Aimi Mother-in-law essential oil massages the abdomen, almost hurting the fetus

Aimi “Mother-in-law” essential oil massages the abdomen, almost hurting the fetus

In order to prevent the stretch marks from affecting the beauty, Ms. Li, an expectant mother of Aimei, massaged the abdomen with essential oils for a long time, which endangered the fetus’ health.
Doctors suggest that pregnant women should be careful with essential oils and cosmetics.
  ”After pregnancy, I added a group of pregnant friends QQ, and learned a lot of tricks to deal with discomfort during pregnancy.
Xiao Li said that one month ago, some people in the group said that insisting on massaging the abdomen with essential oils after pregnancy could eliminate stretch marks, and she loved beauty and decided to give it a try.
Unexpectedly, after more than one month of use, she was vomiting suddenly and severely at six months of pregnancy, accompanied by abdominal pain, bleeding and other symptoms.
Doctors found that this was actually caused by the use of essential oils. Fortunately, the treatment was timely and did not cause miscarriage.
The doctor said that after pregnancy, the mother and the fetus will establish a comprehensive connection. For example, if skin care products containing more chemical ingredients are used, the chemical ingredients will circulate into the blood through the skin capillaries and invade the placenta through the umbilical cord.Will cause miscarriage.
  ”Lipsticks, foundations and other cosmetics containing lead and mercury heavy metals are not recommended. In addition, the use of perfumes and essential oils should be stopped during pregnancy.
“Dr. Pang Yicun, the Provincial Third Hospital, suggested that women in pregnancy should consult their doctors before using cosmetics.

Tips for solving insomnia

Tips for solving insomnia

Sleep is a basic human need. For people’s health, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

Insomnia is also an issue of great concern in today’s society.

When we sleep, the trunk is resting, but the brain is moving.

Sleep is ready for an energetic day to come.

Although most people need to sleep for 8 hours per night, according to a survey of women’s sleep, women between the ages of 30 and 60 have an average sleep time of only 6 hours and 41 minutes during a week of work.

Studies have shown that there must be enough restful sleep to lead to drowsiness during the day, increase accidents, difficulty in concentration, work and study ability decline, and may increase the chance of getting sick and gain weight.

  If you have difficulty sleeping for any reason, here are some tips that can help you get a better night’s sleep: 1.

Exercise regularly, but end at least three hours before bedtime.

Exercise can relieve some symptoms of PMS and increase deep sleep.


Before going to bed, avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar (including honey, juice) and caffeine (coffee, cola, tea, chocolate), and high in salt and alcohol.

Both caffeine and alcohol can interfere with sleep.


Try to fix bedtime and maintain regular sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet, and let pillows, mattresses, and quilts give you a comfortable feeling.


If necessary, consult a healthcare professional.

  When to go to the doctor: Many sleep problems can be improved by changing sleep habits, reducing stress, changing diet and exercise.

If sleep problems persist, consider seeking professional help.

Your doctor will determine the cause of your sleep problems and can refer you to a sleep disorder treatment center.

These centers have professional sleep experts who will ask you about your sleep and monitor your sleep all night.

  The ideal anti-insomnia drug should meet the following criteria: rapid induction of sleep; maintenance of appropriate sleep time; no change in normal sleep structure; no effect on psychomotor activity; no memory impairment; no tolerance and remission; no respiratory depression; no sleepDrunk effect.

This place is dark, it is a bad performance of the kidney, eat it in the morning and raise the kidney and make up the yang.

This place is dark, it is a bad performance of the kidney, eat it in the morning and raise the kidney and make up the yang.

Is the kidney useful?

What x is coming out again, I don’t know if you can take a kidney and change it back.

I used to change the mobile phone with a kidney before I changed it. It is estimated that I regret it now because it will feel various problems in my body.

The kidney problem is mentioned in “Shou Shi Fax”. It is shaped like a bean, and there are two, one left and one right.

Right is the life gate, but the man is Tibetan, and the woman is also the cell.

Positioned below, the fourteenth vertebrae of the spine, the umbilicus, and the waist.

It belongs to water, and it is in the winter ten, November, the color is black.

Salty into the kidneys.

Outside the ear.

The juice is saliva.

In the seven passions of the Lord, in the body of the bones and teeth.

The possessors are fine, and the evil ones are dry.

