The health industry has unlimited business opportunities.

The health industry has unlimited business opportunities.

Since “Healthy China” has become a national development strategy, it has developed rapidly in the larger health industry, attracting widespread attention and has become a new engine of China’s economy.

Benefiting from vigorous policy support, combined with the huge population base and the deepening of the aging population, foot bath health has been welcomed by more and more people, and the joining of centenarian foot health has gradually become a popular project for public entrepreneurship.

  With the acceleration of modern life and changes in diet and living habits, there are currently nearly 75% of sub-healthy people in China, with a total population of nearly 9 billion, a large coverage and a wide age distribution; and traditional Chinese medicine foot bath health can be simple and convenient.Efficient, suitable for a wide range of ages and other advantages, has gained unanimous recognition in the market, and health first has become a common consensus of modern people.

In order to enable more people to enjoy health and wellness services, Ballantine’s development advantage of 17 years has contributed to the development of the entire health industry and helped many people with entrepreneurial dreams to successfully start a business and become rich.

  At present, Bailingzu owns two large medicinal material planting bases: Li Shizhen’s hometown of Aichun, China, and Jilin Tonghua, a famous Chinese medicine town in China. It has been transformed into a Chinese medicinal planting, processing, sales, testing, scientific research, medicinal tourism, medicated health careThe whole industry chain of medicine and health has a total output value exceeding 300 million yuan.

The quality of medicinal materials is the core pillar of the development of health and wellness enterprises. Ballantine uses the best raw materials to create the most sophisticated products, wins the market with quality, and brings good products to consumers.

  Taking advantage of its own industrial advantages, the national health of the centuries as a starting point, launched 9.

9 Chinese medicine foot bath service project, with unique formula, excellent quality and popular price, quickly open the health market.

Bailingzu Chinese Medicine Foot Pack is a special product developed by the product research and development center combining modern advanced technology and traditional Chinese medicine foot health regimen. It can soak your feet for 15-30 minutes every day, saving time, effort and health.

  In terms of business model, Ballantine’s first “Internet + community health” model, bringing good health services to community residents.

There is a huge space for the development of community health, and currently there are about 18.

330,000 communities with a total population close to 7.

700 million, not only that, the health awareness and demand for health services in the community are also relatively concentrated.

Ballantine builds a 10-minute consumer circle. Through technical assistance, the original 500 meters of radiation range was directly extended to a 3 kilometers life circle, which quickly cut the demand for healthy consumption around the entrance store and closer contact with consumers.

  The mini-program platform built by Ballingfoot provides more convenient health care experiences to community consumers. It is equipped with online shopping malls, service platforms, and member management 3 modules to make consumers’ health care experience more convenient and store management.Simpler and more efficient.

  In order to help everyone with a dream to start a business easily, Ballantines also launched a 360-degree comprehensive assistance plan. From the initial site selection to the official opening of the store, each has a professional teacher and team to help solve problems encountered.Problem, so that every entrepreneur can successfully open a store.

Not only that, the company also provides ground-based training and remote video training. Bailingzu Business School brings comprehensive technical and management training to national partners, delivers a first-class technician team to each store, and builds the core strength of the store.

Customers need our help. Where customers don’t think about it, Ballantine will also help. We have only one mission, which is to fight for life for the health of the whole people.

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