Excessive force should be avoided when constipation occurs in the elderly

Excessive force should be avoided when constipation occurs in the elderly

There is such a case in real life: an old lady, in her 80s, the problem of constipation is very serious, the stool is often not discharged, and the amount of urine is also very small.

More seriously, because of constipation, the elderly have two cerebral thrombosis.

Now the bowel movements are no longer open to open the dew.

As a common disease of the elderly, constipation affects many ordinary daily living, constipation and hypertension are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Constipation causes cerebral thrombosis, which is usually related to the elderly and hypertension.

Because when the person is defecation, the abdominal force is increased, the abdominal pressure is increased, and then the blood pressure is raised. At this time, if the blood pressure of the old man is high, the “innocuous” plaque originally formed in the arterial lumen will be in the plaque.Under the action of double pressure, it moves to the venous blood vessels where the blood vessels are thinner, forming a blood clot.

There is another possibility for constipation to cause cerebral thrombosis.

The constipation of the elderly is often due to lack of water, and a small amount of urine is one of the manifestations of lack of water in the body.

In this case, the blood viscosity of the person increases, the flow becomes slow, and the blood stasis forms a thrombus embolization blood vessel.

  However, relatively speaking, constipation may induce hemorrhagic stroke (also known as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage).

Because almost all the blood vessels of the elderly have a certain degree of hardening, it is prone to cerebrovascular rupture itself. Excessive force in constipation, increased blood pressure, and increased the possibility of rupture of blood vessels.

If the elderly are accompanied by other mutations, such as high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, etc., constipation is more like an untimely bomb.

  In addition, constipation is also a predisposing factor for cardiovascular disease, such as myocardial infarction.

Prof. Qi explained that after the defecation forced the blood pressure to rise, the myocardium contracted hard, which may cause insufficient blood supply to the coronary artery and lead to myocardial infarction.

  To relieve constipation and remove hidden dangers, it is natural to prevent constipation.

Professor Yan said that the problem of constipation should be solved from eating habits. Some foods with high fiber content such as celery and coarse grains cause food waste to form feces in the body; it is best to ensure that one or two days of bowel movements are made once and regular.Defecation habits.

Sometimes, you can take some traditional Chinese medicine to help you, or massage your abdomen with your hands during defecation. This will help relieve constipation. Drugs such as Kailulu are best used as an adjunct to temporary relief of pain, rather than being used frequently.

  Elderly people with high blood pressure must pay attention to the defecation when they are not too hard, otherwise it is easy to have problems; do not develop the habit of reading and reading newspapers during defecation, because the lack of energy will prolong the time of defecation, and constipation may also occur.

Post-meal tea diet

Post-meal tea diet

The size of the general population in the world is basically divided into two types.

Taiwanese children used to be mostly thin, and nowadays, with the combination of bench diet and Western diet, the fat body is the majority.

People in Africa or parts of the tropics are physically weak due to lack of food.

  In fact, the body is too thin to be fat, and it is not good to gain weight and reduce weight in the diet.

There are many ways to lose weight in modern times. The methods such as sweat and salt band are mainly the contraction of the outer skin without the microscopic effect of real weight loss.

The rapid weight loss method in foreign countries is to cut the small intestine to reduce absorption, but even if any nutrient absorption is reduced, even losing weight can cause disease due to insufficient absorption of the body.

  Slimming tea has been popular for many years, and it is partially effective. Some of them use senna as the main ingredient. After drinking, they cause diarrhea to achieve their goals. Once they stop drinking, the body absorbs and absorbs and becomes more obese.

Dieting or partial eclipse also has a great sequela, and the argument is that Chaozhou ancient recipes are safer and more effective.

  Rice, tea, soup, food and food are better matched, food is not fat and healthy, and it is better to add some exercise when you have time.

Soup can use lemon stewed burdock, plum soup, lime soup gold needle fungus soup, sour curry vegetable soup, sour bamboo shoot fish soup or pickles soup, all of which are effective weight loss soup, and can be septic, wake up stomach.

Rice with pickled ginger rice, black glutinous rice can be.