Those who look black, kidneys, teeth and pain, nephritis.

Ear closed earrings, kidney deficiency also.

The eyes of the scorpion are faint, and the kidney is also deficient.

If the sun is not lifted, the kidneys are weak.

The kidney is sick, the pain in the waist, the cold feet or pain in the knees, the stunned, the weight of the bones, the umbilical lower wind, the waist is low and hard to stretch.

It is mainly said that the kidney is very important to both men and women. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the kidney. The kidney likes black food. It is necessary to pay attention to controlling the lust to avoid overdraft of the kidney.

The face of the kidney is not black, often toothache, tinnitus, impotence and premature ejaculation.

When there is kidney disease, the limbs are afraid of cold, the back is sore, the lower plate is unstable, and the walk is light.

Therefore, from this Shoushi fax, we realized that the kidneys like black food, then we can do it when we raise the kidneys. We specialize in picking up black kidney food. Are we afraid that the kidneys can not be raised?

Pick black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, all the food that the kidneys love to eat, and then add walnuts, poached beans, peas, and scorpions to solidify the kidneys. The most common use of yam, mulberry, purple potato, and sputum to supplement the yin and tonify the kidney.

There is also a formula called Taohe San Black Powder, which is really good for the kidneys.

How to eat: There are too many foods, it is impossible to cook together in the pot, otherwise there is any taste, so we will grind it into powder, and use the broken wall technology to reduce the loss of nutrition.

The benefits of powdering are more conducive to the absorption of the kidneys, and it is better to use it for flushing.

These foods are very suitable for raising kidneys, so everyone should not be lazy.

If you are lazy, there is no problem. You can choose Taohe Sanhei powder. You can use the boiled water to eat it directly. If you don’t go to the trouble of polishing yourself, isn’t it better?


Insomnia can effectively improve sleep quality

Insomnia can effectively improve sleep quality

Click to buy is generally believed that people usually suffer from poor sleep due to various factors, which usually means that after finding that their sleep quality has fallen, everyone can also improve their own through food conditioning.Sleep quality.

… Eating insomnia can effectively improve sleep quality. Walnuts and walnuts are even nutritious, and can also be used to improve sleep. It is often used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia, dark circles caused by insomnia, forgetfulness and dreams.

The general way of eating is to mix with black sesame, make a paste, take 15 grams before bedtime, the effect is particularly good.

  2. Millet Among all grains, millet contains the most abundant tryptophan.

In addition, millet contains a large amount of starch, and it is easy for people to feel warm and full after eating, which can promote the secretion of insulin and increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain.

  3. Milk This is a sleeping food known to the public.

Milk contains two hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, which can promote brain neurons to secrete the lethargic neurotransmitter serotonin; the other is a peptide that has a regulating effect on physiological functions, of whichThe “Opioid Peptide” can be combined with the central nervous system to exert an opiate-like anesthetic, analgesic effect, make people feel comfortable throughout the body, and help to relieve fatigue and fall asleep.

For people who are debilitated due to physical weakness, the sleeping effect of milk is more obvious.

  4. Honey Honey has the effect of nourishing the spleen and removing upset. Taking 50 grams of honey every night to drink water is beneficial to sleep.

  5. Prepare Longan Rock Sugar Tea with 25 grams of longan meat and 10 grams of rock sugar.

Wash the longan meat, add it to the tea cup with the rock sugar, cover it with boiling water for a while, and take it at any time.

Take 1 dose daily, drink as you drink, add water as you drink, and finally eat longan meat.

This tea has the effect of nourishing the heart and spleen, soothing and nourishing the mind.

Can cure excessive thinking, lack of energy, insomnia and more dreams, palpitations and forgetfulness.

  6, 30 lotus seeds (Lianxin), decoction, add a small amount of salt, take before bed each night, soothe the nerves and replenish qi.

Can you use lotus seed green core 1?
2 grams of boiling water for tea.

  Therefore, foods such as walnuts, lotus seeds, milk, longan rock sugar tea, and honey are the foods that we can usually choose to be good for sleep. For some people who often have poor sleep, they usually choose sleep foods., You can choose these.

What is your attitude in love?

What is your attitude in love?

The test starts 1. You prefer warm colors to cool colors.

