Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet for Diabetes

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet for Diabetes

Diabetes is a relatively common metabolic endocrine disease. It belongs to the “thirst-relieving” secretion of the motherland medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly divided into two types of deficiency of yin deficiency and heat and kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, both of which can be treated with nourishing yin.

  The clinical manifestations of the type of yin deficiency and hotness are as follows: polydipsia, thirst, hunger and thinness, dry mouth, dry tongue, red tip, and pulse count.

Expelling nourishing yin and clearing heat, and using gypsum to know mother ginseng decoction and benefit stomach decoction.

  Drugs: 30 grams of raw gypsum (fried first), 12 grams of Zhimu, 10 grams of raw licorice, 6 grams of American ginseng (stewed separately), 15 grams of North American ginseng, 15 grams of asparagus, 15 grams of raw radix rehmanniae, 12 grams of jade bamboo,30 grams of trichosanthin, taken orally in decoction, 1 dose per day, 2-3 times per dose, divided into 2-3 servings.

  The main clinical manifestations of the kidney deficiency and yin deficiency type are: frequent urination, weak backache, dry mouth, red tongue, urine like fat cream, and thin pulse.

Expelling Ziyin and Kidney.

The side uses Liu Wei Di Huang Wan addition and subtraction.

  Drugs: 15 grams each of raw and cooked land, 15 grams of yam, 10 grams of Poria, 10 grams of mangosteen meat, 8 grams of tannin, and 6 grams of diarrhea.

Take one dose daily, fry 2-3 times for each dose, and drink 2-3 times.

  In addition, the medicinal diet with the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat: 1.

Pork Liver Pills: 7 pork liver pills, ground into fine powder after roasting, and refining honey into pills such as sycamore seeds, 6 g daily, morning and evening on an empty stomach, serving as one course, and even serving several courses.


Songpi pork bone soup: 500g of fresh pork bone, 60g of pine double-layer skin, 200ml of water, boil soup, drink twice daily.


Pig skin soup: 500 grams of fresh pig skin, 30 grams of white honey, 250 grams of rice flour.

First clean the fresh pork skin and cut it into a pot. Then take the soup, add white honey, the previous rice noodles, boil until the flavor overflows and mix well. Take 6 times and take 2-3 times daily.


Radish and Abalone Soup: Take 30 grams of dried abalone and 300 grams of fresh radish. Wash the two things first, soak the abalone with water, then boil the radish and abalone in the water of soaked abalone. Take the salt after cooking.


Horse milk drink: Use 250 ml of horse milk every day, drink 3 times after boiling.

Facing hidden rules, experts come to support

Facing hidden rules, experts come to support

We often listen to people to educate their children: do first and then do things.

This is not just a family’s education of children’s social knowledge, it is not simply a matter of educating children to be upright people.

Even in the most professional academic institutions, we often hear the principal’s preaching coldly without saying a word: We must learn not only the knowledge but also the person.

It can be seen that this human effort is not so easy to master.

    It is easy to do things, there are rules to follow, and at the end of the day, it is clear, preferably robot management, then all the quantifications are one, two, two, green onions mixed with tofu, clear.

It is difficult to know how to be human.

We often hear people say: It is easier to do things than to do things.

In the workplace, or more accurately, in the Chinese workplace, the nature of being a person is by no means less important than being able to do something.

To a certain extent, learning to be a person means that you know the hidden rules with your heart.

From this perspective, mastering the hidden rules is more important than the work itself.

Have to make people helpless.

    In the two series of unspoken rules we prepared earlier, some experts have made it clear that office politics cannot be classified into unspoken rules.

Office politics should be part of social culture.

Academically, this may not be an objection.

But in life, those invincible cold guns and dark arrows, those that cannot be placed on the table, and those disgusting mouth honey swords, we have to categorize them all into the hidden rules.

The word hidden rules may be misused by the public. The more it is used, the more derogatory it is, so that it can also spread the meaning of the public and change it completely.

Didn’t you say that people make history?

Then it is no exaggeration for the people to change the nature of a vocabulary.

     The core of the unspoken rules is Personnel Guangdong Labor Association, the director of Guangdong Human Resources Management Association, and the chief consultant of Guangzhou Clarion Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Mr. Zeng Wen told reporters that unspoken rules exist in the world, but there are more unspoken rules in Chinese companies.In addition to factors such as incomplete systems and relatively backward management, this is inseparable from the thousands of years of Chinese history and the concept of people.

