Four flavors of Su Dongpo’s longevity medicine

Four flavors of Su Dongpo’s “longevity medicine”

Nothing is too expensive.
On the second day, I went to bed early to be rich.
Three said that Anbu used to be a car.
On the fourth day, supper is used as meat.
  Nothing is too expensive.
This tells us to be chic and generous in our mood, to be comfortable with our situation, and not to be overly concerned about honor and loss.
Often, the more you consider, the more you lose, and try to maintain a sense of normality.
This is conducive to healthy longevity for the elderly, mental health for the young, and to improve their ability to resist setbacks.
  On the second day, I went to bed early to be rich.
For people of different ages, it is equally important to develop good living habits, especially to go to bed early and get up early, which is more valuable than getting any wealth.
  Three said that Anbu used to be a car.
This article tells us not to place too much emphasis on ease, do n’t take a car if you can walk, do n’t take an elevator if you can walk up stairs, life is about movement.
  On the fourth day, supper is used as meat.
Su Dongpo believed that “people should be hungry and under-fed.”
Eat when you are hungry. Even the coarse tea and light rice will be more sweet and delicious than the mountain and sea. Do not eat too much when you are eating. If you are full, you will barely eat.

Wine culture in TCM health

Wine culture in TCM health

Although human’s initial drinking behavior can not be called drinking health, it has a lot to do with health care, prevention and treatment.

Scholars generally believe that the original wine was made from wild fruits collected by humans, and the remaining conditions were obtained by natural fermentation.

Because many wild fruits have medicinal value, the original wine can be called a natural “medicinal wine”, which naturally has a certain degree of protection and promotion of human health.

Of course, at this time, although human beings get health benefits from drinking alcohol, they may not have a clear health purpose.

  (1) the performance of wine There are many kinds of wine, their sexual taste and efficacy are similar.

Generally speaking, the wine is mild and spicy. The warm person can dispel cold and dredge, the hard person can diverge and dredge, so the wine can clear the meridians, qi and blood, stagnation and dispersal, warming Yang to dispel cold, and dredge liverDepressing depression, expressing feelings; and wine is the essence of grain brewing, so it can nourish the stomach.

In addition, wine can kill insects and exorcise evil spirits.

“The Museum” has a record: Wang Su, Zhang Heng and Ma Jun walked in the fog in the morning.

One person drinks, one person eats, one person fasts; the fasting person dies, the full one is sick, and the drinker is healthy.

The author believes that this shows that “wine is more powerful than food.

“The combination of alcohol and drugs is a big step forward in drinking and keeping in good health.

There are three main effects of wine on medicine: 1.
Alcohol works medicine.

The ancients said that “wine is the best of all medicines”.

Liquor can reach the top of the table with the power of medicine, so that the role of qi and blood circulation medicine can be better exerted, and nourishing drugs can also make up without stagnation.

  2.Wine helps the precipitation of active ingredients in medicine.

Wine is a good organic solvent. Most of the residue and water cannot be dissolved. Some substances that need to be dissolved with a non-polar solvent can dissolve in alcohol.

Many ingredients of Chinese medicine are easily dissolved in alcohol.

Alcohol also has good permeability, can easily enter the tissues and cells of medicinal materials, play a role in lysis, promote replacement and diffusion, and help improve the leaching speed and leaching effect.

  3.Wine also has a preservative effect.

Generally, medicinal wine can be stored for months or even years without deterioration, which greatly facilitates the health of alcohol drinkers.

  (2) Common preparation methods of medicinal wine The common preparation methods of medicinal wine are mainly cold dipping method, hot dipping method, infiltration method and brewing method.

  1.Cold dipping method: chop the medicinal materials, process them, place them in a porcelain altar or other suitable container, add the required amount of white wine, seal and flip, and stir 1?
2 times, one week, stirring once a week; inject 30 days in total, take the supernatant, squeeze the residue, combine the squeezed solution with the supernatant, add an appropriate amount of sugar or honey, stir to dissolve, seal, and let stand for 14 daysAbove, filter and fill immediately.