The combination of food and food is to reduce the heavy meat, but after each meal, the most important thing is to make a cup of Tieguanyin. This method is actually effective and effective, but the time required is longer. I see the older generation of Chaozhou.Overeating but not obese, proves that tea is effective after meals.

Treatment of two prescriptions for acute urticaria

Treatment of two prescriptions for acute urticaria

Acute measles is medically an allergic skin disease, and autumn is a high-risk season for acute measles. Because of the many allergens that cause the disease and the high recurrence rate, patients often suffer from discomfort.

Therefore, Life Home Xiaobian specially collected a series of information on acute measles complications, so that you can stay away from the troubles of the disease and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

  (1)[Differentiation]Wind and heat evil spirits are caused by blood in the camp.

  [治治]Dispel the wind to solve the table, clear the heat and relieve itching.

  [Name]Jing Fang Fang.

  [Composition]6 grams of schisandra, 6 grams of wind, 6 grams of silkworm, 6 grams of duckweed, 6 grams of raw licorice, 12 grams of honeysuckle, 9 grams of burdock, 9 grams of peony, 9 grams of raw land, 9 grams of scutellaria,Mint 4.

5 grams, 蝉蜕 4.

5 grams.

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 day, 3 times a day.

  (B)[Differentiation]Wind and heat evil spirits caused by blood.

  [治治]Clearing heat and eliminating wind.

  [Name]Xiaofeng Qingre Drink.

  [Composition]9 grams of schizonepeta, 9 grams of windproof, 9 grams of duckweed, 9 grams of angelica, 9 grams of red peony, 9 grams of Daqingye, 9 grams of astragalus, 6 grams of medlar.

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 day, 2 times a day.

Morally noble person

Morally noble person

What is the connection between morality and health?

It sounds like there is no direct connection.

But recently, the Brazilian medical scientist Martins has studied the longevity of the elderly for 10 years and found that about 90% of the elderly who are long-lived are highly respected.

From modern medical research, it is shown that people with good morals and people with bad morals have different effects on human health and life.

  First, the character of being good with others.


A person with good morals has a character that is good for man.

Such people often think about others when they are in trouble. They rarely compete with others for their fame and fortune, do things for the sake of publicity, respect the old and love the young, think of others and so on.

Naturally, he will be respected by the people around him, so he has a quiet state of mind, good interpersonal relationship, and a good mood. In such an alternation, the brain is calm and orderly governing the various physiological functions of the human body, thus being in a benign operation, the human body.Naturally healthy.


People with bad morals are often hostile.

They are also convinced of who they are, always guarding people, guarding everywhere, listening to people always looking for opportunities to refute, bad things often come into contact with themselves.

Revenge is very serious, often quarreling with others, living in a tense atmosphere all day long.

This kind of person has a high blood pressure in all ages. The elderly develop into hypertension, and the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are entangled. How can they live longer?

  Second, helping others.


People with good morality are out of public mind, straightforward, loving, indifferent to fame and fortune, quiet and living, helping others.

Therefore, they are calm, not hostile, have no hatred, and friends all over the world.

Modern medical research proves that when the human body is in a calm and happy state of mind, the neuroendocrine system works normally, the coordination between various organs is normal, the functions between organs can be played normally, the immunity of the organs is enhanced, and the disease has no soil for growth.


People with bad morals are out of selfishness, narrow-minded, thinking for themselves, being strong, and maliciously competing. For a little self-interest, they have no choice but to resort to a single jin, fly camp shit, hostile, and quarrel with others for a little thing;In this way, listen to the personality of others and find a chance to refute.

Because such people are enemies everywhere, they are often on alert, and they are in a tense mood of step by step.

Modern medical research proves that this mood is a risk factor for inducing hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Third, the heart is open-minded, and the light is outstanding.

A person with good morals is open to the people, and the bra is open and open, so there is no worries, no need for trouble, and a good attitude to the mind.

This kind of person eats well, sleeps well, has a healthy immune function, and the body is naturally healthy and longevity.


People with bad ethics have broken their minds and chests, and they have to dig their own thoughts for their own self-interest. They use whatever means, and they do what they want, and then they become guilty consciences. They are fearful, guilty, worried; they are scared when they hear the sound of a siren or accidentally knock on the door.

