain point, use another hand to remove the thermos stopper (the temperature of the hot water in the bottle is about 90 °C), put 2 layers of gauze, touch the tender point 2?
3 seconds, then take it away, prevent burns, and switch to 3 continuously?
5 times, once a day, for 1 week, you can relieve back pain.

  3, according to the point of treatment of low back pain with the thumb or index finger click: the midpoint of the ischial tuberosity and femur greater trochanter line, the center of the back of the thigh, the center of the nest outside the center of the calf, the back of the calf, the back of the invagination and other 5 pointsEach point is pressed for 1 minute. It has the feeling of acid, swelling and numbness. It is 3 times a day to relieve the pain in the lower back.

  4, ginger cooked mutton cure waist and knee cold pain method 30 grams of cooked slices plus boiled water for 2 hours, then add 1000 grams of cut into small pieces of lamb, 30 grams of smashed ginger, simmered and burned to use simmerThe mutton is mutton-like and eaten in divided doses. It can cure kidney yang weakness and cold waist and knee pain.

  5, pulling the treatment of low back pain in the bed, grabbed the bed with both hands, and another – people grasp the patient’s toes and pull back, for 10 consecutive times, for several days, can reduce back pain.

  6, push the lower leg to treat the low back pain in the chair, sitting at the base of the palm from the top down push the calf, a little pressure, often push, can reduce the waist back pain.

  7, shaking legs to treat the right way to take the appropriate position, with the healthy side of the leg weight, the affected side of the leg to relax, palm press behind the thigh, left and right hip muscles 1?
2 minutes, several times a day, can reduce back pain.

  8, crawling treatment of low back pain can be on the ground, the bed straight forward, backward, circle to crawl, morning and evening, for several days, low back pain can be eliminated, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, arthritis, lower extremity varicose veinsAbsolute efficacy.

  9, sweet melon seeds white wine treatment of low back pain method to take 100 grams of melon seeds, soaked in white wine for half a month after the removal, baked into fine, each 5 grams, 2 times a day, with rice wine delivery service, can cure low back pain.

  10, pinch the 腰 腱 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰

3 months old baby growth game recommended

3 months old baby growth game recommended

The three-month-old baby’s purposeful activities begin to increase. When lying on the bed, he can use two small hands to support and raise his head high. When lying on his back, he can turn to the side.He got up and looked around.

  Began to play with his little hands: A little while crossing, and then torn apart again, pull the two little hands apart; sometimes it seems to reach out to enough toys; small hands can hold small objects briefly.

  Eyes can follow objects about 180 degrees, and can see things in the entire room.

  Will “talk” to you “ah oh oh”, if you respond to him in time, he will “talk” more and more.

When you approach him, he will quickly calm down and gaze eagerly at your face.

  When he saw the bottle, he opened his eyes happily, opened his mouth, waved his little hand, and looked excited.

This shows that the baby already knows that it can bring him happiness.

  In short, the baby in the third month starts to actively participate in life.

  Game recommendations: 1.
Turn over: The baby is lying on his back on the bed, and you push his waist and shoulders with your hands, or pull his lower limbs to the side to help him roll over from the supine position to the lateral position.

This helps your baby learn to control his body.

Punch and kick: When the baby is lying on the bed, you can put a bell under his feet, and let him kick the bell to ring the bell, or put the bell on the baby’s foot, as long as the kick can make a sound.

This game can exercise your baby’s leg strength and realize the relationship between your baby’s own activities and the sound of a bell.

Look in the mirror: The baby is lying on the bed, and you put a small mirror in front of him so that the baby can see himself in the mirror as soon as he looks up.

This can attract your baby to look up.

  4.”Talk” with your baby: Hold your baby on your lap, face to face with your baby, happily “ah, oh” with your baby, it’s best to make your baby laugh,

This will practice vocalization into a happy game.

  Happy mother: Baby Zhou Bing’s body is getting stronger and stronger, and her small head can stand upright; she likes to eat her little hands or play with her hands.

His slightly giggling laugh can drive away all our tiredness.

Wish the baby a healthy growth!

  Babies of this age are significantly more active than before, and they wake up longer.

His eyes were flexible.

The head can also be turned, and you can follow people and things to see, so let him have something to see.

The most fascinating thing is that he laughs when he teases, and everyone laughs when he sees it. This is his initial contact with people.

At this time, the baby also starts to play. You can play with your hands and pedals. When you see the toy, you want to grab it, but the ability to control the movement of the hand is still poor. Do n’t expect him to get anything, mainlyIt is to cultivate his awareness of active grasping.