  2.Hot dipping method: take the medicinal herbs pieces, wrap them with a cloth, hang on the upper part of the container, add white wine to completely immerse the package; cover, immerse the container in water, heat slowly, and dip warmly for 3?
7 days and nights, take it out, let it stand still, take the supernatant, squeeze the residue, combine the squeezed solution with the supernatant, add ice or honey to dissolve and let stand for at least 2 days, filter and fill.

This method is called the suspension immersion method.

This method was later reformed to immediately withdraw from the water after heating to boiling, dump it into a tank, add lining or honey to dissolve, close the sealing tank, replace it for 30 days, replace the liquid, combine with the slag squeeze liquid, and leave it for a proper time.Filter and fill immediately.

Leakage method: crush the medicinal material into coarse powder, put it in a covered container, and add the amount of medicinal powder 60?
After 70% of the leaching solvent is evenly moistened, it is sealed and left for 15 minutes to several hours to allow the medicinal materials to fully swell for later use.
Take another piece of absorbent cotton, moisten it with the leach solution, and gently pad it on the bottom of a leak tube (a cylindrical or conical funnel with a flow outlet at the bottom to control the inflow of liquid with a piston), and then swell the wettedThe medicinal powder is filled into the leaking tube in several steps, and it should be flattened after each supplement.

After installation, cover it with filter paper or gauze.

When slowly adding the solvent to the leaking drum, the piston of the leaking drum’s outlet should be opened first to remove the remaining air in the drum. When the solution is replaced from the outlet, close the piston.

Continue to add the solvent to a few centimeters higher than the powder, and cover it with 24?
For 48 hours, allow the solvent to fully penetrate and diffuse.

Then open the plunger to slowly lower the diarrhea.

If you want to increase the concentration of mash, you can also use the solvent of the new medicine powder for the second or multiple leaks.
Collect the percolate, let it stand, filter, and fill it.

  4.Brewing method: Medicinal materials are used as brewing raw materials, and koji is brewed.

For example, the Atractylodes liquor and Zhiqi liquor recorded in Qian Jin Yi Fang are brewed by this method.

However, due to the difficulty of making this method and the complicated steps, it is now an alternative for ordinary families.

  (Three) matters needing attention 1.Drink in moderation: This is crucial.
The reason why there is controversy over the benefits of drinking in ancient and modern ages is that the key is the amount of drinking.

Drinking less is good, and drinking more is harmful.

Song Dynasty Poetry Day of Shao Yong: “People are not good at drinking, but they like to drink as much as they like; if they are good at drinking, it is difficult to drink together.

If you drink more, you will be able to make butter, and if you drink, you will become butter.

“Here” means modest.

Nothing too much, no less.

Too much damage to the body is not equivalent to no drinking, and can not maintain health.

  2.Drinking time: It is generally believed that alcohol should not be consumed at night.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: People who know to quit drinking early, even if they do not know to drink at night.

When he was drunk and full, he slept on the pillow, and he was sad and hot.

The night qi converges, the wine is made, the chaos is clear, the spleen and stomach are strained, the sores are stopped from dampness, and the fire is assisted, so the sick people are sick.

It can be seen that the reason for quitting night drinking is mainly because the night Qi converges, resulting in the drinking of the wine can not be diffused, hot lingering inside, has the disadvantage of sadness and distress; replacing the wine is the thing that diverges away and disturbs the popularity at nightConvergence and calm, hurt the sum.

In addition, there are two different views on the issue of alcohol consumption.

According to the temperature of some seasons, some people think that the winter is severely cold and it is appropriate to drink alcohol to dispel the cold in Wenyang.

  3.Drinking temperature: On this issue, some people call cold drinks, while others call them warm drinks.