Can not eat well, sleep uneasy, can not be all day long, this invisible psychological pressure and burden, the cerebral cortex is in a state of high tension, leading to dysfunction, dysfunction of human organs, especially sympathetic nerves, secretion of catecholamines, adrenaline systemGrowth, metabolic growth, elevated body temperature, deeper breathing, faster heartbeat, higher blood pressure, faster decomposition of glycogen, and other physiological changes.

If this phenomenon is not corrected in time, it can fall into psychological crisis such as heart palpitations, insomnia, headache, dizziness and loss of appetite.

If you continue to develop, you can induce mental illness, neurosis, premature aging, amenorrhea, impotence; due to immune function decline, it is easy to induce various diseases.

  These famous Zen masters of the Tang and Tang Dynasties, Shou Xingshi Xiqian, in the form of prescriptions warned the secrets of the health and longevity of the world.

He pointed out: “A good belly, a compassionate heart, gentle half-two, reason three points, the letter is important, straight in the middle, filial piety, honest one, vain all use, convenient and not too much.

” Take the method:” This medicinal happy pot stir fry, do not focus, do not lick, go to the fire three points, grind in the equal pot, think twice, six pineapple honey for the pill, such as Bodhi big, each into threeService, regardless of time, use the soup to send.

If you can take it as such, you will not be sick.

Avoid voicing, profit has damaged people, belly poisoning, laughing knife, two snakes, flat winds – seven pieces above, speed must be ringed.”

Counting the harm of female palace cold to the body, can not be underestimated

Counting the harm of female palace cold to the body, can not be underestimated


The chronic virulence disease inherent in the uterus causes signs of uterine cold in women.

The uterus is the place where menstruation and gestational glucose are produced. It is also the necessary passage for sperm to reach the fallopian tube and the egg. The uterine disease causes the cold of the palace to affect the normal endocrine of the female reproductive system. The giraffe affects the normal menstruation, causing irregular menstruation.It affects the normal combination of *** and eggs, making it impossible to form fertilized eggs.

It also affects the normal growth and development of fertilized eggs after implantation in the uterus.

Thereby affecting normal fertility.


Chronic debilitating diseases of the fallopian tubes (such as long-term fractures of the fallopian tubes, patency, adhesions, effusion, gas accumulation, distortion, interference, etc.) are also likely to lead to irregularities in the function of the fallopian tubes, and even the fallopian tubes completely lose their normal functions.This is very likely to occur due to tubal disease factors caused by palace cold.

The fallopian tube is the place where the egg and the *** meet and combine. Under normal circumstances, the combined fertilized egg passes through the peristaltic action of the fallopian tube to assist the fertilized egg to run from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity.

The cold caused by tubal disease factors, due to the decline of the function of the fallopian tube itself, the role of the end of the fallopian tube (umbrella) picking up the “egg” and the normal action of the end of the fallopian tube have been affected, thus ultimately leading to the egg and *** can not be well combined, or even unable to combine to form fertilized eggs, nor can it normally transport the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity through the creeping action of the fallopian tubes, which will inevitably affect normal fertility reproduction.


Chronic diseases of ovarian cancer (especially ovarian dysplasia, ovarian dysfunction, follicular dysplasia, egg dysplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, ovulation disorders, hypofunction, etc.) are most likely to cause female reproductive functionDecline, as well as the imbalance of female internal secretion function, cause women’s palace cold, ovary is the main gonad organ of women, its main function is ovulation and secretion of female hormone, which is the normal reproductive function and endocrine function of ovary.

Palace cold caused by many diseases of ovarian cancer directly leads to a decline in normal reproductive function of hypertension, and also has a direct impact on the normal function of the entire female reproductive system, resulting in a decrease in the overall function of the reproductive system.

The uterus of the Chinese medicine is damaged, the lack of warming and stagnation, and the deficiency of kidney qi is the reason. Because of the low function caused by hypertensive uterine cold, it directly affects the normal ovulation function of the ovary, affecting the normal endocrine function and causing ovulation disorders.Or not ovulation, promote the decline of female hormone levels, thereby affecting normal menstruation, affecting women’s normal fertility.

