Joints no longer hurt, does not mean arthritis is better

Joints no longer hurt, does not mean arthritis is better

Many people with arthritis mistakenly believe that the joints no longer hurt, which means they are cured and do not need to take medicine.

In fact, arthritis is a chronic disease, and it does not mean that it is cured.

In addition, many people think that drugs have isomers. In fact, the alternation is far less than imagined and controllable.

  Civilization treatment is prone to some misunderstandings. 1. Blindly taking traditional Chinese medicine treatment in people’s traditional Chinese medicine concept, “general is not painful, pain is not.”

Osteoarthritis is often classified as a syndrome due to joint pain.

This kind of paralysis syndrome usually refers to joint disease caused by external environment, such as cold, high, etc., so some people think it is “old cold leg”.

However, modern medicine believes that the cause of osteoarthritis is far beyond the scope of paralysis syndrome, but the damage of joint cartilage caused by many factors.

If this is not fully understood, blindly taking Chinese medicine treatment will bring serious adverse consequences.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not without toxicity. Some traditional Chinese medicines for treating rheumatism have the functions of activating blood and removing blood stasis.

  2. Blind rheumatism treatment Because many rheumatisms can cause joint pain, patients often subjectively think that as long as there is joint pain, rheumatism is the subject of a rheumatism. Seek rheumatism everywhere.

  3. Blindly taking “softening bone spurs” drugs Many patients often take medical treatments for disorder. In order to rush to relieve the pain, they are looking for drugs to eliminate bone spurs everywhere. In fact, this practice has no scientific basis.

Bone spurs are hyperplastic bones, which are produced after the joint bones degenerate, so bone spurs are also bones. How can bones be eliminated by drugs?

  4. Blind supplementation of trace elements (calcium, zinc, etc.) Supplementation of trace elements can help the condition, such as calcium supplementation has symptoms for osteoporosis.

However, the cause of osteoarthritis is not a lack of trace elements, so supplementing trace elements has no direct therapeutic effect.

  5. Long-term symptomatic treatment To relieve pain, symptomatic treatment is needed.

But it is usually temporary and short-term treatment, and many patients take non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs for long-term symptomatic treatment.

These drugs do play a positive role in reducing pain, but they also have many adverse effects on the body.

  6, weight is not important in the treatment of weight loss, reduce joint damage and load, play a very important role in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Obesity can cause osteoarthritis. In addition to increasing joint load due to weight factors, it is also related to changes in posture, gait and exercise habits caused by obesity.

  7, the related treatment is optional Many patients often focus only on drug treatment, and ignore the important role of related issues in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

At the same time of drug treatment, medical physical exercise should be carried out, in conjunction with physical therapy, daily care should be taken to protect the damaged joints.

It should be noted that to use massage physiotherapy, it should be performed by a specialist.

In addition, patients with arthropathy should also pay attention to shoes, flat shoes are not the best choice, it is best to wear soft, elastic soles.

  8, spinal protection agent can be used without running out At present, commonly used spinal protection agents can prevent the pathological process of osteoarthritis.

These drugs are fundamental drugs that can improve the state of the spinal cord, restore the normal biochemical environment of the joints, and repair the damaged joint bundles.