People claiming cold drinks believe that alcohol is hot, and if you drink it hot, it will be even hotter and easy to damage your stomach.

If you drink cold, use cold to heat without excessive harm.

Yuan Zhenyuan medical scientist Zhu Zhenheng said: “Lizhi straight cold drinks, there are three benefits.”

Too much lung enters the stomach, and then slightly warms, the lungs first get warm in the cold and can nourish Qi;

Cold wine is late, and it is spreading gradually, and people are not allowed to sip it.

But Qing Wenxu advocated warm drinking. He said that wine “is best served warm,” “hot drinks hurt the lungs,” and “cold drinks hurt the spleen.”

The more eclectic point is that although wine can be warmed, don’t drink hot.

Depending on which is suitable for cold drinks and warm drinks, this can be treated differently depending on individual circumstances.

  4.Dialectical selection of wine: According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking and maintaining health are more suitable for the elderly, those with slow blood and qi, those with impaired yang, and those with cold, obstruction and stasis in the body.

This is pure wine, not medicinal wine.

Medicinal liquors have different properties depending on the medicines used. The tonics have different blood, nourishing yin, warming, and nourishing qi. The attackers have the differences of phlegm, dryness, qi, blood circulation, and depletion.It cannot be used in general.

Those who are physically weak use tonic wine, those who have no blood flow use medicinal wines that expel qi to promote blood circulation, and those who are cold should use wine, while those who are hot should use wine.

Those who are interested in medicinal wine and health regimen should make the choice under the guidance of a doctor.

  5.It is insisted that the practice of any method of keeping in good health must be persistent, and benefits can be gained over time.

The ancients believed that drinking alcohol can make the wine connect.

Tang Si, a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said, “Every person who takes medicinal wine can make the wine connect with each other.

Harmony is used to some degree, and drunkenness and vomiting cannot be caused, but it is also harmful.

“Of course, Sun Simiao only participates for a long time, and he may mean to be persistent in drainage.

Save time and money with eight homemade freckle hydrating whitening masks_1

Save time and money with eight homemade freckle hydrating masks

Yogurt contains hydrogen derivatives, which can decompose the aging keratinocytes of the skin, suppress and remove pigmentation, and have a good effect on freckle beauty.

. Eight homemade freckle moisturizing and whitening magic tricks I: yogurt oatmeal whitening freckle mask material: yogurt, oatmeal take 2 spoons of yogurt, 1 spoon of oatmeal, apply them to the face after equalizing, and wash with warm water after 20 minutes.

Yogurt contains hydrogen derivatives, which can decompose the aging keratinocytes of the skin, suppress and remove pigmentation, and have a good effect on freckle beauty.

Active substances such as vitamin E in yogurt and oatmeal also have skin freckle and whitening effects!

  Magic weapon two: lemon and honey freckle mask material: lemon, honey, flour Take a lemon and squeeze the juice, fresh lemon juice and honey, mix the flour thoroughly, apply to the face after cleansing, and wash after 10 minutes.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C to brighten and whiten the skin, and honey can change the effect of moisturizing the skin. After application, the skin will become tender and smooth!

  Magic weapon three: almond coffee protein freckle mask material: almond, coffee powder, protein Soak the almonds with hot water to soften, mix the almond puree and coffee powder after mashing, and mix the protein evenly in a closed bottle, before going to bed every night,Apply evenly on the face, wake up the next day, and wash with warm water.

Coffee powder can help eliminate aging keratin, and it can drain and reduce swelling, so MMs don’t have to worry about edema face anymore the next day!

The skin will also become fair and translucent too!

  Magic weapon 4: Aloe freckle mask material: Aloe honey Peel 1 piece of aloe vera leaf and mash the leaf meat into juice, add 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly.

Leave on for 10 minutes and wash.

Aloe vera has a good sedative and soothing effect. This is recommended for girls with sensitive skin.

