This person,After Li Ming was introduced to the extermination meeting,Inquired a lot of relatively public information。

And in this information,There is this genius who claims to be among the top three in Lei Yuan Small World for nearly a thousand years。
The Wizard of Meng,After worshipping into Buddhism, cut off the family name,Self-named Buddha Sword。
It is also second only to the Demon Society to resist the Saito organization—Member of the Pure Land Society。
Pure Land Society,Taking Buddhism as its purpose,But the specific thing is to get rid of Saito,The purpose of returning to the pure land of Lei Yuan’s small world。
The second soul of the Buddha sword waved,The light of the sword penetrated directly into the cultivator of the Purple Mansion in the city lord’s mansion。
An instant,A total of seventeen cultivators of the Purple Mansion fell instantly。
“You two,Also hurry up!”Although the monks of the Qi Teng clan hurt their killers,But he is very friendly to people of the same camp,Directly open to the second、Said the two Assassins of Qingling Demon Slayer:“Once i show up,Saito’s fairy will definitely come soon,You two get out of here now。Don’t be affected by me。”
And Li Ming didn’t stay much,He casts escape,Quickly followed the scarlet spaceship。
Chapter Twenty Four Kill the soul
In the Scarlet Spaceship。
If Seven City Lord Meng Ju took out a porcelain bottle from the storage space,Pour out a bloody pill and take it,The left arm that was severed by himself quickly recovered。
Body recovered,But the shock of the soul is not so easy to recover,The cold in the eyes still has uncontrollable fear!