Power Yoga Bodybuilding

Power Yoga Bodybuilding

Strength yoga training plan training schedule to do this set of exercises 2 every week?
4 times.

In addition, you should guarantee 1 every week?
2 strength exercises and 3?
5 aerobic exercises (if you do this exercise all the time with the “strength solution” described below, then even 1 aerobic exercise).
  Warm up with the “sun worship” described below, repeat 4?
Increase the strength 6 times and do the sun worship between each posture practice, which can greatly promote the absorption and consumption, and increase the intensity of aerobic exercises.

  After the last exercise, relax, change from a sitting position to a supine position, hold your knees on your chest with your hands, and roll back and forth.

Then straighten your legs, relax your arms and insert them into your body.

Relax for at least 5 minutes.

  [1]Starting from the mountain standing position, put your feet together, straighten your legs, and insert your arms into your body.

Inhale, bend your arms over your head and straighten them in parallel.

  [2]Exhale, bend forward from your hips, bend your arms and head toward the ground, straighten your legs (or bend slightly if needed), and touch your hands with the ground.

  [3]Inhale, look up, dissect the spine and fracture, and touch your fingertips to make the spine straight.

  [4]Exhale, step back with your right foot, lunge.

Inhale, while holding the lunge, raise your upper body correctly, then lift the depression vertically over your head.

Exhale, bend your upper body forward, and double-hand your left foot into the ground.

  [5]Take a step back with your left foot and unfold it with your right foot to form a wooden board.

  [6]Exhale and lower your body like a push-up, with your elbows pressed against the sides of your body to form a yoga push-up.

  [7]Inhale, prop up your upper body with the strength of your skull, reverse your bow, and flex your elbow slightly.

Support your feet with your feet on the ground.

  [8]Support the ground with your forefoot.

Then exhale and lift your hips into a dog-like posture.

  [9]Inhale, step forward with your right foot in a lunge, then raise your torso and stretch your arms straight over your head.

  [10]Exhale, insert your hands on the sides of your right foot and insert them into the ground.

Then inhale, take a step forward with your left leg, your feet together, your legs straight or slightly bent, and your body bent forward.

Exhaling, the body bent forward further, his head relaxed and drooping.

  [11]Inhale, the train is lifted, and both arms are raised overhead.

Then exhale, lower your arms to the side of the body, and return to the mountain stand.

  Body effect: Although the sun-style activity is very strong, it can exercise the whole body and improve the overall strength of the body.

Flexibility and endurance, and prepare for the exercises that follow.

In addition, it has a good exercise effect on the human cardiovascular system, and it can also stabilize the mood and refresh the spirit.

  Practice posture 1. The crescent moon starts from the mountain standing position, with the left foot stepping back, the right leg flexes the knee, the right knee joint is located right above the right foot, the left knee is slightly flexed, and the left heel is raised.

Inhale, stretch your arms straight above your head, and put your hands together (a).

  Exhale, bend forward from your hips, turn your torso to the right, place your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh.

Keep both palms closed and look behind your right elbow (b).

Keep this pose 3?
5 breaths.
Inhale, the main shaft stands upright, both arms straight up over the top of the head, and both legs still keep the lunge (a).

Exhale, place your arms under your body, put your feet together and your body upright.

Extend your arms straight above your head, lower them, and return to a stand.

Exercise on the other leg.

Repeat 2 times on each side.
  Improve your strength: Before going on to the next exercise, do the worship.

  Body effect: Although the core of the body is strengthened, legs, hips, and buttocks are tightened, and the balance and control of the body are improved.

  2. The plank leg flexion and extension start from the mountain upright position, inhale, some straight up over the head, then exhale, and bend forward.

With both feet retracted into a plank style, the body is aligned from head to toe (a).

Raise your right leg at the same height as your waist joint.

Inhale, then exhale, and bend your right knee.

Move closer to brown (b).

Inhale, straighten your right leg backwards and upwards, and raise your hips (c).

Exhale, lower your legs and hips and flex your knees and leg extensors 4?
6 times.

On the last move, take a step forward with your right leg, with your feet close together to form a forward bend.

Inhale, lift your body, and at the same time stretch your arms up and over your head, then exhale, lower your arms, and stand upright.

Exercise on the other leg.

Repeat 2 times on each side.

  Improve your strength: Before going to the next exercise, do the worship.

  Physiological effects: Improve strength, endurance and flexibility, while making your posture elegant.

  3. The Warrior III started from the mountain standing, with his hands on the hip joints, a step behind his right leg, and straightened.

The left knee is slightly flexed, the trunk is straight, and the shoulder joint is directly above the lumbar joint.

Inhale and exhale. The body starts to bend forward from the lumbar joint until the torso is parallel to the ground, and the right leg is lifted accordingly, forming a straight line with the torso (a).

If you can maintain balance, extend your knees forward and align with your torso.

Cross your hands and make a fist with your index finger pointing forward (b).

Keep 3?
Breathe five times, then slowly raise your body, put your right foot back to the ground, and lower your arms to return to the mountain stand.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Do 2 passes on each side.

  Improve your strength: Before going to the next exercise, do the worship.
  Physical effects: Strengthen your legs, waist, spine, and improve your ability to balance and concentrate, making you feel confident.

  4. On the wooden front-curved cushion, keep your upper body straight, your legs straight in front of your body, your feet close together, and your toes should be slightly taut. Put your hands near your hips, stretch your arms straight, inhale, and lift your body off the groundUse two hands and two heels for support. The body is in a straight line from the shoulder joint to the heel, stretch the toes (a), exhale, return the knee joint to the ground, and return to the sitting position; inhale.

Lift your head over your arms; exhale, bend forward from your waist joint, try to reach your feet with your hands, hook your feet (b), inhale, lift your head over your arms, return to the sitting position, and keep your body upright.

Exhale and lower your arms back to the body.

Repeat the whole process 4?
6 times.

  Physiological effect: Strengthens and contracts the whole body, making you emotionally stable.

  Finally, don’t forget to do the relaxation mentioned earlier here.