In Chinese companies, unspoken rules often revolve around personnel relations, such as fellow villagers and classmates. The core of office politics can also be said to be personnel matters.

    Zeng Wen gave a reporter a case. In a small enterprise in the Guangzhou Development Zone, there were five employees, but three of them pulled up the mountain. So when the outstanding employees are selected every year, these three people take turns to do it.The two “minorities” were left aside all year round.

This is a manifestation of internal hidden rules.

    For newcomers in the workplace, Zeng Wen cautions: It is best not to participate in office politics, because you don’t know how deep the water is.

However, due to the existence of hidden rules, in the long run, if it does not adapt to the company culture or hidden rules, the work will be difficult to carry out.

“Small businesses are also big societies. If you have a company with a very serious office politics, it’s really not easy to stay out of the business or to clean yourself up.

The ending is nothing more than two, or it is retained as the existence of a balancing force, and it is eventually finally squeezed out.

“Zeng Wen said.

    Choosing your own position Li Jianming, senior consultant and senior trainer of the Emperor Professional Advisor, told this reporter that the hidden rules prevailing in the company itself are that the company does not have a specific set of mechanisms, and it is difficult to tell who is outstanding and who is doing superficialwork.

However, the reality is that some people who do superficial work and see the leadership’s glory and appreciation are called “talents”; while some excellent people who do practical things are not good at expressing themselves and think they can be valued by leaders, oftenWill be a victim of this hidden rule.

    A direct consequence of not being able to adapt to the hidden rules and failing to handle office politics may be cold violence.

    Cold violence in the workplace is said to be one of the most unspoken rules for professionals. Cold violence isolates us with an unspeakable pressure, which makes people feel shudder.

    Military Zhilian recruitment has also conducted workplace cold violence surveys. Nearly 70% (67%) of the surveyed white-collar workers said they have encountered workplace cold violence, and the main actor of this violence is their boss.

After encountering cold violence in the workplace, only 16.

9% said they would actively seek a solution, 38.

1% of the victims said that they would be depressed all day, which seriously affected their motivation.


9% of workers in the workplace are cold.

Nearly 20% of the victims chose to leave the job sadly.
    In order to prevent illness before it happens, in addition to hard indicators such as resumes and backgrounds, job seekers and employers should check each other when applying for jobs, and also consider soft indicators such as company culture and personal value orientation.
    Mr. Li Jianming told reporters: Everyone has their own professional temperament issues.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish where the personal value orientation and interests are, and whether they can adapt to the company culture.

Everyone has potential factors that cannot be changed. The key is to choose a position and find a company culture that is suitable for their survival.

In addition, the staff must adjust a certain mentality, in general, even the company that suits them, and their work willingness is only 80%, so the employees do not have to be too impatient, and should be treated normally.

    For the company, Mr. Li Jianming believes that the recruitment of human resources can not only start from a foreign career (such as academic background, work experience, etc.). Recruiting talents must treat the internal career and the external career equally, and the internal career includes personal characteristics., Career orientation, hobbies, etc.

If you only consider foreign careers, it is easy to cause staff turnover.

  Experts are facing invincible and ubiquitous hidden rules, especially under the condition of obvious lack of rules. How should professionals in the workplace respond?

By collecting expert opinions and sorting out some routines to deal with unspoken rules based on public information at home and abroad.

Zeng Wen said that these tricks are good and can be replaced by professionals in the workplace.

    1) Thinking in other places, always introspection.

    There is a reason for everything, and when encountering cold violence, you should not hinder you from looking for more reasons.

Look at yourself from the perspective of others and learn to rebuild yourself to prevent colleagues from becoming hostile to you.

Many times if you don’t adapt to office politics, it’s not because your colleague has a problem, but it is probably your own problem.

    2) Strive to adapt to improve your “immunity”.

Colleagues’ attitude towards themselves is often just their own imagination.

Being too sensitive to others’ attitudes can easily hurt you.

If we return to the same attitude, a vicious circle will be formed.

Anyone who enters the job will have longing for and illusions about a new workplace life. Cold violence will throw us a basin of cold water. It is normal that cold violence cannot absolutely disappear.