  2. A person who is acute.

  3. Do not like to listen to others’ opinions.

  4. Change your hairstyle frequently.

  5. In the past, there have been “two boats on foot”, or this is the case now.

  6. I like to pursue excitement.

  7. There are no more than 3 male (female) friends who have been with you so far.

  8 Even if you fall in love, it will recover quickly.

  9Appetite is often strong.

  10 At school, even if you are not sure, answer the question actively.

  11When there is a lover, the lover will be the center of life.

  12Even if you are unhappy, you will forget when you sleep.

  13Be able to think about the other party’s mood.

  14. Although the chance is small, there is no way to fall in love with it.

  15. The chance that friendship develops into love is small.

  16. To think that in the relationship with lovers, it is important to have a harmonious sex life.

  17. I almost always confess my anisotropy.

  18Think “love is irrational”.

  19. I like summer most of the four seasons.

  20. I like Christmas, birthday parties, etc.

  The number of translations for which the scoring standard answered “Yes” is one.

  There are more than 16 test results: very positive. You are a very active type in love.

As long as you like it, bravely confess that you must first express your thoughts to the other party, then you can understand the other party and further associate.

So it was very positive.

15: Friend’s assistance will increase their enthusiasm and be more active in love.

But just thinking positively, but often discouraged in action.

At this time, the support of friends is very important, because there is inherent enthusiasm, so when it is helped and encouraged, it will be put into action.

10: Take care of other people’s affairs, but once it comes to yourself . Your love for others can convey positive and effective suggestions, but it becomes very negative when it comes to yourself.

For example, when a friend tells you his love story, you can give him various suggestions.

But when it comes to your relationship, even if your friend gives you advice, you often cannot accept it.

  5 or less: too negative or too negative.

He will not confess his admiration to the other party, and will not actively call the other party even if he starts dating, and will not show his “like”.

If you are always overly negative, it is likely that the other person will hate you.

  Psychological analysis of love psychology is a complex and gradual process, a process in which a pair of lovers understand and tolerate each other.

Love is divided into the following stages: 1. The feeling stage This is the germination stage of love, that is, the stage in which men and women have an affection for each other.

During this period, the appearance of the opposite sex will play a key role, which can stimulate sensory happiness.
Some people can fall into the “love network” with this short feeling, which leads to blind love.

This is a rather primitive feeling, so it cannot withstand the wind and rain, and it is easy to make people think differently.
  2. Once the attention phase is attracted by a certain opposite sex, it will consciously focus on all activities, hobbies, and family situations of the opposite sex.

The elderly think about how they are close to him or her, how to show their true feelings, and from time to time predict some situations of meeting.

This stage is mostly manifested as “unrequited love” and “daydreaming”. If there is no proper time, the admiration will disappear or be buried in the heart.

  3. The courtship phase This is an important and difficult phase for a courter.

During this period, the suitor’s psychology was more complicated, and various complications continued to emerge: fear of being rejected after being confessed to the other party;

This stage is prone to court frustration and psychological obstacles.

  4  When one party confesses and one accepts, the relationship between the two parties is determined.

After the courtship was successful, the boat of love was transferred into the ocean of love, and the two people began a common emotional exchange.

At this stage, mature people can correctly view the relationship between love and career, while considering the future and future of love.

Three hidden rules for children’s admission

Three hidden rules for children’s admission

Parents said: “Average 60 yuan in class, is it a bit expensive?

But if you go to the parent-child class, you can enter the park first. Now it is too difficult to go to a good kindergarten.

“-Mr. Liu, the netizen,” starts to report in June every year, but you called in March or April even earlier, and you will not be able to report if you don’t.

“-Kindergarten staff” Good public kindergarten almost depends on the relationship, and good private kindergarten depends on the money. How can it be more difficult to go to a kindergarten than to go to college!

“Netizen Chenchenma” “I have no news. I can only stare at the kindergarten’s webpage every day. If there are still only 40 places, I’m afraid that as soon as the news is announced on the Internet, it will all be ‘seckilled’!

“Mr. Chen, a netizen,” said the teacher over there. The first recruiting students in the park were students from the parent-child class. Outside the park, like my son, there were no places available a year ago.

-Netizen mother’s hidden rule one: How long does it take to “flexibly master” in advance the admission pressure of kindergarten this year is much greater than in previous years, and many Olympic babies have reached the age of admission.

It is understood that some kindergarten admissions information was overbooked on the first day of publication.

