Wine culture in TCM health

Wine culture in TCM health

Although human’s initial drinking behavior can not be called drinking health, it has a lot to do with health care, prevention and treatment.

Scholars generally believe that the original wine was made from wild fruits collected by humans, and the remaining conditions were obtained by natural fermentation.

Because many wild fruits have medicinal value, the original wine can be called a natural “medicinal wine”, which naturally has a certain degree of protection and promotion of human health.

Of course, at this time, although human beings get health benefits from drinking alcohol, they may not have a clear health purpose.

  (1) the performance of wine There are many kinds of wine, their sexual taste and efficacy are similar.

Generally speaking, the wine is mild and spicy. The warm person can dispel cold and dredge, the hard person can diverge and dredge, so the wine can clear the meridians, qi and blood, stagnation and dispersal, warming Yang to dispel cold, and dredge liverDepressing depression, expressing feelings; and wine is the essence of grain brewing, so it can nourish the stomach.

In addition, wine can kill insects and exorcise evil spirits.

“The Museum” has a record: Wang Su, Zhang Heng and Ma Jun walked in the fog in the morning.

One person drinks, one person eats, one person fasts; the fasting person dies, the full one is sick, and the drinker is healthy.

The author believes that this shows that “wine is more powerful than food.

“The combination of alcohol and drugs is a big step forward in drinking and keeping in good health.

There are three main effects of wine on medicine: 1.
Alcohol works medicine.

The ancients said that “wine is the best of all medicines”.

Liquor can reach the top of the table with the power of medicine, so that the role of qi and blood circulation medicine can be better exerted, and nourishing drugs can also make up without stagnation.

  2.Wine helps the precipitation of active ingredients in medicine.

Wine is a good organic solvent. Most of the residue and water cannot be dissolved. Some substances that need to be dissolved with a non-polar solvent can dissolve in alcohol.

Many ingredients of Chinese medicine are easily dissolved in alcohol.

Alcohol also has good permeability, can easily enter the tissues and cells of medicinal materials, play a role in lysis, promote replacement and diffusion, and help improve the leaching speed and leaching effect.

  3.Wine also has a preservative effect.

Generally, medicinal wine can be stored for months or even years without deterioration, which greatly facilitates the health of alcohol drinkers.

  (2) Common preparation methods of medicinal wine The common preparation methods of medicinal wine are mainly cold dipping method, hot dipping method, infiltration method and brewing method.

  1.Cold dipping method: chop the medicinal materials, process them, place them in a porcelain altar or other suitable container, add the required amount of white wine, seal and flip, and stir 1?
2 times, one week, stirring once a week; inject 30 days in total, take the supernatant, squeeze the residue, combine the squeezed solution with the supernatant, add an appropriate amount of sugar or honey, stir to dissolve, seal, and let stand for 14 daysAbove, filter and fill immediately.

  2.Hot dipping method: take the medicinal herbs pieces, wrap them with a cloth, hang on the upper part of the container, add white wine to completely immerse the package; cover, immerse the container in water, heat slowly, and dip warmly for 3?
7 days and nights, take it out, let it stand still, take the supernatant, squeeze the residue, combine the squeezed solution with the supernatant, add ice or honey to dissolve and let stand for at least 2 days, filter and fill.

This method is called the suspension immersion method.

This method was later reformed to immediately withdraw from the water after heating to boiling, dump it into a tank, add lining or honey to dissolve, close the sealing tank, replace it for 30 days, replace the liquid, combine with the slag squeeze liquid, and leave it for a proper time.Filter and fill immediately.

Leakage method: crush the medicinal material into coarse powder, put it in a covered container, and add the amount of medicinal powder 60?
After 70% of the leaching solvent is evenly moistened, it is sealed and left for 15 minutes to several hours to allow the medicinal materials to fully swell for later use.
Take another piece of absorbent cotton, moisten it with the leach solution, and gently pad it on the bottom of a leak tube (a cylindrical or conical funnel with a flow outlet at the bottom to control the inflow of liquid with a piston), and then swell the wettedThe medicinal powder is filled into the leaking tube in several steps, and it should be flattened after each supplement.

After installation, cover it with filter paper or gauze.

When slowly adding the solvent to the leaking drum, the piston of the leaking drum’s outlet should be opened first to remove the remaining air in the drum. When the solution is replaced from the outlet, close the piston.