There must be this strange realization.

    3) Actively respond Don’t wait to be able to help but not solve it. When you are frustrated for the first time in the workplace, you should actively consider a solution, and at least have a sense of positive response.

Active communication and active communication are particularly important. In fact, in the cold violence campaign, whoever takes the initiative first wins, and this communication must be active, not for communication, to be open and open, and to discuss issues.

    4) Don’t do what you want, don’t do it to others. You don’t like being left out and being disturbed. Similarly, others don’t like it.

To avoid cold violence in the office, first of all, don’t make yourself a “violator.”

    5) To keep Rakuten know, emotions are contagious, and happiness is no exception.

In a pleasant environment, who has the mood to engage in a small plot?

Facing the cold violence in the workplace frankly, not resisting is the best resistance. Before we can figure out what is going on, let’s just ignore what we do and don’t take it into our hearts.

Always keep your optimism.

    6) Thinking about a win-win conflict of interest is one of the causes of corporate politics. We know that if someone wins, someone will lose.

We worry about others winning, because that may imply that we are the one who loses.

In fact, this world is not the case.

Trying to think from the perspective of “how to win-win in the same situation” requires that you first understand the interests of others in this situation, and then understand your own interests, so that both parties can accept and mutually benefit.

    7) first understand people, then seek to be understood.

    It is very strange that once someone feels that they are understood, he will become more open to you and want to achieve a win-win situation. It is difficult to understand each other.

Measure your temper

Measure your temper

If you know in advance that your boyfriend / girlfriend is coming to visit, what will you put on purpose to show your personality and make a good impression?

  A, Ragdoll or Model Toy B, Comfortable Cushion, Sofa C, Your Pride Photo D, Poster or Bookshelf Test Results: A, You usually care about what happened around you, and pay attention to the mood of your friends.Greetings.

However, in terms of relatives, of course, your favorite is of course your own!

This is a matter of course, and so is most people.

Only when you understand your needs can you be in a position to think for others.

So when you have everything in your hands and you have the capacity, you will take the initiative to help others, so that everyone can realize your affinity.

  B, many people will think that they are very important. Anyone who takes self as the starting point will not see such qualities in you.

You will consider the feelings of others. Instead, other people are more fond of coquetry with you, and you will not be too concerned about it. When you can do more for everyone, it is not important to eat a small loss.

So you are more like Big Brother, Big Sister, and have a mature style.

When you sometimes want to talk about it, you can only find your own family or close love.

  C, everyone around you treats you well, and treats you as a little brother / sister. You are also used to this way of getting along.

In the group, you want to suffer a little more understanding, everyone can know what you want.

Or when you ask, everyone can support and assist.

Of course, not all wishes can be fulfilled, so when you eat behind closed doors, you will keep this account in mind, and then this person will be included in your unwelcome list.

  D, your sensitivity is very sharp, you can quickly detect other people’s thoughts, in order to be more popular, you will express yourself.

When you feel happy, share the things that change your joy with others.

You will also be willing to tell your friends what you have learned.

However, if you meet someone who doesn’t know how to sing, or spit on you intentionally, you won’t give the other person a good look.

瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

瘫 瘫 diet guide 瘫 瘫 diet notes

Patients with facial paralysis must pay great attention to the diet during treatment. Many foods are distorted and irritated, causing the disease to worsen. So, what are the precautions for facial paralysis?

Let’s take a look at the prevention and treatment experts to give you a detailed introduction to the diet guidelines above.

Diet guidelines for patients with facial paralysis 1, adjust the diet.

Because the disease causes the taste and chewing function to decrease the appetite, it is necessary to encourage the patient to eat, give the taste suitable for the patient, and be nutritious, delicious, light, digestible or semi-liquid or soft diet.

2, eat more fresh vegetables.

Because the early facial nerves have edema, you can eat a little bit of damp vegetables and snacks, dishes can choose melon, loofah, robe, etc., snacks can eat rice kernels and red dates soup.

Fruits, whole grains, beans, such as corn, onions, jujube, bananas, purple eggplant, loofah, pumpkin, melon, mulberry.

Can eat all kinds of fish, lean meat, eggs.

3, patients with facial paralysis should increase the intake of vitamin B family.

