Be wary: the old man is very excited

Be wary: the old man is very excited

After the winter, the temperature has slowly risen, and the winter’s repressed mood has been swept away by the sun. But what needs to be wary is that if a person’s mood is unusually excited, you need to pay attention: this may be a mental illness.

  Some older people, in recent times, have become as energy-efficient as young people.

For example, during this time, his mood is obviously higher than before, he is always confident and full of enthusiasm, and he is also enthusiastic about people. When he meets, he will never finish talking.

It is also good to remember, call old friends who have been disconnected for many years.

I have recently got up very early, and after going to breakfast, I went to climb the stairs to exercise.

  Performance like this, called “manic episodes” in psychology, is another extreme emotional state that is contrary to depression.

Usually it includes nothing to be happy, and the mood is particularly good; the conversation is endless; like to join in the fun, love performance; unprecedented self-confidence, love to brag and talk big words; burning full, there is no end to the strength.

Other manic patients are excited, but they love to lose their temper and ignite.

  Manic episodes are seen in the complications of young adults and the elderly, especially in the elderly. The balance of various psychophysiological functions is more likely to be broken and manic.

If you find a madness, you must see a doctor in time.

Spring health follows the seven principles of liver and spleen and disease prevention

Spring health follows the seven principles of liver and spleen and disease prevention

In the spring, everything will recover, and the weather will gradually warm up. It will gradually increase. Although it is a good season for spring blossoms, it is also an active period of various germs. In addition, the weather changes at this time, and it brings opportunities for germs.If you want your body to be healthy and strengthen your own resistance, health care is essential, and spring is a time of high liver disease. Therefore, it needs to be nursed back to health. Spring health needs to be carried out, both to nourish the liver and prevent diseases.

  ”Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is very suitable for health proverbs “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, saying that in the early spring season, do not rush to take off the cotton coat to prevent cold spring.

Spring is warm and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so spring health must be “squeaky”, pay attention to the appropriate clothing.

In fact, there are often repeated cold weather in the spring, clothes should be gradually reduced, and the clothes should be warmer.

  Get up early and go to bed early to raise the liver. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen, the world is born, everything is glory, the night is getting up early, the step is in the court, the shape is slowed down, so that Zhisheng, ShengAnd don’t kill, don’t take it, don’t take it, don’t punish it, this spring should be, the way to health.

The opposite is that hurting the liver.” means that after the beginning of the beginning of the spring, the natural world is full of vitality, and everything is flourishing. At this time, people just need to follow the natural scenes of life, get up early and get up early, go for a walk in the morning, relax the body, and let the emotions pass through.The spring of hair can not be violated, this is the way to adapt to spring.

Violating this method will damage the liver, which is the basis of spring breeding.

Therefore, in the spring, the body is comfortable and the emotions are used as a method of health.

  Less acid, more sweet, spleen and stomach, Chinese medicine believes: “Spring days should be acid-enhancing, to raise temper.

Therefore, it is best to eat less hot and sour in the spring diet, so it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, so the spring diet should be avoided.

In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five flavors, the sour taste into the liver, with astringent nature, is not conducive to the germination of the yang and the evacuation of the liver, and the diet should be cast into its organs, that is, “in violation of its sexuality, suffering from its sexual desires.

The person who desires is the good God of the dirty, that is, the supplement.

The bitter person is the evil of the god of the dirty, that is, the diarrhea.

“This relationship has been clarified, and some herbs and foods that are soothing liver and nourishing the liver, soothing the liver and regulating the qi can be purposefully selected.

Slightly sweeter and appropriate.

For example, yam, lily, fungus, etc.

Among them, the porridge diet is the most spleen and stomach.

  The daily combing of five hundred diseases is the savvy government. The important 12 meridians of the human body and more than 40 large and small acupoints, as well as more than ten special stimulation areas are concentrated in the head.

Using a wooden comb or a bone comb instead of a small silver needle, so-called acupuncture massage or stimulation of these acupuncture points and meridians can be used for physical fitness.

It is indeed the easiest and most economical long-term health care strategy to actively maintain the human body, gas, and God.

  Don’t prematurely reduce clothes. “Spring does not reduce clothes, autumn does not wear a hat.”

The temperature in the spring has never warmed up, don’t lose winter clothes too early.

In the winter, wearing a cotton coat for a few months, the regulation of heat production and heat dissipation in the winter is relatively balanced.

