Chen Xiu hit her chest with a fist,O Sheng can’t think about it,Rotate with both hands in front of you,It’s the four-two-thousand-dollar technique in Tai Chi,Confident that Chen Xiu’s power can remove his fist even if he is twice as powerful as himself。

657 Simplified version
O Sheng’s palms match Chen Xiu’s fists,I just feel that the force on his fist is like an overwhelming rush,Although his own Taijiquan is unparalleled in the world with the help of strength,But in the face of such surging power, there is no way to penetrate。
Ou Sheng couldn’t resist Chen Xiu’s punch,Was knocked down to the ground by a huge force,This is because Chen Xiu has collected most of the energy temporarily,Or this punch is enough to break her finger bone。
“Are you OK。”
Chen Xiu hurriedly used to pull Osheng from the ground,He has already collected most of his strength,There is still such a big power,Is beyond my expectation。
When O Sheng got up on the ground, he looked at Chen Xiu again,Very surprised and said:“Your strength is not below Wei Kai at all,What happened last night?”
She doesn’t believe that Chen Xiu always hides his strength,When the two teamed up to fight Wei Kai last time,If Chen Xiu has the current strength,I won’t let Wei Kai almost kill him。
The first thing she thought of was when Chen Xiu met Ge Hong last night,Is there another chance?!