  Magic weapon five: Rose peach kernel freckle mask material: dried rose petals, walnut kernels polished walnut kernels (10 grams) into powder, add flour (10 grams), and then mix in water, mix thoroughly in peach kernel paste and add dried rose petals (10 grams), put on a fire over low heat until the roses soften, the batter is pink, apply the mask to the face evenly after cooling, and wash it after 30 minutes.

Roses have the function of activating blood and can effectively inhibit the production of melanin.

Peach kernel has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, and can inhibit melanin deposition and lighten spots.

  Magic six: rice flour pearl powder mask material: pearl powder, rice flour prepared pearl powder according to the amount you need and put it into a clean container, then add an appropriate amount of rice water, mix and stir to form a pasteThat is, after cleaning the face, apply the mask on the edges evenly, and wash with water after 15 minutes.

Pearl powder can whiten the skin, diminish the spots, and rice water contains plant enzymes, which can prevent oxidation and delay aging!

  Magic Seven: Cucumber Whitening Mask Material: Cucumber, Vitamin C Tablets Wash and peel the cucumber, put it in a blender and stir it into a mud; grind with Vitamin C into a fine powder, the finer the better, and finally add the powder to the cucumber pureeOkay.

The essence of cucumber can deeply cleanse and calm the skin. It has powerful whitening and efficient moisturizing functions.

  Magic eight: Tofu whitening mask material: Tofu, yeast powder Put the tofu in a bowl and mash it, then add the yeast powder, mash it into a paste and use it, very convenient and simple!

Cheap and delicious tofu can effectively nourish the skin and promote metabolism, it is recommended for lazy girl paper!

Exercise builds muscles

Exercise builds muscles

In our daily sports exercises, some of the more typical female fitness enthusiasts often talk about “muscle” discoloration, for fear of training their muscles.

Muscular bulges and bulging bodies become bloated and overly stout; it is their common view that women become men and women become beautiful and rough.

In fact, muscle training can best shape your body.

  When exercising with equipment during fitness, many people have the impression in their minds to play with barbells, dumbbells, etc.

In fact, as a bodybuilder, as long as you use the equipment reasonably, using the equipment is very important for us to achieve fitness purposes.

  A large part of the fitness people take fat reduction as the main exercise purpose.

Among the scientific fat loss methods, muscle training is the best exercise method for shaping.

In terms of volume, the minority volume is 4 times the muscle volume, and the muscle volume is relatively small.

We can make the local muscles tighter and make the small parts compact through the local exercise of the muscles.

  Such as worshiping meat, when we raise our arms, there will be shaking worshipping meat on the back of the upper arm. When we exercise the triceps with dumbbells or other methods, this part will tighten.

  When we exercise the hip-lifting action, we can tighten the hip muscles and raise the hips to become sexy; exercise the humerus muscles to tighten the upper abdominal muscles and reduce the waist circumference.

  The author and Fu Hui, the Asian fitness lady, have known each other for a long time. The physical condition and physical performance of the contestants have proved the importance of muscle training in human body sculpture.

The combination of strength and beauty is the art of physical beauty. Appropriate muscle exercises can improve human body shape, make the human body more streamlined, women become more graceful, men become more fit and upright.

  In foreign countries, the exercise methods of fitness people are transitioning to maturity, and equipment exercises are essential for their exercise methods.

Appropriate muscle equipment exercises can increase our basal metabolism and increase strength; slight metabolism in the body is increased, and slight accumulation in the body is reduced.

Teacher, don’t go, please-

Teacher, don’t go, will you?

That summer, I went to a mountainous elementary school in Chongqing to teach.

  There, as many stories tell, poverty and backwardness.

Dilapidated classrooms, broken tables and stools, as if being tortured by cars and scattered.

The only thing that counts better is a blackboard with a great color replacement.

  The principal gave me the best money and vacated my room for me to live.

I remember that night, I didn’t sleep well at all.

There are so many mosquitoes in the mountains, they bite hard at me.