From the winter to the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature changes greatly, and the winter clothes are lost too early. Once the temperature drops, it is difficult to adapt, and the body’s resistance is reduced.

The pathogens fly by the body, easily lead to various respiratory diseases and infectious diseases in winter and spring.

  Eat more leeks and coriander in the spring yang qi newborn, in addition to pay attention to the rise of yang, but also to invest in dirty worms, should eat some Xingan divergent products, should not eat sour taste.

Because of the sour taste into the liver, it has a convergent nature, which is not conducive to the growth of yang and the evacuation of liver gas.

The food can be selected from Xin Wen’s scattered onions, coriander, peanuts, leeks, shrimps, etc., and eat less spicy food.

  Leek and scrambled eggs are a good medicated diet during the spring season.

Wash the leek, 2-3 eggs, and the amount of shrimp.

Cut the leeks into small pieces and beat the eggs after breaking the shell.

The wok is set on fire, and the vegetable oil is warmed. Add the shrimp skin and stir-fry until fragrant.

Then pour in the evenly beaten eggs and pour the leeks after the eggs are fried in a slightly fixed shape.

After a while, add salt, ginger, MSG, and then stir fry for a while.

Amaranth Xin Wen diverges, helps the body to produce yang, smooth, egg nourishing, this dish can nourish the liver and nourish the blood, produce yang, suitable for spring tonic.

  Eat less tonics and salt Many people advocate winter tonic, but after spring, tonic should be moderate.

There are characteristics of “spring, summer, autumn, winter” in all seasons.

Living in nature should conform to the laws of nature.In winter, according to the appropriate amount of personal physique to supplement, in line with the principles of winter preservation.

However, during this period of time after the beginning of the spring, it is not only supplemented or supplemented, but the amount of tonic is gradually reduced. The brakes gradually adapt to the upcoming spring season, the rise and the seasonal characteristics of the strip.

In fact, reducing the amount of salt absorbed is also critical, because salty taste into the kidneys, eating too much salt can easily damage the kidney, which is not conducive to the maintenance of yang.

5 major mysteries of aerobic weight loss

5 major mysteries of aerobic weight loss

Losing weight is probably a headache for the world.

Aerobic exercise is recognized as the best way to lose weight.

Aerobic exercise is not just about a variety of aerobic exercises, but also endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, skipping, etc. It sounds boring, maybe you have done it, maybe because the effect is not as you expected orConditional, time constraints, and ultimately did not insist.

The result is still fat!

  It’s not that these aerobic exercises have no effect or suit you. Generally speaking, unless there is a special disease, aerobic exercise has a very good effect on improving heart and lung function and fat loss for everyone. The key is to be based on your own physical fitness.Conditions, as well as the choice of aerobics according to their own sports interests, as well as a few points to pay attention to aerobic weight loss, design a prescription for aerobic exercise, because the body only knows best.

  First, let us understand some of the basic concepts and physiological knowledge necessary. This is an important alternative to designing aerobic prescriptions for yourself.1.

Heart rate This is the most direct indicator of the effectiveness and intensity of aerobic exercise.

Many fitness machines in the gym now consume calories (quantity) counts.

But in fact, this kind of counting is generally very different from the actual consumption, and there is a disproportion between the consumption and the small consumption.

Adult catabolism is a complex series of biochemical reactions, and heart rate reflects the sympathetic excitability. Sympathetic excitation promotes the secretion of lipid breakdown hormone, thereby activating lipolytic enzymes, allowing storage in adult cell tissues.The harmful decomposition is free fatty acid and glycerin, and the fatty acid can be decomposed into carbonic acid and water and release a large amount of energy under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply.

  So how much heart rate or intensity can you achieve to lose weight when you exercise?

Usually should be at the maximum heart rate (MHR / 220 – your age) 60% -75%.

That is to say, a 30-year-old friend is said to have implanted 220-30 = 190.

Then 190 × 60% = 114?
190 × 75% = 145, that is, the heart rate remains at 114?
Exercises around 145 are effective and safe.

Since the maximum heart rate is a predetermined value based on the physiological condition of the heartbeat limit, the actual strength is suitable for the person, and can be maintained at 60 for the first time.
65% MHR is available.

If you pursue high intensity regardless of your physical condition, it will be detrimental to your health.


According to the study of American sports medicine, 15 minutes before aerobic exercise, muscle sugar is used as the main energy supply, and a few energy supply is 15 after exercise.
It only starts in 20 minutes, so it usually requires aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes. Then there is a problem. It is easy to exercise for 30 minutes while maintaining high intensity, such as 65% MHR. Does everyone have such basic physical strength?