Continue to add the solvent to a few centimeters higher than the powder, and cover it with 24?
For 48 hours, allow the solvent to fully penetrate and diffuse.

Then open the plunger to slowly lower the diarrhea.

If you want to increase the concentration of mash, you can also use the solvent of the new medicine powder for the second or multiple leaks.
Collect the percolate, let it stand, filter, and fill it.

  4.Brewing method: Medicinal materials are used as brewing raw materials, and koji is brewed.

For example, the Atractylodes liquor and Zhiqi liquor recorded in Qian Jin Yi Fang are brewed by this method.

However, due to the difficulty of making this method and the complicated steps, it is now an alternative for ordinary families.

  (Three) matters needing attention 1.Drink in moderation: This is crucial.
The reason why there is controversy over the benefits of drinking in ancient and modern ages is that the key is the amount of drinking.

Drinking less is good, and drinking more is harmful.

Song Dynasty Poetry Day of Shao Yong: “People are not good at drinking, but they like to drink as much as they like; if they are good at drinking, it is difficult to drink together.

If you drink more, you will be able to make butter, and if you drink, you will become butter.

“Here” means modest.

Nothing too much, no less.

Too much damage to the body is not equivalent to no drinking, and can not maintain health.

  2.Drinking time: It is generally believed that alcohol should not be consumed at night.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: People who know to quit drinking early, even if they do not know to drink at night.

When he was drunk and full, he slept on the pillow, and he was sad and hot.

The night qi converges, the wine is made, the chaos is clear, the spleen and stomach are strained, the sores are stopped from dampness, and the fire is assisted, so the sick people are sick.

It can be seen that the reason for quitting night drinking is mainly because the night Qi converges, resulting in the drinking of the wine can not be diffused, hot lingering inside, has the disadvantage of sadness and distress; replacing the wine is the thing that diverges away and disturbs the popularity at nightConvergence and calm, hurt the sum.

In addition, there are two different views on the issue of alcohol consumption.

According to the temperature of some seasons, some people think that the winter is severely cold and it is appropriate to drink alcohol to dispel the cold in Wenyang.

  3.Drinking temperature: On this issue, some people call cold drinks, while others call them warm drinks.

People claiming cold drinks believe that alcohol is hot, and if you drink it hot, it will be even hotter and easy to damage your stomach.

If you drink cold, use cold to heat without excessive harm.

Yuan Zhenyuan medical scientist Zhu Zhenheng said: “Lizhi straight cold drinks, there are three benefits.”

Too much lung enters the stomach, and then slightly warms, the lungs first get warm in the cold and can nourish Qi;

Cold wine is late, and it is spreading gradually, and people are not allowed to sip it.

But Qing Wenxu advocated warm drinking. He said that wine “is best served warm,” “hot drinks hurt the lungs,” and “cold drinks hurt the spleen.”

The more eclectic point is that although wine can be warmed, don’t drink hot.

Depending on which is suitable for cold drinks and warm drinks, this can be treated differently depending on individual circumstances.

  4.Dialectical selection of wine: According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking and maintaining health are more suitable for the elderly, those with slow blood and qi, those with impaired yang, and those with cold, obstruction and stasis in the body.

This is pure wine, not medicinal wine.

Medicinal liquors have different properties depending on the medicines used. The tonics have different blood, nourishing yin, warming, and nourishing qi. The attackers have the differences of phlegm, dryness, qi, blood circulation, and depletion.It cannot be used in general.

Those who are physically weak use tonic wine, those who have no blood flow use medicinal wines that expel qi to promote blood circulation, and those who are cold should use wine, while those who are hot should use wine.

Those who are interested in medicinal wine and health regimen should make the choice under the guidance of a doctor.

  5.It is insisted that the practice of any method of keeping in good health must be persistent, and benefits can be gained over time.

The ancients believed that drinking alcohol can make the wine connect.

Tang Si, a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said, “Every person who takes medicinal wine can make the wine connect with each other.

Harmony is used to some degree, and drunkenness and vomiting cannot be caused, but it is also harmful.

“Of course, Sun Simiao only participates for a long time, and he may mean to be persistent in drainage.

Fresh orange peel sparkling wine causes digestive disorders

Fresh orange peel sparkling wine causes digestive disorders

I wanted to use Chenpi tea to clear the fire, but I was diarrhea.