Stretch to optimize your anti-aging care

Stretch to optimize your anti-aging care

In his early 20s, the skin is in the best condition and enters the younger age.

However, after the age of 25, the role of scaffolding in human skin, the factors that maintain skin elasticity and deep moisturizing collagen synthesis begin to decrease, and the activity of skin protein is gradually reduced, which means that the aging of the skin is already unknowingly.it has started!

Therefore, skin anti-aging care should be officially divided from the age of 25, otherwise it will be half the effort to wait for the formation of wrinkles.

  The facial aging is mainly characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, spots, large pores, tarnishing, rough skin and lack of elasticity.

The 25- to 29-year-old phase is the key to controlling skin aging, especially when it comes to the eyes, around the chin and around the corners of the mouth, as these are the areas where the fine lines are most likely to appear.

If the care is neglected, the fine lines will soon be found, and the correct way of care will rejuvenate the skin and delay the aging of the skin.

Young skin is anti-aging and is now in action.

  Delaying the aging of the skin should be based on prevention, good habits to help you delay aging: 1.

Prevent wrinkles in the body.

The wrinkles on the front indicate the aging of the body, and only the internal and external fit can really prevent wrinkles.

Doctors believe that taking the right amount of vitamin E can effectively resist aging.


Initial sun protection.

Sunlight is the culprit of wrinkles, and daily sun protection will reduce the aging phenomenon.


The right amount of exercise, rest and a balanced diet are the unchanging rules for keeping your skin shiny and beautiful.


enough sleep.

From 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, when the metabolism of skin cells is most vigorous, the nutrients in the anti-wrinkle products will be best absorbed.


Wash your face with lukewarm water, wash and dry with a towel.


Workers with dry or neutral skin, or long-term air-conditioned space, should especially strengthen the dual work of moisturizing and moisturizing.


The best way to prevent skin aging is to use your finger cleaning. Your best cleaning tool is the most important replacement for young skin care.

Some girls don’t wear makeup without makeup, so they don’t have to use makeup remover, just wash their face with face soap or facial cleanser.

However, cleansing milk can help eliminate excess keratin to ensure cleansing and dead skin.

Young skin usually has a strong oil secretion, and the pores are relatively large and easy to accumulate dirt.

If the cleaning is not good, it is easy to cause acne, acne, blackheads, dark complexion and other skin problems.

  Thoroughly cleansing the skin does not mean that the richer the foam, the better the cleaning effect. In fact, the surfactant and soap will have some stimulation to the skin, so avoid excessive cleaning and cause a lot of sebum loss to the skin, causing the skin.Dry and rough.

In addition, cleansing aids such as cleansing cotton, cleansing brush, cleansing towel, etc., improper use may damage the skin and make it rough.

In fact, your finger is the best cleaning tool, only it can correctly sense the state of the skin.

  The skin is moist, it is shiny. Keeping the skin moist is the correction of the skin’s moisturizing and radiant. It plays an important role in maintaining the nutrition of the skin, preventing the skin from drying and wrinkles.

Moisturizing lotion is naturally the first choice, but the choice of lotion must not be too greasy, moisturizing effect can not be bad, it is best to choose some specifically for younger skin, more refreshing moisturizing lotion.

Apply moisturizer to the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, lower jaw, etc., gently massage with fingertips until absorbed.

  Using a spray to replenish the skin while still achieving a soothing and calming effect, it feels soft and refreshed, which is a smart and good way.

However, in order to let the skin absorb more moisture, it can be sprayed alternately or let the water drops stay on the skin for a long time.

When the water evaporates, the salt crystallized from the surface of the skin will absorb water from the inside of the skin, which will take away the moisture inside the skin. For a long time, the skin will be dehydrated.
Therefore, the spray water only needs to stay in the skin for 30 seconds, then it should be lightly dried and then applied to the moisturizer.