Let us first look at the concept of how to exercise for 30 minutes while maintaining high intensity, such as 65% MHR.

Adult women 800 meters and men’s 1500 meters long run can generally achieve the required heart rate, the average person should have such experience in physical education classes.

The time to reach the standard is 4?
5 minutes and 6?
7 minutes.

Then, if you run at a medium speed of 6 to 8 kilometers, you can reach 65% of MHR aerobic exercise for 30 minutes.

  I believe that most of the non-sports people do not have such physical fitness.

If you barely insist on completing this aerobic exercise of intensity and time, it will cause fatigue.

Many friends who skip aerobics may have had such an experience: going to aerobics, losing weight, being tired, dying, not working the next day, not giving up, and then returning to their previous physical state.
So don’t simply use the results of the study as an alternative to aerobic exercise prescriptions, because the study only measures the average statistic, whether the muscle glycogen can provide 15 minutes depending on the amount of each person’s reserves, and the lipolysis mentioned in the previous article.The process can polish the so-called micro-energy in aerobic exercise 15?
It starts after 20 minutes, but only reflects the biochemical reaction time of lipolysis. It is not like muscle glycogen can directly supply energy to the body, and this reaction time depends on each person’s physiological conditions.

Therefore, the exercise time should be gradual, the duration of exercise can reflect the endurance condition of the body, and the improvement of endurance is impossible to achieve by one or two exercises. Of course, the exercise time is too short and can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, because only the body will be fatThe energy produced by oxidation is consumed to further promote more excellent decomposition.

And ultimately achieve the purpose of weight loss.

  So how to solve this contradictory problem, I suggest that friends who are not good in physical fitness but are more obese will use the intermittent exercise method when they start aerobic training, and continue with high heart rate (strength) until you start to feel tired and slow.Slow down for some relaxation or slow movement.

In order to maintain a faster heart rate (medium intensity) until the physical strength is restored and then turn to a high heart rate (high intensity), I do not agree to feel very tired and still exercise, which certainly exercises the willpower, but the step-by-step method is more healthful.It won’t make you tired after a workout and can’t face the next day’s work.

Exercise in a step-by-step manner for 45 minutes to an hour, the weight loss effect will not continue to exercise poorly.
Of course, interval training is a transitional training method. The ultimate goal is to make it easy for you to complete the 30-minute continuous shortening of high-intensity aerobic exercise, which not only achieves weight loss, but also greatly improves your endurance and cardio-respiratory function.


Oxygen In the previous article, I mentioned that fatty acid can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply and release a lot of energy. Therefore, oxygen is the key to aerobic exercise to reduce fat. It is necessary to ensure sufficient oxygen intake during exercise.It is not to say that maintaining deep breathing during exercise can ensure the replacement amount of oxygen, because the amount of inhaled oxygen does not correspond to the amount of inhaled air. If many people in the room jump aerobics together, it is conceivable that one can allocateHow much oxygen is there, so it is best to do aerobic exercise outdoors or in a well ventilated room.


There are five options for choosing the type of exercise.


I don’t think that beginners or friends with poor physical fitness skip aerobics to lose weight. It is too simple to meet heart rate requirements. The more complex body strength, compactness and softness requirements are earlier.The average person can’t do it at all. If the action is not in place, it will have no effect, and it is easy to cause injury. Although there are various attractive aerobic exercises, I suggest that friends who have no physical condition should not use aerobic operation as a method of losing weight.

Swimming and swimming is a good way to lose weight. It is also a good systemic exercise, and it is very effective for improving heart and lung function. However, many people are not very likely to swim, so they can be used in the swimming pool instead of walking, which is to improve heart rate.very good.

However, friends who can swim also pay attention to swimming to lose weight, not swimming competition, do not pursue speed, reach the heart rate requirements, and must also pay attention to adequate oxygen uptake.


Cycling Many gyms now have spinning bikes. These bikes are designed for aerobic training, but the cycling training rooms are too small. Many people used to have oxygen in the room when they were training. Although the gym is designed to improveThe ambient temperature allows the athlete to sweat a lot and improve the weight loss.

But I am in favor of giving up healthy practices while losing weight.

If you are riding a bicycle to lose weight, it is recommended to choose a mountain bike (just a limited speed in the city, the environment is not very good).