Vitamin B group elements are also helpful for facial nerve diseases, such as B1, B2, B12, etc.

Vitamin B vitamins in certain foods: coriander, tomato, melon, cucumber, papaya, apple, pineapple, pear, peach, watermelon, vitamin B, can help the synthesis of neurometabolites, so it should be appropriate tonic.

4, facial paralysis patients need appropriate amount of calcium.

Calcium is fully beneficial to bones and intelligence, and can promote normal muscle and nerve function. Because facial nerve disease patients are mainly facial nerve interference disorders and cause muscle atrophy, calcium supplementation is very important, ribs, dark green vegetables, egg yolk, kelp, sesame, fruit.Carrots, watermelons, dairy products, etc. are all calcium.

5, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals.

Patients with facial paralysis put the food behind the healthy side of the tongue, chewing slowly, a small amount of meals, tandem the body needs, according to the patient’s physique, rational allocation of diet, according to the condition of the semi-liquid or general diet, should be light, easy to digest dietAvoid spicy, sour, dry, hard, and rough foods.

Oral care before and after eating, such as gargle, clean the mouth, to prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you


Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you

The word of conversation is very hot now, and there is a kind of person who is called a conversational expert, that is, those who love to speak actively and are good at creating casual encounters with chat.

In their eyes, approaching is simply a matter of learning, from “how to go” and “when to go” to “should go” should have a complete set of practical tricks.

For a woman who is inherently reserved and who defends “male chasing women”, if she masters the seven secrets from the boy’s version of “Study on Pick-up”, the chance of an encounter will suddenly multiply!

  Teach you to create a “temptation qi field” and use small air?

?Make the story happen “In most cases, a relatively closed place is better than an open place, and she will feel safe again.

If only you and her are in the elevator to work, it is a chance given to you by heaven!

“-The boy’s version of” Study on Learning “is the easiest way to accumulate” temptation fields “. The easiest way is to use incense.

Recently, in the small room where beauty editors gathered, every male colleague who came in couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s so fragrant!

who is it?

“Someone smiled slyly,” recently losing his body milk.

“Hey, the smell of body milk in a small space is several times stronger than that of perfume, and there is no worry that it will be pungent when accidentally used.

Elevators, buses, and small restaurants can easily arouse his curiosity.

  ① L’Occitane Orange Smoothing Milk 245 yuan charged to him within 3 seconds “sometimes inevitably shy or worried about failure.

The key to winning is to shoot within 3 seconds after finding the target, and don’t give yourself time to hesitate.

-The boy’s version of “Getting Started” is available in the same way. You look forward to your chances and the discharge time is only 3 seconds!

The earliest men would pay attention to the lips first, followed by the eyes and eyes that are not disproportionate.

The last point is very dependent on innateness, but it is not difficult for anyone to work hard on eyes and mouth, right.

98% of men said that they did not like decadent smoke and shiny lips, which made them feel inexplicable burden before kissing.

However, no man will refuse to flutter the eyelashes and look soft and tender lips.

Yes, it must be so soft that there are no lip lines, which coincides with their urge to kiss.

  Although many women do not like Lin Zhiling’s cymbals, other men have Lin Zhiling in their hearts.

You see, she used almost all the secrets that men most want to talk about: natural curls, fluttering eyelashes, and unobtrusive soft lips.

  ① Lancome pink unruly lip gloss 260 yuan ② Fu Xiu Xiu Dudu rich lip gloss transparent color (exclusive sale by Sephora) stirs his hair and awakens his interest “I just know, do n’t touch her body actively, although you have countlessThis thought came up again.

“-Boys’ version of” Study on Conversation “If that collaborator is exactly the boy you have longed for, you can’t wait to go further!

Don’t comb your hair completely, it always hints: I’m not a casual person!

In fact, a little irregular and slightly messy feeling is easier to get close to.

In the small space of two people, you may wish to use your fingers to flick the hair to make the hair smell more thorough. This “inadvertent” little movement seems to him to be a visual touch and can’t help but approach you.

  The supermodel Marie Steiss reveals the secret of her charm: the hair half-draped on the shoulder must carry the fragrance left after washing, and the moment you wake up and turn your head to see her boyfriend, veryNatural and must be sexy, right?
  ① Paris L’Oreal Yingying Brightening Shampoo 118 Yuan ② Chanel Coco Mlle Hair Fragrance Mist 365 Yuan Seckill Back wants him to follow the footsteps “Don’t rush to talk to her from behind!