Nanjing Ruyi Kindergarten issued an urgent notice to parents online on March 1 stating, “Today is the first day of our kindergarten to enroll in autumn nursery schools. But in the short hours of the morning, there were more than 80 babies.Come to register and interview.

Since the number of people has exceeded our rated number, the enrollment of childcare classes must be ended in advance. Please forgive the parents who apply in the future. ”

  According to reporters, similar phenomena are still common.

Mr. Ding, the director of Nanjing Phoenix Kindergarten, said, “Recently parents have begun to register one after another, and the enrollment has basically ended by the end of March.

“The park also hosts parents of babies born in November 2009.

The reporter shouted that the parent had signed up a year and a half in advance, and the parents’ eagerness was self-evident.

  A kindergarten teacher revealed that the formal enrollment has not yet started. The kindergarten has to wait for a unified notice from the Education Bureau and then replace the enrollment brochure. The time is generally April of each year.

“But I ca n’t wait for the prospectus, and I will be over-recruited at the end of this month, and I will start screening.

“Early registration is already a hidden rule for kindergarten admission. As for how long in advance, parents need to be” flexible. ”

  Hidden rule two: Teacher Yang, who works in a kindergarten as a “bundled sale”, said that children who are 2 and a half years old can report to the parent-child class.Copyright priority.

He also said that because the children in the parent-child class are relatively small, the teachers take care of them more than the children in the ordinary class. Therefore, the tuition in the parent-child class is generally one or two yuan more per month than the ordinary class.

  Although the state does not require parent-child classes to be entered before entering the park, in the face of actual conditions, many parents are reluctant to choose to participate in parent-child classes.

“It’s too difficult to go to a good kindergarten now. If we can go directly to the kindergarten class, it will save us too much.

“Of course, attending a parent-child class is not unhelpful. A teacher said that babies who have attended parent-child classes are obviously more suitable for kindergarten life when they officially enter the park, and some babies who have not attended parent-child classes often grow up after the parents leaveCrying, some even cry for a day, making the teacher quite helpless.

  Of course, there are also many kindergartens that do not use parent-child classes as a “bundled sale”. The principal of Ding Fenghuang Kindergarten also suggested that if the child is too young, it may not be appropriate to attend childcare or parent-child classes.Secondly, children are susceptible to illness when they are young. I generally don’t recommend that children who are too young come to parent-child classes.

Hidden Rule 3: There must be a “backstage” when going to kindergarten. This newspaper has reported that the content is that during the admission season, the “notes” received by a kindergarten principal are thicker than the dictionary.The different colored handwritings represent the depth of the relationship.

This is the personal experience of our reporter in the office of a kindergarten principal.

In addition, some kindergartens need to know their parents ‘occupation and identity when filling in the information. Parents call them that children with broad social relations with their parents will be“ reused ”by kindergarten teachers.

According to the mother of a lady from Point Weekly, her daughter was three years old by June this year. She went to Rehenan Road Kindergarten in front of her home to sign up for a small class in December last year, but was told that she was full.

Now, she considers letting the children return to Gaochun’s hometown for a small class for one year. This year, she will try to enroll her children in the middle class next year.

“This is also a helpless move. I didn’t expect that there were so many Olympic babies. The newspaper said that there were more than 7,000 people this year.

Other kindergartens are too far away and inconvenient.

This mother said that this year, we must find ways to inquire in many ways and register in advance. It is better if we can find acquaintances.

  During an interview with the Phoenix Kindergarten, the reporter found that although the school has not officially started enrolling students, parents have gradually come to register.

According to the director, according to this situation, the quota has already exceeded the quota by the end of March.

This phenomenon also makes the extra kindergarten director feel a lot of pressure.

“From my personal point of view, I hope that all babies of appropriate age will be happy to go to kindergarten, but sometimes the actual situation is not very well controlled, after all, resources are limited.

“Postscript:” It’s harder to go to kindergarten than college “has become a strange phenomenon of preschool education.

However, no matter how many hidden rules, the root cause is caused by man-made, go to a good kindergarten, go to a good primary school, test key secondary schools, intangible pressure exacerbated the phenomenon of imbalance in educational resources.

Recently, Yuan Guiren, Minister of Education, said that the problem of difficulty in enrolling in preschool education will be alleviated within 3 years . but the bright future of children requires the joint efforts of society and families to create.