Running (fast walking) outdoor running will be limited by the environment. It is also good to choose a treadmill. The hand of the treadmill can increase the oxygen utilization rate by 8% and the heart rate by 5%. Of course, the first thing to do is to ensure the balance.Open the handrail and choose a treadmill with a certain slope to improve the weight loss.

Use the interval exercise on the treadmill, that is, you can use a high-speed exercise for a while, and then turn to a slight speed cycle exercise.


Skipping rope skipping is easy to learn, the equipment is simple, and a small piece of open space can be exercised. It is a very good aerobic exercise. It can be said that it is inexpensive, and the skipping rope can improve heart rate and respiratory rate in a few minutes, which can be relieved in a short time.Weight, professional boxers usually skip rope as the main content of aerobic fat loss before the game, but also can exercise the coordination and sensitivity of the whole body.


Friends whose exercise frequency has no basis for exercise can exercise once a week, leaving enough time for the body to rest enough to restore fatigue. An effective aerobic exercise has begun to change the biochemical reaction in your body, making it during the rest time.Your body adapts to the new metabolic rhythm. After the increase, it can be increased to three times a week, up to four times a week, but there is no need to go to the gym every day to make you exhausted. Our exercise is to improve health and benefit ourselves.Enough, then why is it necessary for the sport to get tired of it?

  After reading the above, you should be able to design an aerobic exercise for your own design, choose one or a combination of aerobic exercise for yourself, and start experimenting tomorrow, test your physical condition, according to your ownThe body’s reaction to determine the time and specific method of exercise, after the re-reduction, your body fat will be significantly reduced, and the cardio-respiratory function will be improved, especially after some of the former poor physical fitness, the endurance will be significantly improved after the step-by-step practice.When you face the same amount of work as usual, it is not easy to feel tired, and then you become energetic.

So choose one or several aerobic exercises that you like and conditional, maintain effective heart rate (strength) and time during exercise, exercise regularly, step by step aerobic weight loss is simple and effective, of course, healthy and beautiful, aerobic exercise is just the beginning.

Massage, relieve liver, relieve pressure, regulate blood

Massage, relieve liver, relieve pressure, regulate blood

We know that when people are in abnormal mood, they are easy to affect the physiological functions of the liver, causing abnormal activities of various parts of the body, such as poor airway, stagnation, and disorder, which further aggravate mood disorders and even affect the function of the spleen and stomach.Emotional depression, liver discomfort, flank pain, stomach cramps, indigestion and other symptoms.

  Chinese medicine believes that the liver has the function of evacuation and leakage, that is, it can regulate the running state of the whole body gas, promote the function of various organs, promote the operation of whole body blood and body fluid, thereby enhancing the digestion and transmission function of the spleen and stomach.

  When you are recovering from work, when you are uncomfortable, you are too lazy to go to the hospital, and often forget to take medicine. This time, you will not hinder the massage techniques of trying Chinese medicine.

The health massage that often performs liver and qi is helpful to smooth the air machine and improve the running state of blood and blood, thus effectively relieving the pressure.

  The two palms overlapped with the suffocating method, and the middle point of the sputum between the two breasts was inserted and rubbed up and down 30 times.

It can dilute the air machine, stimulate the thymus and enhance the immune mechanism.

  The wide chest method is sitting, the right hand is inserted into the right breast, and the force is slapped and gradually moved to the other side of the lateral direction, 10 times back and forth.

Hold the palms of the palms tightly against the milk and rub them horizontally 20 times.

The two palms of the tiger’s mouth card are inserted under the two arms, from the upper side down the waist side to the tibia, and rubbed back and forth to heat.

Can be wide chest and qi, smooth air machine.

  Sitting in the sparse position, the palms of both palms are inserted under the arms, the fingers are open, and the gap between the fingers and the ribs is the same width. The right palm is first pushed to the left to the sternum, and then the left palm is pushed to the right to the sternum.Next, alternately push to the umbilical horizontal line and repeat 10 times.

Note that the fingers should be close to the ribs, the force should be even, and the chest ribs should be warm.

Can regulate the liver and soothe the liver.

  Take the psoas muscle seat, the two hands of the tiger’s mouth stuck in the double waist muscles, from the top to the bottom to pinch the waist muscles, round-trip operation 10 times.

  Rub the flank or supine position, place the palms under the two flank ribs, and simultaneously push the lower abdomen to the pubis with a force, and operate 20 times.

Can spleen and qi.