  Do daily maintenance, special care for the daytime, pay attention to the repair and strengthening of the water surface lipid film on the skin surface, choose the sole of the foot, good quality, add moisturizing ingredients, protective day cream is very important.
In the evening, the eye is the focus of night maintenance. When choosing eye care products, try to moisturize and hydrate as much as possible. On the face, use moisturizing and nourishing night cream.

When applying moisturizing products, let them slowly penetrate into the skin and gently massage with the middle finger. Excess cream and vigorous “massage” will cause skin relaxation and pigmentation.

Excessive force will destroy the structure of the skin, causing slack and wrinkles to occur in advance. Therefore, the massage must be in the direction of the skin itself, and the lighter middle finger and ring finger should not cause skin burden.

When getting a massage, in order to get a better feel, we often use a lot of skin care products. After the massage, the remaining cream will not be wiped off, but instead sleep directly. In a sense, the skin is forced to stop breathing., causing redness and pigmentation.

  Lip balm, containing waxes, oils, starches and lipohydrates, often contains vitamins and UV-blocking ingredients to protect the skin and protect the sun. In the morning and evening, feel the lips at any time.Dry it and use it.

Essence or rose essential oil. If the skin is very sensitive and dry, it is best to apply a highly nourishing active cell serum or rose essential oil before applying the night cream to prevent skin aging, anti-wrinkle, deep nourishment and regeneration.Dry skin.

  “Stretching” to optimize your anti-aging care Whether it is daily maintenance or special care, you can’t do without a certain beauty product.

In order to melt the efficacy, comfort and use, and to achieve the best effect of anti-aging skin care, it is recommended that you always apply a “stretch” in the same direction when applying the product evenly to massage the skin, and push it from bottom to top to prevent it.The skin is sagging.

  At the throat area, spread the cream or lotion with the palm of your hand and wipe the transparent and gentle film from the chin to the side.

In the same way, spread the cream or lotion in the same way, hold the palm from the center of the face to the corners, and gently lift the skin to counteract the effect of gravity.

The forehead requires an additional approach: horizontal fine lines need to gently spread the care product from the eyebrows up to the hairline.

In the triangular area, first massage upwards, then spread out to the corners, and gently press a few times to promote complete absorption.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the skin on the face, so when using eye cream, gently spread the eye cream with your fingertips and wipe it from the inner corner of the eye to the temple.

Use the tapping and finger pressure of the fingertips to promote circulation and accelerate the absorption of eye cream.

If you simply “meat the massage” around the eyes, it will easily lead to the loss of elastic fibers, leaving the skin slack and small lines.

  A young renovation project from the inside out is certainly the number one enemy of young skin, but the accumulating pressure of life makes the skin more likely to lose and its own brightness and elasticity, and scientific and regular living habits can help you more effectivelyResist the traces of time.

Therefore, beauty products are just a substitute for skin anti-aging, and more importantly, we should carry out a young transformation project inside the body!

  A cup of soy milk every day, timely supplement the body to accelerate the loss of estrogen and calcium; eat more apples or tomatoes, so that rich vitamin C can inhibit the skin’s oxidation and prevent pigmentation; often take a hot bath, relax tight muscles andNerve; raise your legs before going to bed, relieve blood circulation caused by prolonged prolonged or sitting posture; go to bed before 11 o’clock in the evening, etc., so that the skin can be fully soothed and relaxed, emitting fascinating brilliance from the inside out.

Apply a hot towel to ease your blood pressure

Apply a hot towel to ease your blood pressure

Stomach pain, use a hot water bottle for a while; a stiff neck, hot compress the neck . It can be said that hot compress has become a common auxiliary treatment for the family.

  Professor Li Yuehua, director of the Center for Geriatrics of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that hot compresses can improve the temperature of the affected part, dilate the subcutaneous blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, and accelerate the metabolism of local tissues, which is conducive to disease recovery.

  It can improve the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability of the tissue and make the inflammation disappear.

Thoroughly promote drug absorption and enhance drug efficacy.

Such as the early stage of the needle eye, bacterial infectious keratitis, eye contusion, etc., through the hot compress, can significantly relieve pain, and also have adjuvant treatment for cataract, glaucoma.