Girls are afraid of strange greetings after coming to themselves.

-Although the boy’s version of “Getting Started” learns that the front cover almost makes girls feel safer, it does not reveal that men are easily attracted by a sexy back.

Didn’t expect it?

Naturally curly long hair, rounded hips, and slender calves are the three key points that make him most likely to follow.

It’s time to pack up the scenery behind it!

Auntie needs management.

This kind of management requires you to use body sculpting products, and at the same time, you can use the massage to “fix” the aunt in other parts to the place you want to be plump.
  ①YvesRocher plant fiber body shaping body cream (day and night) 390 yuan ② Clarins Newborn Firming Body Cream 550 yuan custom “Feromone” makes it tease memory “It is not important when you know, it is important to know after you know!
“-Men’s version of” Getting Started “In Meiti’s perfume class, perfume trainer Amanda discovered the secret of her use of perfume: at every important moment in life, I will choose a special perfume, because the memory of fragrance is the mostancient.

For example, in the honeymoon, she used Guerlain’s light fragrance and smelled it many years later. Her whole body was immediately filled with the happiness of the honeymoon.
Therefore, from the moment he knew his favorite, don’t change the fragrance easily during this time. The most fascinating thing for men is the unclear and unclear “Feromone”.

After many years, no matter whether it is a positive result or a parting way, this fragrance will record your story and it will always be memorable.

  Just choose the perfume that was reborn for the sake of love!

For example, Chanel’s Chance, Givenchy’s charm, the oldest and hotst fragrance in the back of the neck, 2 drops is enough.

  ① Chanel 邂逅 Fresh Eau De Toilette 50ml / 580 yuan ② Givenchy Magic Angel Rouen Eau De Toilette 50ml / 590 yuan innocent face makes him want to protect “When is the best time to talk?

The night is very unsuitable, girls are naturally afraid of darkness.

Except where she can at least see the other person’s face, and she happens to be ordering.

“-The boy’s version of” Study Conversation “is not suitable for night?

How can a romantic moment be staged into a bubble!

Pretending to be innocent can best win a vote of favor from the boys and release their vigorous desire for protection.

Glittering eyelashes, sweeping blushes in the square of the apple muscle, and lovely toot lips are the best props for innocent faces.

Among them, the most outstanding is actually the eyes.

Blue and purple mascara can easily help you capture the charm.

Don’t brush your entire eyelashes, you should first use black base, then use blue or purple to brighten up the accumulation of eyelashes to charm him.

  Benefit: The bad girl’s blue mascara is 240 yuan. Unexpectedly, there is a “perspirant” left in the palm.

-The boy’s version of “Study on Learning” wants to find a chance to break through this layer of window paper, and San Mao’s template is very worthwhile.

In “No More Rainy Season”, she finds the boy who has been secretly crushing on the conductor, and writes his name and phone number in his palm.

The popular perfume pen is especially suitable for this bridge.

The essence of this trick is to use perfume to make him more impressed with you, so when the master attends the party, he will deliberately spray a few drops of perfume in the palm of his hand. Once you shake hands with the person you want, his palm will leave your “sweat medicine”.Already.
  ① VeraWang perfume capsules ② CKONE electronic perfume pen

Joints no longer hurt, does not mean arthritis is better

Joints no longer hurt, does not mean arthritis is better

Many people with arthritis mistakenly believe that the joints no longer hurt, which means they are cured and do not need to take medicine.

In fact, arthritis is a chronic disease, and it does not mean that it is cured.

In addition, many people think that drugs have isomers. In fact, the alternation is far less than imagined and controllable.

  Civilization treatment is prone to some misunderstandings. 1. Blindly taking traditional Chinese medicine treatment in people’s traditional Chinese medicine concept, “general is not painful, pain is not.”

Osteoarthritis is often classified as a syndrome due to joint pain.

This kind of paralysis syndrome usually refers to joint disease caused by external environment, such as cold, high, etc., so some people think it is “old cold leg”.

However, modern medicine believes that the cause of osteoarthritis is far beyond the scope of paralysis syndrome, but the damage of joint cartilage caused by many factors.