Although I was prepared when I came, I still didn’t expect this place. There was no mosquito coil.

I regret not having brought a few boxes of mosquito coils when I arrived.

  Once in class, I couldn’t help complaining that this smashed place couldn’t even buy a box of mosquito coils.

The students just sat quietly, the little faces were red, and the naive background was awkwardly plated, and the bright eyes stared at my face tightly.

Above it, there are several bags bitten by mosquitoes.

I looked at the children’s big eyes, and I didn’t have any hand to stroke the pimple on my face. I told the children that the teacher couldn’t bear the torture of mosquitoes and would return to their hometown in a few days.

After all, how can I leave here?

I know, kids love me, and I’m deliberately scaring them.

  That night, I found some dilapidated sheets, simply aimed at a mosquito net, and fixed it above the bed to resist the “offensive” of mosquitoes.

I think this will also play a role.

  The results showed that the quality of sleep that night was indeed much better than the previous nights.

The next day, the early morning sun, lazily falling into the house through the window.

When I woke up, a lazy waist was not stretched out, and suddenly I saw a large group of children, a group of children with red eyes, sitting on the uneven floor under the bed!

  I was surprised and asked when did they come?

They told me in unison that they arrived when I fell asleep last night.

A little girl added that we didn’t sleep all night.

  No wonder they all turned red!

I really don’t understand what these children are going to do, and busy asking them why they came here.

  They did not answer me directly.

Still the little girl, ran to me, holding my hand and said, teacher, did you sleep well last night?

  Then I remembered that my sleep was really good last night and I was not invaded by mosquitoes like the first night.

I nodded and said yes.

  The little girl smiled like a flower, clapped her hands and said, “I’m right, we are here, and the mosquito is gone.”

  When you come, the mosquito will go?

I can’t help but yell at the mosquito net I made last night.

But, for their childlike innocence, I asked with a smile on her little nose, and then you tell me, why did you come and the mosquitoes left?

  The little girl lowered her head and whispered, “Teacher, I’m sorry, we are poor here and have hurt you with mosquitoes.”

So, while we were asleep, we ran to you secretly.

We are crowded and mosquitoes will come at us and never find you again.

Having said that, she suddenly turned her head and looked at the two little boys closest to the bed, but the chubby talked to the dog was not counted, and said that you should be optimistic about the two holes in the mosquito net for you and not let a mosquito enterof.

But who knows, so many mosquitoes can even fall asleep.After that, he cried.

  At this time, I suddenly saw that the exposed children’s exposed skin were all gnats bitten by mosquitoes, which were large and harsh red.

I never dreamed that a joke that I had no intention of let the children remember.

I regretted my joke, hugged the little girl tightly, and kissed the tears on her shoulders.

  The little girl begged me softly in my arms, teacher, don’t go, okay?

  I made her even tighter, nodding her head and saying, “The teacher won’t go, don’t go!”

At that moment, my tears burst out.

I know that on a sweltering summer night, there are such a group of children, because the teacher made an unintentional joke, using his young and delicate body to build a wall that no one can surpass, and the bricks used for building the wall are allLove!

Massage makes you thin all over

Massage makes you thin all over

Every beautiful MM wants to make her body sexy and hot enough. This is not only a sign of their youth, but also a manifestation of their youth.

However, due to the temptation of daily diet, some people still have unwanted thick legs and fat buttocks.

Traditional Chinese massage can help you skinny legs, buttocks, and waists, and make you a perfect woman.

  Massage methods are as follows: 1. Before massage, it is best to take a warm water bath and apply some moisturizer on the body to reduce friction and avoid skin damage.

  2. In the rubbing method, use both palms or loofahs to sweep upwards from the feet to the thighs, and then continue upwards, rubbing the hips with one hand, and the abdomen with one hand.

Do it first, then do the right.

  3, lifting method with the thumb and other four fingers to grab muscles, like kneading the dough, kneading the muscles while kneading.