  Ear diseases such as hearing loss, tinnitus, and hot compress can also help, it can promote ear and head blood circulation and improve hearing.

Head diseases such as high blood pressure headaches, dizziness, etc., hot compress can relieve symptoms.

  Some diseases of the elderly.

Such as eye disease, ear disease, head disease, hot compress effect are better.

Commonly used hot compress methods are: wet heat method, soak the towel in the heat of about 50 seconds, wring it out, cover the surface of the skin with a layer of gauze or apply Vaseline, then apply a hot towel to the wet towel.

Dry hot compress method, commonly used hot water bottle.

Fill 1/2 to 2/3 of hot water with a hot water bottle, drain the air, tighten the stopper, wrap it with a cloth or towel, and place it in a place where heat is needed.

However, the penetration of dry heat is not as good as the damp heat method.

  Apply heat to the eyes to relieve fatigue.

Can lightly close your eyes, apply a hot towel to your eyes, keep breathing naturally and relax.

However, it is necessary to adjust the heat transfer water frequently to maintain a sufficient temperature.

The fumigation method is also suitable for eye heat.

You can pour about 40 inches of hot water into the cup and close your eyes to the eye.

Add hot water and anti-inflammatory Chinese herbal medicines such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and honeysuckle to the hot water.

  Apply cerebellum to relieve dizziness.

You can put a hot towel on your forehead for 5 minutes, twice a day, to penetrate the brain, and it is effective for dizziness and high blood pressure common in the elderly.

Old people with headaches or hot foreheads, temples, resets, etc., 3 to 5 times a day for 20-30 minutes.

  Heat your ears and improve your hearing.

First cover the ears with a hot towel, change the other side after a few minutes, repeat 5 times, 2 times a day.

  But not any old man is suitable for hot compresses.

Li Yuehua introduced that facial triangle infection, various organ bleeding, soft tissue contusion, sprain, skin eczema should be contraindicated.

In addition, cold compress can make blood vessels contract, reduce local congestion, relieve pain, apply to nose bleeding, soft tissue severe contusion, early joint sprain and brain injury, cerebral hemorrhage, high fever headache.

If you feel uncomfortable or painful when doing cold compresses, stop immediately. The cold compress time should not be too long, 20 minutes.

Lidong health care should eat more nuts

Lidong health care should eat more nuts

Experts reminded that according to folk customs, the day of “Lidong” should be supplemented to enhance physical fitness, so that in the cold winter, talents will not be afraid of cold.

People can get health care through diet.

  Wang Guozhen, the chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that the Lunar New Year is used to start the winter as the beginning of winter. After entering this season, all the activities of the heavens and the earth tend to stop and prepare to lie in the winter.

The natural world is also characterized by yin and yang decline. After that, the temperature is lowered, the cold is attacking, the yang is hidden, the yin is extremely strong, and the human body’s yang is easily damaged, so it is necessary to pay attention to protect the yang after the winter.

At the same time, “Lidong” is also the best time for people to make up for the year, just to recharge their batteries and prepare for the second year.

  Experts pointed out that Lidong’s health should be quiet, mentally optimistic, rational use of the brain, and maintain a good attitude.

To protect yang, do not over-consume yin.

In the daily nursed back to health, regular sleep, get up early, ensure a long sleep, avoid overwork, and pay attention to the front to keep warm in order to facilitate yang potential.

At the same time, moderate exercise, such as doing exercises, walking, etc.

To abstain from sex and reduce sexual intercourse.

  Eat more beef and mutton and eat less seafood. After the winter, people still have to follow the principle of “autumn and nourish yin” in the diet, and eat some foods that nourish yin and yang, such as mulberry, longan, soft-shelled turtle, black fungus and so on.

Diet should be light, eat more high food in the body, eat more fresh vegetables to avoid vitamin deficiency, eat more protein, vitamins, foods with high cellulose content.

Beef, mutton, black-bone chicken, soy milk, milk, radish, green vegetables, fungus, tofu, celery, white radish, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, spinach, apples, longan, etc. are all suitable diets after winter.

  In addition, winter health can eat more nuts, nuts refers to more oily seed foods, such as peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and so on.

