This check,Could it be something else?

“No……I’ll check with the leader!”
immediately,She went inside。
Asked the bank manager to confirm this。
after all,It’s not a trivial matter。
Bank president,I went directly to the Jiang Group,Ask them if they have recently signed a check for ten million。
The answer is。
That means。
Although Fang Yu’s check is true。
Jiang Group,But I haven’t reported yet!
Everything is complete,But can’t withdraw Fang Yu!
quickly,The president came to Fang Yu,Seriously ask,“Mr. Fang……Are you sure your check,Normal origin?I called the Jiang Group,They said there is no such record!”
“You feel,My check,Is obtained by other means?”Fang Yu wondered。
This was given by Jiang Yiyun himself!
“That was not what I meant……Just not recorded,I can’t withdraw cash directly to you。unless……There are records over there!”The president said。
Fang Yu doesn’t look like a bad guy。
but,The check cannot be withdrawn!
This one,He has to make it clear!