Spirit cane method,An enemy“two”Nothing to fall!

However, this spiritual snake cane method is the most dangerous,It is two snakes to explore、Bite the opponent,Particularly raised,More stronger than the ordinary snake,And when I tried,Its Ouyang Feng will also protect the snake stick,Ming strength unless it can break the true gas of Ouyang Feng,Otherwise, you can’t hurt the two disks on the cane.。
So a very common master and Ouyang Feng pass,Be careful,Leave three points to kill the strength of the snake!
The Chu Deiren did not think this.,Still full,Ouyang Feng snorted,After there is a hop to scatter the sulk swords of the sulk’s right hand.,Take advantage of Chu Defire,Secretly,The double snake on the stick is like a signal,From extremely moving,Quickly popping up to Chu Deirers!
And if you can see the power,It can be found that these two snakes are explored so fast,In addition to its own factors,It is also because they borrow Ouyang Feng’s breath.,Ouyang Feng’s shake,The internal force also stimulates the body of the two snakes……
But just at this time,Chu Deirers just changed their left hand,Boxing,Grassed,Suddenly a huge suction,The two snakes can’t help but they are the force.,Also reverse the other side,Later……Have the left hand and chemical claws,Forcibly unload strength!
Be right,At this time, the left hand of the Chu Deirers,Entirely“Returning”A series of martial arts,And the right hand is“North”A series of martial arts。
Because“Chaotic work”Basic achievement,When the Chu Deiren was closed,Also determined,will“Swim”and“Seven magical rainbow finger”Integrate,And guided by your own awareness under merits,Rebudes the nature of Northern Mercury……
At the same time“Small return”and“Plastic star Dafa”、“Empty punch”Integrate——The same consciousness also guides,Mainly“Unload strength”Directional deduction!
The fusion results are basically satisfied with the Chu Deirers.,only……After equipped with both,Chu Deirers also found“Three points return”Another limitations。
That is Zhongdan and Shangdantian,Extended“Technique”Equipment bar,It is not possible to equip other martial arts.,Only can be filld by China Dantian and Shangdantian“gas”Accompanied“Technique”。
Fortunately, Chu deer fused“North”and“Returning”,Also coming with it“Technique”Nature of internal strength……
Because it is integrated into seven-magical rainfly,Under the kingdom, there are also many ways to finish.,It is very popular with a six-stage sword.!
But“Left and right patron”Role,It must also be a north martial arts.、A kind of martial arts,Can use it at the same time、Uninterrupted——This is not as good as“Left and right patron”flexible。
Chu Deirers are now hand in hand with Ouyang Feng,It is also only the first trick.“Small dragon turtle”——That is from Dantian,Chaotic analogy to simulate the palm of the fairy,After that, the left hand and the right hand of the right hand are“Returning”and“North”of。
楚 人“Three points return”,Not only“Left and right patron”,Now Chu Deirers,It is the top three Dantian cycles in the middle,Xia Dan Tian is chaos、Zhongdan is North、Shang Dangtian is the return……
Now the Chu Deirers’ Tanzhan is“North”,Corresponding to the boundless accumulation and expansion;Mud Pills is“Returning”,Symbolic endless accommodation and elimination……Both can be said to be complementary,Embedding“Chaotic work”Comes with two“Dantian”Later,Self-constrained effect,Even than the deer people imagine!
therefore“Three points return”Not weakening“Left and right patron”,Apical“Left and right patron”Outside the effect,“Three points return”There are other capabilities……
Chapter 36 Struggle
North Ming in Taoist Legend,It is the end of the North Sea、Sunshine can’t,It also refers to an endless ocean,Reflecting the most primitive worship of humans on the ocean。
And the return of the Taoist legend,It is the east of the East China Sea,One of the bottom of the sea,Endless sea water will be added here,Genzaire does not know water circulation,Just see the water of thousands of rivers,Irront the sea,The sea is not rising up.,So I imagined such a place。
Today’s Chu Deirers will“North”and“Returning”,Sino-Dangtian embedded to interaction with Shang Dantian,Both self-contained circulation!
Chu Deirers now becomes the throne,Sulfed is a total of 90%“Returning”Re-absorb,and“Returning”Not only can suction、And you can absorb the dissolved heterogeneity,Although I can’t directly promote skills,In“North”In the middle,Can also accelerate Chu Deeng recovery……
Hey, play,Chu Deirers’ real consumption is extremely small,Only those who have effectively and Ouyang Feng can’t recycle,But at the same time, I will absorb Ouyang Feng’s qi.,I have almost excited consumption。
In addition, because of the alternation of the two,Effect of returning to the body,More stronger than before,I am almost uncomfortable, I am not bad.!
Just a slight difference between the two,“King Kong is not bad”Be really hard,and“Returning”It is a self-shifting force that is flowing in the whole body.“strength”。
Blunt、Internal force,“Returning”More effective,Changed to a true sword,Performance“King Kong is not bad”Worse。
In addition to《Plastic star Dafa》,“Returning”Even active unloading。
Normal unloading martial arts,It will be hit to your own attack.,“dial”Aside,And Chu Deirers can force the other party to attack、Even the other party does not attack, you can force the opponent’s heterogeneity.,Plug“Returning”Initiate!
Ouyang Feng is now facing such helplessness,I was really wrapped by Chu Deirers.,Not allow……
In fact, the internal force of the Chu Debans,Compared with Jinxian, there is also a gap——“Small chaotic work”Blend“Chaotic work”Time,Even if the nature is similar,It is still born in the nearly 20% of internal strength,After the Chu Deiren, I closed it three days and four nights.,After adding three times,Epiphany time is still more,Also, I’m experiencing twice.,This will replenish the original level.。
Compared with the golden immortality,Internal strength is weak,It can be said that the gap between Ouyang Feng and Zhou Botong is even greater.。
In“Three points return”Under the role,Be in trouble,Chu Dee people play with the body,Strength is already the body of Jinxian——This is already a lot to improve,After all, the original Chu deer originally only barely reached the first class.,Have only“sleep”Later,Be“First-class”Level。