“Whoops,Captain Xiao,Sorry,Not reflected。Team Xiao,What’s the order?”Luo Weimin smiled and said。

“where,where。Dare not be,Lawyer Luo has a good memory。Long story short,Looking for you today,There is a case I want to ask,Inconvenience on the phone,See if you have time for an interview?”Xiao Yadong is very polite。
“Oh,How about this,I have time after four in the afternoon,You come directly to my office,I wait for you。”
“Well,I am looking for you privately in this case,I want to meet you alone。You think this is good,4:30pm,I’m waiting for you at Sinbuck on North Washington Road。”
“Well,no problem,See you this afternoon。”Luo Weimin is also very simple。
Put down the phone,Xiao Yadong feels a little relieved。I want to find Liu Tiejun,This old boy secretly helped,Fairly kind,Follow-up with Li Tianchou,I can’t ask for his care。
In Liu Tiejun’s office,The two bluffed,Flattering each other,It’s a relief。Smoked three or four cigarettes,Talk about it for a long time,No one has ever mentioned Li Tianchou,But both of them are pretending to be confused,Like a mirror in my heart。
After talking with Liu Tiejun,Xiao Yadong has something in his heart,He can see,Liu Tiejun’s impression of Li Tianchou is very good,This is enough。
Xiao Yadong chatted with Lawyer Luo in Sinbuck for an hour,Things are going well,Lawyer Luo has seen《Metropolis Evening News》Reports,Impressed by the courageous deeds of the security of Phoenix Property Company。He is willing to provide legal help for Li Tianchou,Even said,Once prosecuted,He will personally defend Li Tianchou。
And Lawyer Luo,Xiao Yadong finally exhales。Back to the police station in the afternoon6:00Up,I was wondering where to cushion my stomach,At this moment the phone rang suddenly。
Xiao Yadong took a look,Quickly press the answer button,“Team Xiao,The suspect was found in the northern suburbs!It is estimated to be fleeing towards Shetou Mountain,The task force has been deployed along the way,But the search area is too big,not enough people,Request support!”It was from Zhao Qingsheng, his deputy captain。
“Stare him to death!I immediately coordinate support,Tell me your exact location,I am coming over now。”Xiao Yadong shouted on the phone。
“Beijiao Plastic Factory。5Minutes ago, the comrades of the Joint Defense Team found a tall man suspected of being a suspect passing by the factory,Suspicious,Seems to have a weapon in his hand。When a team member came forward for cross-examination,Chopped。”Zhao Qingsheng answered。
“it is good,I know。You immediately notify Lu Hongmin to nearby reinforcements,I arrived in 20 minutes。”Xiao Yadong, who hung up, rushed to the police car downstairs。
In the car,Xiao Yadong quickly called Liu Ming,Briefly reported the situation and requested support。At this moment he is angry and ashamed,Angry,The police force ahead is not enough to catch the murderer,In the game, a lot of manpower was wasted inexplicably to arrest Li Tianchou;I am ashamed of my own priority,Thinking about Li Tianchou,Almost delayed the arrest of the murderer。Thought of here,Xiao Yadong slammed the steering wheel,Sounded the siren and whizzed away。
Chapter Fourteen Mixed black?