If this is not fully understood, blindly taking Chinese medicine treatment will bring serious adverse consequences.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not without toxicity. Some traditional Chinese medicines for treating rheumatism have the functions of activating blood and removing blood stasis.

  2. Blind rheumatism treatment Because many rheumatisms can cause joint pain, patients often subjectively think that as long as there is joint pain, rheumatism is the subject of a rheumatism. Seek rheumatism everywhere.

  3. Blindly taking “softening bone spurs” drugs Many patients often take medical treatments for disorder. In order to rush to relieve the pain, they are looking for drugs to eliminate bone spurs everywhere. In fact, this practice has no scientific basis.

Bone spurs are hyperplastic bones, which are produced after the joint bones degenerate, so bone spurs are also bones. How can bones be eliminated by drugs?

  4. Blind supplementation of trace elements (calcium, zinc, etc.) Supplementation of trace elements can help the condition, such as calcium supplementation has symptoms for osteoporosis.

However, the cause of osteoarthritis is not a lack of trace elements, so supplementing trace elements has no direct therapeutic effect.

  5. Long-term symptomatic treatment To relieve pain, symptomatic treatment is needed.

But it is usually temporary and short-term treatment, and many patients take non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs for long-term symptomatic treatment.

These drugs do play a positive role in reducing pain, but they also have many adverse effects on the body.

  6, weight is not important in the treatment of weight loss, reduce joint damage and load, play a very important role in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Obesity can cause osteoarthritis. In addition to increasing joint load due to weight factors, it is also related to changes in posture, gait and exercise habits caused by obesity.

  7, the related treatment is optional Many patients often focus only on drug treatment, and ignore the important role of related issues in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

At the same time of drug treatment, medical physical exercise should be carried out, in conjunction with physical therapy, daily care should be taken to protect the damaged joints.

It should be noted that to use massage physiotherapy, it should be performed by a specialist.

In addition, patients with arthropathy should also pay attention to shoes, flat shoes are not the best choice, it is best to wear soft, elastic soles.

  8, spinal protection agent can be used without running out At present, commonly used spinal protection agents can prevent the pathological process of osteoarthritis.

These drugs are fundamental drugs that can improve the state of the spinal cord, restore the normal biochemical environment of the joints, and repair the damaged joint bundles.

Six great ways to help you maintain muscle mass

Six great ways to help you maintain muscle mass

A low-carb diet may seem simple, but it can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Because when the body lacks sufficient glycogen, it uses protein reserves as energy sources.

Here are 6 tips to help you maintain muscle mass during a low-carb diet.


Increasing protein intake A low-carb diet requires limiting weight intake in proportion to body weight: Bodybuilders over 190 pounds should be limited to 56-75 grams per day, and athletes under 190 pounds should be limited to 40-55 grams of cobalt.

When the plasma intake is at least 75 grams per day, the body will use more protein as an energy source.

Therefore, protein intake should be increased to 2 grams per pound of body weight per day during low carb intake.


Supplementing Whey Protein Before and After Training Whey protein contains a large number of branched chain amino acids, which can replace derivatives to provide energy for training.

Taking 40-60 grams of whey protein before training can prevent the body from consuming muscle tissue for energy.

Immediately after training, another 40-60 grams of whey protein can be recovered to rebuild muscle tissue.

In addition, 50% of the daily glucose quota will be replaced after training.


Daily intake of red meat Red meat can provide a slight amount of energy to the body and protect protein from the bad luck of using energy for energy.

Red meat also contains alanine, which can be used for energy without causing elevated insulin levels.

Get at least 50 grams of protein from red lean meat every day and distribute it between two meals: 25 grams for breakfast and 25 grams for another meal.

This ensures a continuous supply of alanine in the body and prevents the body from using protein as an energy source.


Increase carbohydrate absorption in two weeks and maintain a hypoglycemic diet for two weeks. On the 15th day, increase carbohydrate implantation to 2-3 grams per pound of body weight per day and reduce protein substitution to 1 grams per pound of body weight per day.

You can maintain a low-carb diet for 8-9 weeks, as long as you schedule a high blood sugar diet every two weeks.

this point is very important.

And can bring better results.