Knead the autonomy up to the hips and waist.

It can be done alternately from left to right, or it can be done twice with both left and right hands.

Finally, rub your abdomen with both hands.

  4, five fingers close together, the back of the hand slightly arched, so that the palm of the palm is shaped, moderately, beat the whole body rhythmically.

Bottom-up in turn.

Don’t use your palm to pat on the body. When you tap with the concave palm, the palm will form a hollow when it comes into contact with the skin, and it will make a “pop” sound.

The tapping action helps to strengthen the muscles and make the skin elastic.

  5. Whether it is rubbing, kneading or patting, it is necessary to stimulate nerve endings, promote blood circulation, and resolve the role of aunt.

Attention should be given to moderate strength, and excessive force should not be used so as not to rupture the subcutaneous fine blood vessels or scratch the skin surface.



Briar family Rosaceae.

The fruit is famous, the flower name is Lily flower, and the name of Jiangsu medicinal material is white residual flower.

The fruit can be brewed, flowers, fruits, roots, stems, and are used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual fruit: sour, warm, non-toxic.

Roots: bitter, astringent, cold, non-toxic.

  Ingredients Root bark contains sulfur, flowers contain volatile oils (for geraniol, vanillyl alcohol, etc.), fruits: contains rosate, pectin, vitamins C and P.

  Compounds in pharmacological fruits have a laxative effect.

  The function is the astringent medicine; the flower is an aromatic qi medicine, which cures stomach pain and gastric ulcer; the fruit has diuretic, menstrual flow, and edema.

  [急性肾炎,全身水肿、小便不利]  营实3-6克,红枣3个,水煎,一日2次分服。  [口舌糜烂]  蔷薇根煎浓汁,频频含漱。Root bark for winter and branches and leaves for summer.

Aphthous ulcers, those who do not wear for a long time, are effective.

Fitness yoga relieves sore shoulders, neck and back

Fitness yoga relieves sore shoulders, neck and back

After working for a day, do you feel the retina, the retina and some special pain and stiffness?

Coupled with the nerves that have been straining for a day, it is really painful.

If you ignore it, the muscles in the shoulder, neck, and back will become more and more stiff, and it is likely to develop into diseases such as periarthritis.

Let’s do a few simple yoga exercises to soothe your nervous nerves, relax the stiff and painful shoulder and neck, and hip muscles!

  Action 1: This action allows you to concentrate and relax your nervous nerves.

  step1: Put your feet together, stand upright, open your toes, and distribute the weight of your body evenly on your feet.

  step2: Clamp the thigh muscles, straighten your arms, palms facing each other.

  Step 3: Gradually pull up slowly.

  step4: Keep relaxed and hip muscles, eyes straight ahead.

  step5: Hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes.

  Note: Don’t just stand and use no force, apply to every part of the body’s muscles.

  Benefits: Strengthens physical strength and improves body balance.

  Action 2: The posture as much as possible can relieve the nervous front, and is conducive to the body’s lightness.

  step1: Spread your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulders.

  step2: Clamp the muscles of the thighs and press the shoulders backwards.

  step3: Open your hands and lift up.

Keep your elbows, wrists, and fingers straight.

  step4: Relax the neck and jaw.

Lift your head up and look straight up.

  step5: Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then repeat 3 times.

  Note: The elbows and fingers must be straight, and both hands should be as wide as possible.

  Benefits: Reduces stiff chest and arms and relaxes the back.

  Action 3: This basic posture is good for the whole body, and at the same time it can relax you and overcome patience.

  step1: Spread your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulders.

  step2: pressurize the thigh muscles, press your chest and abdomen.

  step3: Bend down until you hold your toes with your thumb and index finger, keeping your legs straight.

  step4: Look ahead with both eyes.

  step5: Hold this position for 30 seconds, then repeat 3 times.

  Note: You must keep your chest straight and your legs strong.