  The three-fog sitting or supine position, the two hands and four fingers crossed, placed horizontally in the middle of the sputum, the two palm roots in the position of the two breasts, from top to bottom, a little force pushed to the groin, a total of 20 times.

Tongli Sanjiao, qi and liver.

  Dial the Yangling sitting position, insert the thumb of both hands twice into the vertical oblique lower side, the small head of the humerus outside the calf is slightly recessed), and the other four fingers assist, press the point for 1 minute, then forcefully pluck the point at the point.-5 times, it is better to have a sour feeling.

It can soothe the liver and strengthen the gallbladder.

  The chest is sitting on the chest, first use the right hand to pinch the chest pectoralis muscle 10 times under the arm, and then change hands as usual.

Hold the back of the pillow with both hands and fingers, and the two elbows are level, and try to swing backwards, while inhaling and exhaling when swinging forward.

One breath, one operation, 10 times.

It can be used to widen the chest and stimulate the yang in the chest.

  The binoculars are staring, the head is straight and the two eyes are rotated clockwise 10 times, then blinking for a moment, then counterclockwise.

It can make the eyes look flexible and look good.

  Sigh the whole body to relax, first inhale deeply, then try to exhale, give a “squeaky” sound when exhaling, and try your best to repeat, 10 times.

Adjustable and dirty, soothing liver and qi.

The seven ways to eat fruit are the most harmful to health

The seven ways to eat fruit are the most harmful to health

Fruit is one of the healthiest foods in people’s minds, and even some people eat fruits several times more than staple foods.

But do you know that eating fruit is exquisite, otherwise it will not achieve the purpose of health care, but will bring a variety of diseases.

  First, avoid eating fruit immediately after eating rice immediately after eating, not only will not help digestion, but will cause swelling gas and constipation.

Therefore, eating fruit should be 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals.

  Second, eat fruit bogey, some fruits contain a variety of fermented sugar substances, the teeth have a twisted corrosion, if you do not gargle after eating, the fruit residue in the mouth is easy to cause dental caries.

  Third, avoid eating too much fruit to eat too much fruit, resulting in the body’s lack of copper, which leads to increased blood plasma, causing coronary heart disease, so it is not appropriate to eat too much fruit in a short period of time.

  Fourth, eat fruit, avoid unhealthy food, start rotting fruit, and no dust, fly-proof equipment is not thoroughly washed and disinfected fruit, such as strawberries, mulberry, sliced watermelon, etc., prone to dysentery, typhoid, acute exacerbationEqual gastrointestinal infectious diseases.

  Fifth, avoid using a kitchen knife to cut fruit. Because the kitchen knife often comes into contact with meat, fish, and vegetables, it will bring parasites or parasite eggs to the fruit, causing people to be infected with parasitic diseases.

In particular, the rust on the kitchen knife and the alkaline acid contained in the apple will react chemically, making the color, fragrance and taste of the apple worse.

  Sixth, fruit avoid alcohol disinfection alcohol can kill fruit surface bacteria, but it will cause fruit color, fragrance, taste changes, alcohol and acid in the fruit, will reduce the nutritional value of the fruit.

  Seven, raw fruit avoids not peeling Some people think that the vitamin content of the peel is higher than the flesh, so eat the fruit together with the skin.

As everyone knows, when fruit and pests occur, they are often sprayed with pesticides. The pesticides will soak and remain in the wax of the peel. Therefore, the pesticide residue in the peel is higher than that in the pulp.

How to eat healthy dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival

How to eat healthy dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival

It is well known that most of the medlars use glutinous rice starch, which has high viscosity, is not easy to digest, lacks fiber, and is also rich in aunts, salt and sugar.

  Therefore, doctors suggest that some people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other basic diseases, if you want to try, you must control the amount, and diabetes patients are best not to eat more sugar.Red dates, sweet brown like hummus; high blood pressure, high blood lipids patients try not to eat high fat content, more seasonings.

  Old people and children should not eat too much lice, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion, as well as the resulting symptoms of hyperacidity, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain.

In addition, due to the sticky nature of glutinous rice, the elderly and children must pay attention to prevent foraging when eating scorpions. It is best to cut the scorpions into small pieces before eating.

  In addition, the wolfberry is eaten in a pot and boiled in boiling water before consumption. Do not eat cold dumplings.

Also, don’t eat before going to bed. While eating dumplings, with some low-fat, high-fiber vegetables and fruits, it can help the intestines and stomachs to move, and can avoid the intestines and stomach indigestion caused by eating lice.