Using Caffeine / Ephedra Tonic A nutritional supplement made from a mixture of caffeine and ephedra can help you maintain a low blood sugar intake during high intensity training.

Adding 2-4 tablets (150 mg each) before training can help your body burn more unfortunate energy.


A high-intensity aerobic training low-carb diet is effective because it reduces the levels of glycogen in the muscles, causing the body to rely on an assistant for energy.

High-intensity aerobic training (30 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week) can further consume glycogen levels and help eliminate more aunts.

For best results, aerobic training can be scheduled before eating, as glycogen levels rise.



A catfish from loach, contained in Compendium of Materia Medica.

Li Shizhen said, “Long 3?
4 inches, sinking in the mud. It is small and small, with a pointed head, blue-yellow body, and no scales.

“The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  Contains protein, aunt, etc.

  Pharmacological loach smooth saliva has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

  Functional meat: warming and nourishing qi, detoxifying and collecting hemorrhoids.

Loach synovial fluid is a good anti-inflammatory medicine, and it is effective for various acute inflammations such as erysipelas and bloated.

Recently, people have found that it can cure acute and chronic hepatitis.

  [丹毒,面疔,瘭疽(指头疔),腮腺炎]  活泥鳅10-20条,先养于清水中漂去泥污,再置盆中,投入白糖适量,搅拌约10分钟,取滑液糖浆Apply to the affected area, replace it when dry, and apply it several times.

  [急性胆囊炎]  生泥鳅1-2条,取其背上肉,切细,装入胶囊。Swallow about 1 at a time and deliver it with warm water.

  [急性或亚急性、迁延性肝炎]  泥鳅若干条,放烘箱内烘干(温度在摄氏100度为宜),达到可捏碎为度,取出研粉,每服9克,每日3次,Take after meals, children should be reduced.

According to reports, 35 cases of infectious hepatitis were treated by this prescription, of which 32 cases were jaundice, and the course was prolonged for 7 months. After 12-16 days of treatment, 33 cases were cured and 2 cases were significantly improved (Gai County, Liaoning Province).

Young children watching 3D videos may cause squint

Young children watching 3D videos may cause squint

A 5-year-old boy, Xiao Wei, accompanied by his parents, watched 3D movies such as “Avatar”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Battle of the Gods” and even the World Cup finals. His father took Xiao Wei to goA theater in Hangzhou watched a 3D broadcast.

Later, the mother found that Xiao Wei always tilted his head when he was looking at something, and hurriedly took him to the hospital for examination.

Experts said that the initial diagnosis was esotropia. Young children watched 3D movies continuously. The eye muscles were over-adjusted and prone to esotropia.

According to the data from the Shanghai Shenshen Hospital, the ophthalmology consultation rate among the population has increased by 30% over the last year.

This year, the Shanghai Eye Disease Center conducted a visual inspection of 2,134 preschool children.

The data showed that 176 children had corrected vision below zero.

8, less than 10%.

Fresh orange peel sparkling wine causes digestive disorders

Fresh orange peel sparkling wine causes digestive disorders

I wanted to use Chenpi tea to clear the fire, but I was diarrhea.

A few days ago, Mr. Chen went to Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see a doctor. He turned out to be “converting fresh orange peel into Chenpi.”

  Mr. Chen said that the family bought a lot of oranges a few days ago. I heard that the Chenpi bubble water tea can clear the heat and reduce phlegm, so I collected the leftover orange peel, and after a few minutes of drying, I can make tea every day.

He thought it was cold.

  Zhang Yaoshi, the pharmacist director of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained that fresh orange peels are only peeled after being dried. The longer the orange peels are aged, the better. Generally, they should be used after another year.

Chenpi, as a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for regulating qi, strengthening the stomach and resolving sputum, can make the tea clear with heat.

It is different to soak water with fresh orange peel. Because fresh orange peel contains a volatile oil mixture, it is easy to stimulate the digestive tract and cause digestive disorders.

  Professor Li Tianwang of the Department of Gastroenterology of the hospital analyzed that fresh orange peel irritates the stomach and intestines. It may also be caused by pesticides or preservatives attached to the surface of the orange peel. General washing and sun may remove these harmful substances.

He reminded that it is best not to use fresh orange peel to make tea or wine, and when you are aging the peel, you must also pay attention not to use orange peel with mold on the surface.