Skin care problems


Skincare questions to hear from experts

Faced with a bunch of skin problems, using a bunch of skin care products, the biggest feeling is-chaos.

In fact, proper skin care is like a symphony orchestra, even if there are many problems and products, there is a sense of rhythm.

And looking for a “conductor” -like product can make skin care smooth and efficient.

  There are more than a dozen solutions. One, two, three. May is really our loyal reader. The inquiry letter she sent was almost two pages long, which details the products used in winter and summer., Lancome, Clinique, CLARINS . all the way to Biss, April Sky and so on; even 15 full questions are waiting to be answered, from makeup removal to slimming.

Hurry up with Brenda, a professional training manager from Biotherm.

I thought it was complicated and clueless, I didn’t expect Brenda to solve it by three times, five divisions, and two.

  May is very sensitive about sensitivity. Brenda thinks that although some microvasodilation (red blood) is not very serious.

“I was very sensitive!

May said immediately, “Because I used to live on the Great Plateau and never skincare, my entire face will peel.

Later, when I returned to Shanghai, I started to know skin care, especially to strengthen the moisturizing, and the sensitivity gradually became better.

“Yes, hydration is the best way to deal with sensitivity, so May needs to be solved now. There are three major problems-dispersion, uneven skin tone, and large pores.

And Brenda’s skin care plan for her is very rhythmic. In the “Concert” of daily care and week care, she used different skin care products “instruments” to “play” smooth skin care movements.

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I have almost no wrinkles. Is it overdone with anti-aging products?

“Because I don’t understand, many people face relaxation, and the first thing that comes to mind is skin tightening. In fact, some skin tightening products are sculpted facial contours, similar to the face” slimming “products.

  Especially for skins around the age of 35 like May, anti-aging is the basis for solving all problems.

  ”The anti-wrinkle essence is not only for wrinkles, but also for repairing and stimulating loose spring-collagen to make the skin itself elastic and tonic.

Brenda explained. “So, to the extent possible, preparing 3 serums can deal with suspension problems.

“The first one: Basic Essence Everyone needs to find such an essence for themselves. It is the foundation for all the essences. Like a conductor, it will restore the skin to a good level and then promote absorption.

This kind of essence is usually moisturizing essence, repair essence.

What Brenda recommends for May is the hot spring water essence, which contains rich mineral organic active factors, which can not only promote the skin’s own moisturizing ability, but also promote skin regeneration and reduce sensitivity.

This seems to have nothing to do with floating, but it is an undeniable “band conductor”.

  The second one: Anti-wrinkle essence “The olive tree is called the long-lived ‘Millennium Tree’. Because olive leaves have strong antioxidant capacity, olive leaf extract is very suitable as an anti-aging agent to fight free radicals.

Biotherm Olive Leaf Youth Essence can become this essence, which can quickly act on the deep layers of the skin and provide antioxidant protection to the cells.

In the face of May, who was afraid of oil, Brenda added, “It is water-based and the molecules are very fine. It penetrates in a moment and is quite refreshing.

“Third branch: firming essence. May has already done this. She chose CLARINS, which is quite well-known in similar products.need to use.

  Use 3 essences daily in the morning and evening in order.

Gradually, loose skin becomes firmer.

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You know, the really powerful are the essence and mask.

Therefore, in addition to the three essences to solve the problem of relaxation, uneven skin tone and large pores also need to be treated with “two oils and two films”-one oil: makeup remover oil, whether or not makeup, sunscreen, skin oil, pollution, etc.Only makeup products can dissolve and remove.

So to improve the pores, the first thing to think about is whether the cleaning is thorough?

  Second oil: lotus oil “I heard that lotus oil has a good oil control effect, is it easy to use?

Maybe it ‘s a good question. CLARINS lotus oil is an essential oil. It can be said to be “oil treatment with oil.” It is very helpful for coordinating the water and oil balance of the skin and converging pores.

  One film: The cleansing mask may be very afraid of oil in summer, so Brenda suggests that she can use Biotherm Cleansing Mask, not too frequently, once a week; it is not necessary to have a large area, T zone.

  Second film: Whitening mask Brenda’s professionalism lies in the fact that there is no “between the portals” of the brand.

May thinks that the original April Sky Snow Mask was good, Brenda agreed to continue using it, and whitening the mask twice a week is very helpful for even skin tone.

At the same time, it is recommended: if necessary, can it be used alternately with moisturizing mask, nutrition mask, etc.