  At the same time, it is necessary to eat less cold food such as seafood, not to eat fatty or salty foods, eat less foods with high sugar content.

Experts also introduced that if you want to eat, you can eat black sesame porridge, Cordyceps duck soup, etc., can help liver and kidney, nourishing yin and yang.

Daily elderly care knowledge

Daily elderly care knowledge

(1) How to carry out air cleaning and disinfection1.

Always open the window to ventilate, let the air circulate, and germs discharge the building.

Each ventilation conversion is expected to be 30 minutes.

  2.Fumigation method: 5-10 ml of vinegar per square meter, add 1-2 times of water.
Or formalin 40 ml with water 60 ml, close the door and window and heat up to evaporate.

  (2) How to clean and disinfect the items1.

Wash with soap and detergent, rinse off with water.


Sun exposure method: The sun contains ultraviolet rays, and it can be disinfected for 3 to 6 hours.


Boiling method: boiling can make the protein of the bacteria quickly coagulate and degenerate. After 15 to 20 minutes, it can kill the general pathogens. The time of disinfection should be calculated after the water is boiled, and the items should be completely immersed in the water.

Conditional use of household pressure cooker disinfection, from the start of the control valve to generate steam, disinfection for 20 minutes can kill all pathogenic microorganisms, suitable for items that are not afraid of damp heat, high temperature.


Soaking method: Soak the item in 2% succulent, 70% alcohol or chlorpheniramine solution for 30 minutes.


The vomit of the old man, the excrement can be stirred twice with lime, and then poured into the toilet after 2 hours; the sputum of the old tuberculosis can be spit on cardboard or wrapped in paper to burn.


Wiping method: Wipe with 1%-3% of the bleaching supernatant (ie, the clear water after the bleaching powder is precipitated) to inactivate the enzyme in the bacteria and die.

  In addition, after contact with the elderly, wash your hands with soap before and after meals; the old people’s tableware, cups, utensils, etc. should be used exclusively, washed separately, and placed separately after disinfection.

Four steps to improve digestion

Four steps to improve digestion

People who usually want to gain weight are all who can’t eat fat.

Obviously this is due to digestion and the absorption system has gone wrong.

Therefore, if you want to restore normal weight, you must improve your stomach and improve the absorption function of the digestive system, so you can successfully gain weight.

  In addition, some people are too thin because of poor appetite.

Especially for children in development, it is easy to eat a lot of snacks because they eat too much, and they can’t absorb the supplemented nutrients well; if they are not eating for a long time, they will lead to malnutrition and become thinner.

Therefore, the specific methods of fatliquoring are to solve the gastrointestinal problems, improve digestion and absorption, increase appetite, and gradually return to normal weight.

  改善消化的[步骤]  一、首先,养成每日排便的习惯。The platoon can activate the vitality of the whole body and drive the operation of the digestive system. Once the digestive system is smooth, the absorption capacity will follow normal; the nutrient absorption is enough, and naturally there will be extra to supplement the body weight.

If initially included, the appetite will also be included in the decline.

  Second, eat more crude fiber vegetables at lunch and dinner, eat more crude fiber foods that help the gastrointestinal motility, so that you can use the food to excrete, slowly develop the habit of defecation before going to bed.

For example, eat kelp, black fungus, lotus root, asparagus, bamboo shoots, spinach, sweet potato leaves and so on.

  Third, eat some sweet potatoes between meals. Eating sweet potato soup between meals is a way to adjust the stomach.

Sweet potatoes are rich in minerals and oligosaccharides, which can both alleviate the chronic sensation without generating too much heat.

Moreover, oligosaccharides can promote the internal active bacteria to be more active and maintain the balance of microorganisms inside the large intestine.

When the initial ecological balance is restored, the beneficial bacteria will be more than harmful bacteria, and the absorption and excretion functions of the entire digestive system will become normal.

  Fourth, properly eat yogurt according to your physical condition, eat yogurt properly, 1-2 times a day.

In addition to being able to replenish rich protein, it also promotes smooth excretion.

Older people improve their appetite and absorb adequate nutrition.