Whey Protein Boosts Fitness

Whey Protein Boosts Fitness

The fitness program is no longer the only one certified by the “fitness person”, and it is estimated that nutrition is beginning to attract attention.

How to use scientific estimates to coordinate exercise to achieve better exercise results?

For “fitness people”, the quality protein in their eyes is the key.

  Multi-nutritional principles, what about high-quality protein supply?

What are the ingredients of the drinks that athletes drink?

  Dr. Chang Cuiqing, a senior professional in the field of sports nutrition research in China, a member of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Income-Nutrition-Restoration Expert Group, and the Institute of Sports Medicine, Peking University Third Hospital, said:Bodybuilders and athletes effectively supplement high-quality protein to quickly restore physical strength and improve athletic performance and performance.

According to experts, whey protein contains 18 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids required by the human body.

The composition ratio of these amino acids is appropriate, which is almost exactly the same as the composition ratio of amino acids in bones, and it is easy to be used by the human body. Therefore, whey protein is both a high-quality “full protein” and a “fast protein”.

Whey protein can provide pure and high-quality protein. Its trace amount and content of impurities are extremely low. More importantly, the high content of branched chain amino acids in whey protein is a precursor to generate muscle energy and it is also the immune systemfuel.

Due to its abundant cysteine, whey protein is the only alternative protein known to improve the synthesis of the antioxidant substance glutathione in the human body.

  Professionals recommend that you only need to add 20 grams of whey protein daily to significantly reduce the body’s trace content without any special training.

This is because whey protein has the effect of promoting the convenience of feces and converting it into energy.

It can be seen that whey protein is sufficient to promote fat shaping, and more importantly, the high-quality nutritional properties of whey protein can help improve overall health.

  Today, whey protein is a premium ingredient in many sports nutrition foods, such as whey protein powder, nutrition bars, and functional drinks.