But he is also far from the 槐。

When the vicinity and red dye arrive,Sustains and blood demon expressions have changed。
“You are kidnapped?”槐 抽 抽 扭。
“We know each other。”
At this time, the blood demon is not,He picked the kung fu to talk to Zhou.,I saw him in his legs and rushed to the night.,Vibrating the double wing is very difficult,It’s all the sound of wings in the air.。
槐 is not afraid of him to run,Continue http://www.fuwangv.cn to ask:“You know?Before I have, you still know other monsters.?”
Zhou:“I met my childhood.。”
Next to the red dye look at the direction of the blood demon,Gently mention the cane and go to the ground。
Wings stop。
Ohize,Blood demon dropped from the sky。
Zhou pays attention to the moment in the cane,槐 is also low,Close eyes,Then shake your head,It seems that some discomfort。
Red dyeing continues with the top of the cane,She turns slightly,But look toward the sequin:“It is you,槐。”
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 46 Dyeing
“You don’t know me.!”槐。
“What’s wrong?”Red dyed。
“I am waiting for you here.!”槐 序,“Waiting for someone who knows me!”
“You just woke up.。”
“Wake up for a year。”
“I have a lot of words to ask you.。”
“You have to disappointed,I http://www.hhhtlxs.cn just know you.,Be unpleasant,But you are something in me.。”Red dye,“Waiting for me to take the stop,Let people send it to you.,Maybe you can help you。”
“Then why is my things in you??”
“Others gave me。”
“Minggong,who is it?”
“Your relationship is intimate,He is old,Probably so high,Be more thin……But you can’t think of it, I don’t use it.,I don’t know where he is.,You can’t take you to see him.,Are you still coming slowly。”
“Do you have a photo?”
“Why do he give you?”
“Maybe because I……”Red dyeing packed cane,Lightly turned into a circle in your hands,“Temporary?”
槐 序 序。
After a moment,He is 咕咚 声 口水。
Next to it, I have left it.。
Red dye laughs,Put down the cane:“Temporary generation,Temporary,do not panic,Waiting for the temple,http://www.thlcz.cnI have to go back.。Not a good thing。”
At this time, the blood demon stepped back,He is dripping black blood,Scarlet eyes are inkodritic,Straight hook stares on red dyed hands one meter long cane。