  Benefits: Strengthen the strength of the hips, shape the legs, and promote the function of the digestive system.

  Action 4: This posture can relax the mind and help reduce daily stress.

  step1: Palm down and press to the ground.

  step2: Take a step back with your legs, your feet must be in line with your palms.

  step3: Separate your fingers and press your palms firmly against the ground.

  step4: Lean forward radially, do not bend your elbows straight.

  step5: Raise your feet and straighten your thighs.

  step6: Raise the forefoot. At this time, keep the foot straight.

Relax your head and neck muscles.   step7: Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  Note: Both hands must be kept straight and not bent.

  Benefits: Can alleviate depression, raise hips, increase complications, and shift toes.

  Action 5: A position to relax your body and mind.

  step1: Close your legs and kneel on the ground.

  step2: Keep your hands apart and shoulder width.

  step3: The upper body leans forward and the lower body does not move until the forehead touches the ground.

  step4: Straighten the coaxial and keep it still.

Palm down on the ground.

  step5: Hold this position for 1 to 5 minutes.

  Note: Straighten forward as much as possible and relax your attention.

  Benefits: relaxes the nerves, lowers blood pressure, relieves disintegration, pressure on the tail and shoulders.

  Action 6: This chest-expanding posture can boost your spirits and help you calm down your nervous mood and excitement.

  step1: Prone on the yoga mat with your arms bent and placed under your chest.

  step2: Slowly lift your upper body.

  step3: With both hands down, lift the top as much as possible and tighten your hips at the same time.

  step4: Raise your hips slowly while clamping your thighs.

  step5: Open the top backwards, and try to widen the top.

  step6: Raise your head and lean back. This action does not require much effort, so relax.

  step7: Hold this position for 5 to 15 seconds.

  Note: The thighs should be straightened with force, slightly raised at the aim, and try to expand the chest.

  Benefits: Very useful for relieving pain in the sciatic nerve, shaping the perfect chest while relaxing the stiff shoulders.

  Action 7: This action can not only shape the lines of the abdomen and arms, but also relax the mind and clear the head.

  step1: Prone on the yoga mat with your forehead on the mat.

  step2: Put your arms up and put them beside you.

  step3: Press the palms of your palms to the ground and tiptoe.

Lift your legs, skull and head at the same time.

  step4: Keep your elbows close to the ribs, front, chest, and feet, keeping them on the same straight line.

  step5: Gaze forward.

  step6: Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds.

  Note: Use the strength of your arms and legs to support your body, and keep your feet and feet tight.

  Benefits: It can increase the strength of the arms and wrists and sculpt the legs.

  Action 8: Go deep into your body and relax your nervous system.

  step1: Sitting on a yoga mat, supporting the ground and supporting the body weight.

  step2: Slowly bend your right leg, then contract your left leg, tighten your toes, and make a 90-degree angle between your feet and your calves.

  step3: Relax your legs and let your feet fall to the floor.

  step4: Lie back on the mat and incorporate the slack body double.

The palms are up, and the back of the hand is on the ground.

  step5: Close your eyes and meditate.

  step6: Hold this position for 5 to 10 minutes.   Note: Breathe slowly and deeply to make the body feel calm and relaxed, concentrate, and slowly relieve tension.

  Benefits: Regains a sense of relaxation and calmness, and helps lower blood pressure and reduce headaches and fatigue.

Sleeping position?

Reveal Your Humanity

Sleeping position?
Reveal Your Humanity

According to the latest British research report, if you want to understand a person’s true personality, it is a good way to observe his sleeping position. After investigating about 1,000 people, the researchers analyzed and summarized six common sleeping positions, some of which are different from people.Personality related.

  The starfish-type sleeping position means lying down on the bed while sleeping, and lifting the pillow slightly.

People who are accustomed to this posture are helpful and very good listeners. They are generous and have many friends, but they don’t like to be the focus.

