Beware of children covering the autumn crickets

Beware of children “covering” the autumn crickets

After the beginning of autumn, the weather is not so sultry, but many babies have small bumps on their necks and small particles on their foreheads and thighs.
“At this time of the year, infants and young children are particularly prone to some skin problems, especially the phenomenon of autumnal sickness.
“Professor Xu Runhua, an expert at Pamper Parenting Alliance and chief nurse of Beijing Children’s Hospital with more than 40 years of clinical nursing experience, reminds new mothers to be careful not to let their children’s tender skin problems.
  Do n’t use glutinous rice flour when you have grown up. “After the fall, it will be cooler sooner or later. Many people worry that the baby will catch cold and add more clothes to the baby.
However, the summer heat has not disappeared at this time, especially at noon, the temperature is very high, and the child is easy to be ‘covered’ with a little attention. This is how Qiuyu and eczema come.
Bitches and eczema tend to occur on the baby’s thighs and small butts, so the baby’s “underwear” diapers must choose products that can quickly lock water, keep them dry and have good air permeability.
Professor Xu suggested that mothers can do a small experiment: take apart a few brands of diapers, test with water, and quickly absorb and dry the surface, which means that the urine stays on the baby’s skin for a short time.
  Professor Xu Runhua reminded that babies should be cleaned and itching-resistant when they give birth to the baby: insist on bathing the baby with a special shower gel for the baby every day; take care of the baby’s small hands, do not let the baby scratch yourself; if the skin is scratched, it is best to promptlyGo to the hospital to avoid purulent.
If gardenia has formed, it is best not to use gardenia powder to avoid clogging pores and aggravating the condition. Gardenia powder generally plays a preventive role.
  Taking a bath too often will stimulate your baby’s skin in the early autumn, and the climate will gradually become dry.
If the hydration is not timely, the skin is prone to problems.
How to hydrate your child?
  First of all, for children who breastfeed, mothers can appropriately increase the frequency of breastfeeding; for infants who eat milk powder, parents can add more boiled water to their children.
  Secondly, the baby should take a bath less frequently than in summer, just wash once a day.
Frequent washing will wash away the protective sebum, causing the baby’s skin to dry, and then redness, itching symptoms.