Counting saliva 8 big health effects

Counting saliva 8 big health effects

Saliva, commonly known as saliva, is precious in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been very much looking forward to the maintenance of the body fluid. Since ancient times, there has been a record of “the body fluid is the essence of the human body.” It is believed that swallowing saliva often can moisturize the pores, strengthen the stomach, nourish the five internal organs, smooth the joints, and replenish the brain.The role of prolonging life.

Therefore, there is a method of pharyngology in the ten methods of TCM health care.

  The origin of the throat method is found in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”. It is mentioned in the “Su Wen and the Stinging Law”: “If the kidney has a long-term illness, you can face the south when you are stunned, and you don’t think about it.All over, to lead the neck and breathe, such as pharynx is very hard, so after seven times, the bait tongue is under the order.

“Do people secrete saliva 1 per day?

5 liters, the body fluid is like spring water, and it is used infinitely. Therefore, there are many famous names for the body fluid, such as gold jelly jade, Tianchi water, Jinjin jade liquid, and Shenshui.

  Why can saliva be healthy?

  Chinese medicine believes that: “five organs of five fluids, heart is sweat, lungs are sputum, liver is tears, spleen is saliva, kidney is saliva, is five liquid.

“It means that saliva is made by the spleen and kidney. The kidney is the birth of the human body. The spleen is the essence of the human body. The spleen and stomach are enriched with the essence of the five internal organs, and the blood is the essence of the blood. Therefore, the saliva is rich in many health benefits and longevity.Substance has a special effect on health care.

Ancient doctors once believed that saliva filling supplemented the body to be strong, and judged the disease according to the rise and fall of saliva.

Others believe that saliva maintenance is a kind of Qigong, which contains many profound principles of health.

In any case, the practice of the ancient health homes has proved that saliva health does have a good effect of strengthening the disease, prolonging life, beauty and so on.

  Modern medicine also shows that saliva contains various components in plasma, and more than a dozen enzymes and nearly ten vitamins, a variety of minerals and organic acids and hormones.

There is also a kind of salivary gland hormone in saliva, which can stimulate the hematopoietic function of the human body, delay the aging of various tissues and organs of the body, prevent senile diseases, and is beneficial to people’s health and longevity.

There is also a peroxidase in saliva that inhibits the toxicity of carcinogens.

Saliva also has a variety of functions such as anti-inflammatory, detoxification, digestion and muscle loss.

  According to the results of the University of Georgia, the aflatoxin and nitrite, which are carcinogenic, will replace the inhibition after 30 seconds of contact with saliva.

In fact, saliva has a strong anti-cancer effect and is also a natural anti-cancer agent.

In addition, because it has the elimination of free radicals harmful to the human body from oxygen and food, and the bacteriolysis can kill viruses and bacteria, saliva is not only a self-made health care device, but also a beautyBeauty and skin care to lose weight.

A saliva is only 3 ml, but it is often consciously swallowed by saliva, which has a good nourishment effect on the trachea, esophagus and stomach.

  The finest saliva 8 big health effects are the flushing effect, which can wash away the food residue to keep the mouth clean and hygienic.

The doctor reminded that the toothpaste can only clean the mouth and not whiten the teeth.

  The second is lubrication, which contains mucin in the saliva, which makes the mouth soft and soft.

  The third is hemostasis, saliva can promote blood coagulation, saliva can help stop bleeding when it is caused by internal or external trauma or tooth extraction.

  The fourth is the substitution function. When the irritating substances such as acid and bitterness enter the oral cavity, the secretion of saliva increases, and it is replaced to facilitate the spit or swallow.

  The fifth is the antibacterial effect. The various organic and inorganic components in the saliva produce a certain antibacterial effect through different mechanisms, which can prevent inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums.

  Sixth is the treatment of injury, there is a nerve growth hormone in the saliva, this auxin can significantly shrink the wound healing time, can accelerate the healing of burned skin.

  Seven is the digestive action, the mouth water contains a lot of amylase, which can crush the starch into maltose, making it easy to be absorbed.

  Eight is anti-debilitating effect. The saliva contains a kind of “salivary salivary hormone” that can keep people young. It can make people smart, strong in teeth and strong in muscles, so that even when people reach old age, they will be red-faced and not young.

  Therefore, “saliva” is precious, can not be wasted, throwing away, should be good at promoting the secretion of saliva, to achieve fitness and strengthen the body, to develop a life.