A few days ago, Mr. Chen went to Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see a doctor. He turned out to be “converting fresh orange peel into Chenpi.”

  Mr. Chen said that the family bought a lot of oranges a few days ago. I heard that the Chenpi bubble water tea can clear the heat and reduce phlegm, so I collected the leftover orange peel, and after a few minutes of drying, I can make tea every day.

He thought it was cold.

  Zhang Yaoshi, the pharmacist director of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained that fresh orange peels are only peeled after being dried. The longer the orange peels are aged, the better. Generally, they should be used after another year.

Chenpi, as a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for regulating qi, strengthening the stomach and resolving sputum, can make the tea clear with heat.

It is different to soak water with fresh orange peel. Because fresh orange peel contains a volatile oil mixture, it is easy to stimulate the digestive tract and cause digestive disorders.

  Professor Li Tianwang of the Department of Gastroenterology of the hospital analyzed that fresh orange peel irritates the stomach and intestines. It may also be caused by pesticides or preservatives attached to the surface of the orange peel. General washing and sun may remove these harmful substances.

He reminded that it is best not to use fresh orange peel to make tea or wine, and when you are aging the peel, you must also pay attention not to use orange peel with mold on the surface.

Some points to maintain the nutrition of lamb

Some points to maintain the nutrition of lamb

During winter, lamb is popular.

It is sweet and warm, rich in trace amounts, rich in protein, glucose, inorganic salts and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., it can help Yuan Yang, nourish blood, and treat lung deficiency, asthma, bronchitis, lung disease and deficiencyPatients are quite helpful.

However, there are many ways to make mutton. How can it be eaten for more nutrition?

  The biggest advantage of stewed mutton is that it can eat both meat and soup.

The cooked soup has a very high nutritional level and is a good nourishment for the body.

Moreover, after being cooked, the mutton is more cooked, tender and easy to digest.

If you add appropriate Chinese medicine or nutritionally complementary foods during the stew, the scale of the nourishing effect will be.

Such as angelica mutton soup, wolfberry mutton soup, astragalus mutton soup, mutton radish soup, mutton tofu soup, and trotter mutton soup all belong to this category.

  In winter, many people like to eat lamb in pot, which is also a kind of stewed lamb.

But don’t be overly anxious when eating. Be sure to stew the meat and cook it, otherwise the tyrosine and shuttle-like in raw lamb?

Bacillus is not easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, and can cause limb weakness after eating.

  [Grilled mutton]It is best to use fresh mutton kebabs, which are originally Xinjiang local snacks. Grilled mutton is delicious. It should be noted that it is best to replace fresh mutton when grilled, and do not use frozen ones.

In this way, there is less nutrient loss and easy digestion.

Similar methods include roasted whole lamb, fried barbecue, char-grilled leg of lamb and so on.

  [Boiled lamb]The time should not be too short. Lamb meat can better preserve the active nutrients in the lamb meat, but it should be noted that the fresher meat pieces should be as fresh as possible, cut thinner, and steamed in a boiling pot for about 1 minute.The color can be eaten from bright red to off-white, and the time should not be too short, otherwise the bacteria and parasite eggs in the meat slice cannot be completely killed.

The temperature in the hot pot soup is high, and it is best to keep it boiling.

  In addition, some people think that the soup of lamb mutton hot pot is nutritious. In fact, the opposite is true. It takes more than an hour to eat lamb mutton. During this period, many ingredients such as ingredients, mutton that has not been removed are mixed and boiled at high temperature.chemical reaction.

Relevant research has proven that the substances produced after these food reactions have neither orientation to the human body nor even cause certain diseases.

  [Fried mutton]High speed, large nutrition loss. Fried mutton is delicious and delicious, but the loss of nutrients, including transformation, fried foods are also prone to carcinogens. It is best to eat less.

  Finally, a word of caution, eat lamb as you want, and pay attention to your health.

Often tongue erosion, red eyes, bitter mouth, irritability, sore throat, swollen gums, or diarrhea, or Pinellia ternata in Chinese medicine prescriptions, and those who have stone calamus should not eat lamb.

Do not drink tea immediately after eating lamb, otherwise it may cause poor bowel movements or constipation.

In addition, mutton cannot be eaten with vinegar.