  Missing sleeping position means that the body is inclined to vertical, with both hands extended to form a right angle with the body.

About 13% of people adopt this sleeping position. Such people like to interact with others. They are outgoing and easy to integrate, but they may be confused, sometimes even a little extreme and cynical. It is difficult to accept different opinions.

  The fetal sleeping position means that the face is hidden inward, and the body is shrunk like a fetus in the womb.

  About 41% of people adopt this sleeping position. Such people have a weak personality and hide a sensitive heart under their strong appearance.

  Free fall sleeping position means lying on the bed with your hands on the pillows and tilting your face.

This kind of person is easy to be nervous, and is generally more active. They often act recklessly due to lack of foresight, and generally cannot accept criticisms of others with an open mind.

  The trunk-type sleeping position means that when you sleep, your body is tilted vertically, and it goes down and down against the body.

About 15% of people adopt this sleeping position. Most of them have a cheerful personality, love to interact with others, like to integrate into different groups, and in many cases show leadership and appeal.

However, they are easy to trust others, and they are a bit naive.

  The soldier-style sleeping position is lying completely on his back with his hands close to the sides of the body.

People who like to sleep like this are generally introverted and conservative. They don’t like places where people are noisy. They will scrupulously adhere to some strict standards and will consciously demand others over time.

Workplace Waist 10 Law

Workplace Waist 10 Law

1, retrograde treatment of back pain walking on the flat ground, try to do not bend, do not bend, relax at the waist, hold empty fists with both hands, wrap the thumb with four fingers, swing freely before and after the arm, you can also use your hands to hold the waist gently.

Going back 100 times each time?
200 steps, 2 per day?
After 3 times, low back pain can be relieved after half a month.

  2, the thermos bottle treatment of low back pain method is mainly inserted into the patient’s waist, when pressed to the pain point, use another hand to remove the thermos stopper (the temperature of the hot water in the bottle is about 90 °C), put 2 layers of gauze, touch the tender point 2?
3 seconds, then take it away, prevent burns, and switch to 3 continuously?
5 times, once a day, for 1 week, you can relieve back pain.

  3, according to the point of treatment of low back pain with the thumb or index finger click: the midpoint of the ischial tuberosity and femur greater trochanter line, the center of the back of the thigh, the center of the nest outside the center of the calf, the back of the calf, the back of the invagination and other 5 pointsEach point is pressed for 1 minute. It has the feeling of acid, swelling and numbness. It is 3 times a day to relieve the pain in the lower back.

  4, ginger cooked mutton cure waist and knee cold pain method 30 grams of cooked slices plus boiled water for 2 hours, then add 1000 grams of cut into small pieces of lamb, 30 grams of smashed ginger, simmered and burned to use simmerThe mutton is mutton-like and eaten in divided doses. It can cure kidney yang weakness and cold waist and knee pain.

  5, pulling the treatment of low back pain in the bed, grabbed the bed with both hands, and another – people grasp the patient’s toes and pull back, for 10 consecutive times, for several days, can reduce back pain.

  6, push the lower leg to treat the low back pain in the chair, sitting at the base of the palm from the top down push the calf, a little pressure, often push, can reduce the waist back pain.

  7, shaking legs to treat the right way to take the appropriate position, with the healthy side of the leg weight, the affected side of the leg to relax, palm press behind the thigh, left and right hip muscles 1?
2 minutes, several times a day, can reduce back pain.

  8, crawling treatment of low back pain can be on the ground, the bed straight forward, backward, circle to crawl, morning and evening, for several days, low back pain can be eliminated, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, arthritis, lower extremity varicose veinsAbsolute efficacy.

  9, sweet melon seeds white wine treatment of low back pain method to take 100 grams of melon seeds, soaked in white wine for half a month after the removal, baked into fine, each 5 grams, 2 times a day, with rice wine delivery service, can cure low back pain.

  10, pinch the 腰 腱 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰 腰