  The saliva regimen of famous celebrities and doctors of the past generations The legend of the Western Han Dynasty Taoist saliva regimen was created by the Western Han Dynasty. The goddess was ruddy because of the “Yuquan” (saliva), and the teeth were strong and the breeze was at the age of 120.

  Cao Cao ancients called saliva “water of Huachi”, “Yuquan”, “nectar”, “Qing Pulp”, and the Chinese medical library has the reputation of “Jinjin Yuye”.

During the Three Kingdoms period, a hundred-year-old man named Huang Emperor Qianlong, his ears were clear and his physical strength was not bad.

Cao Cao asked him for the technique of longevity. He said: “If you want to live longer, you will serve Yuquan in the DPRK.

“Sun Sizhen, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said in the “Healthy Ming” that “Morning Xingyu Yujin” can be cured and prolonged.

He woke up every morning, stirred his saliva with his tongue, swallowed and lived 102 years old.

  Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Song Dynasty, and his health scientist Su Dongpo said when he called his own way of health preservation: “Every day, the tongue is stirred by the tongue and the inside and outside of the lips, and the mouth fluid is swallowed.
He believes that “the function is not to be measured, it is a hundred times more effective than taking the medicine.”
  Wang Caiming’s famous doctor Wang Cai also pointed out: “Every morning, the teeth are licking, and the sputum is full of pharynx” can make people grow bright and clear.

  Emperor Qianlong of the Qianlong Emperor’s 80-year-old emperor, one of his body-building methods is “tooth often, and often swallowed”.

  Wudang Daogu Li Chengyu is also a modern person who values saliva fitness and has a long life.

For example, when Wu Danggu and Li Chengyu had a life of 108 years old in 1996, they still face a middle-aged woman. One of their health regimens is called “white jade teeth with Yuquan, and I have been breeding for many years”.

  150-year-old Indian longevity old man 150-year-old Indian said his longevity secret – I am every meal, or dish, chew slowly, chew on thirty-two times, and when I drink water, or drink, let themStaying in the mouth for a while, and then swallowing it in a while, these methods helped me to live to 150 years old.

  How does Shenyu Yuquan (saliva) get?

  1 The so-called “coveted three feet” is a natural way: in the face of food, do not “gobble” or “swallow the date”, so that the liquid is too late to overlap secretion; conversely, if you grasp the “slow chewing” essentials;Enjoy it with ease, enjoy the food, and continue to breed in the mouth to promote digestion, refreshing the mouth and even letting the mouth scent, it can be said that it is counted.

  2 Of course, there is another simple liquid method, that is: continue to “squat on the tongue” for a few minutes, from the mouth full of fluid, taste nectar.

  As long as people are legally and legally committed every day, they can be healthy and beautiful forever, why not?

The saliva regimen is easy to recover. It has a long history in the past. It has the unique effect of fitness rickets and prolonged life. It often moves the tongue and the exuberant secretion of the salivary glands, which is beneficial to delay aging and maintain human health.

Obesity is easy to cause these 5 major diseases how to lose weight

Obesity is easy to cause these 5 major diseases how to lose weight

Obesity is a new problem brought about by modern society. In this society, there are more and more obese people. Too much obesity affects the body and harms people’s health. Let’s look at obesity and cause certain diseases.

  Diabetes is easy to cause metabolic syndrome, modern medicine will increase, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, insulin resistance, etc. are classified as metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome has a very large relationship with obesity. More than 80% of type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity. The risk of diabetes in mild, moderate, and severe obesity is twice, 5 and 10 times that of normal weight, respectively.

Similarly, dyslipidemia (according to high blood lipids) such as high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, while obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is extremely common.

These conditions can be improved after losing weight.

  Obesity is more likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than abnormalities that lead to sugar and slight metabolism, thereby increasing the release of certain inflammatory factors, leaving the body in a “disease response” state for a long time.

Will greatly contribute to vascular vascular damage, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart damage and so on.

The elderly have increased the possibility of a large number of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

  Obesity is prone to cause excessive sleep-disordered breathing and has proven to be one of the leading culprits of sleep-disordered breathing.

Some obese people, the snoring sounds are particularly loud, and sometimes there will be a sudden snoring of the snoring, and the rumbling of the rumbling sounds later.

This does not mean that you sleep well, they are often drowsy during the day.

Don’t underestimate the disease, which can lead to sudden death.

  People who are obese and easily cause cancer and other diseases are at higher risk of developing various types of cancer than normal people, especially liver cancer, cancer, insulin cancer, and prostate cancer.

In addition, there are mild liver, skin diseases, and even erectile dysfunction. Too much can be said to be a risk factor for many diseases.

  Obesity is prone to cause arthritis and excessive gout, which interferes with the metabolism of normal bones and joints, leading to an increased risk of osteoarthritis in obese people, and not only in joints that bear weight, but also in non-weight bearing joints of the wrists of the wrists.It may also be higher than ordinary people.

Metabolic problems, resulting in a high uric acid state, so gout is also more common, even from gout to kidney disease.

  Fat people fast weight loss method one: change bad habits Now people’s lifestyle has changed, many bad habits cause obesity, such as overeating, long time online, sedentary, etc., these are the formation of modern obesityOne of the first.

  Second: pay attention to reasonable arrangements for diet to maintain a slim body, prevent the body from being too redundant, scientifically and rationally arrange the amount of supplements for three meals a day, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, uniform thickness, less fried, fatty, high sugar contentFood, try to ensure that the diet is light, do not eat too much.

  Three: Adhere to moderate exercise aerobic exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, can effectively burn excess body fat, improve the body’s metabolism, achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss, obese people should avoid sitting for a long time, more mountain climbing, jogging, playing, swimming and other outdoor sports.

  Note: The amount of exercise should be gradual and gradually increased, so that the body shaping effect can be exerted.

  Four: relieve stress and stress. It is easy to stimulate the desire to overeat, increase the demand for diet, slow down the metabolism, increase the chance, lead to obesity, pay attention to regulate your emotions, learn to release stress, and relax.

Can coptis powder acne teach you how to use berberine to remove acne marks?

Can coptis powder acne teach you how to use berberine to remove acne marks?

Coptis is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine, and its nature is bitter cold.

Coptis is not a drug for acne, it is mainly used for de-fired drugs.

Experts tell us that there are many reasons for acne. If it is acne caused by fire, you can take Huanglian Shangqing tablets. In this case, you can complete acne.

Coptis (available in Chinese medicine) can be used as a mask and rinsed off after about 30 minutes.

This mask can achieve acne, anti-inflammatory, oil control, and astringent skin.

Specific method: Take 5 grams of berberine for use, and prepare a cucumber.

The berberine is ground into powder, the cucumber is juiced, and they are blended with each other and applied to the face.

After 10-15 minutes, wash it off.

Coptis has the characteristics of clearing heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification. Cucumber is also beneficial to water swelling. The combination of the two can remove skin toxins and has a good detoxification and repair effect on acne wounds.

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Massage can also cure stains

Massage can also cure stains

Facial pigmentation is generally caused by poor blood circulation in the human body. It can be massaged by different massage techniques, non-fixed acupoints, and only on the surface of the plaque.Here, the melanin accumulated between the epidermis and the dermis is loose and exceeds the spread.

  ● Four methods of spotted blood circulation massage: 1.

Spotted finger pressing method: Straighten the thumb, hold the other four fingers, press the center of the spot with the tip of the thumb, the direction should be vertical, the force should be light to heavy, steady and continuous, so that the stimulation can fully penetrate the epidermis and the leather.Between, bogey and sudden shaking after exerting force.

The penetration point is extended from the center to the periphery to reach the edge of the spot.


Spotted finger licking method: use the thumb belly to press the point position, draw a circle to rotate, gently soften it, 50-60 times per minute, the movement is coordinated and rhythm, the action part is between the epidermis and the dermis, before eachDo it for about half a minute at the point position, so that the pigment after the blockage is loosened in a small range.


Spotted finger smear method: use the side of the thumb and the end of the index finger, in a certain part of the point, the linear extension of the extension, the pressure should be balanced, the smearing speed should be slow, the force should be light and not floating during operation, heavyWithout stagnation, the loose melanin spreads around.


Spotted palm brushing method: use two palms to rub, produce performance, put the palm on the whole spot, do a loop and have a rhythmic movement, smooth, counterclockwise, frequency about 50-60 times per minute, willThe locally diffused pigment diffuses to a wider range, facilitating rapid absorption.