Li Hui saw the eyes of the opponent’s grievance,The instinctive took the other party into his arms.。

Willow sweet, want to break free,But the euro is coming from Li Hui’s soft voice.。
“Sweet sister,sorry。”
This sound is sorry to completely let the hearts of the willow with their body.。
At the same time, the tears of the eyes were once again fell on the shoulders of Li Hui Feng.。
“Sweet sister,I actually have a lot of things to look at you.,Today, I want to talk to you.。”
“But,Sweet sister can not be gone?”
“Um,You said.,You are a few women, I know.。”
Willow sweet, let Li speak directly to the wind.。
“Forehead,Sweet sister knows how many?”
“Yup,Follow your sister flower,There is also the secretary of Shen Tian Si,Plus the boss to eat tonight,I don’t know this.。”
“Sweet sister,How did you know?”
How did Li speaks from the wind? He thinks that he thinks it is very good.,Actually, so easy to know the willow sweet。
“Is this still asked me??
There should be no few people in your village, don’t know.?
It’s just that they don’t say your face.。”
Will be so sweet,Li Hui Feng also understands。
I immediately smiled。
“Sweet sister,Among them, I still like people in North China.,There is also a woman who changed my life.,Just I can’t find her.。”
Willow sweet is the gossip,She is in fact, there are some people who have nothing to do with Li Xiang.。
But this time,Li Hui is completely recognized in her face.,This makes her have some unknown measures.。
She has always known that Li Hui’s will have another woman.,After all, Li is so good.,But I never thought that Li Hui has a lot of women.。
“Then they know my existence??”
Ask this,Willow sweet, don’t know what you are thinking.。
“At present, you will know your existence.,I am going to say it for this time.。”
Li Hui Feng has a consideration for a long time for this matter.。
“Then if they don’t agree with my existence??”
Willow sweetness after seeing Xu Ru,I have no previous kind of arrogant in my heart.。
Originally for Zhao Xiaoli with Zhao Xiaoling, she feels that she is not a matter of two.。
It is against Shang Han Shanshan,She doesn’t feel much better than my mature charm.,But Xu Ruzhen’s appearance,But let her understand that it is too much to be too much than the other party.。
The first thousand five hundred and fifteenth chapter
“Forehead,Why do you have this worry??”
Li Huihe heard the words of Liu Xu’s words,Suddenly I found out,Whether you are with?,He didn’t do it very well.。
Even the most basic security is not given。

Driving like this might be too tired,Xia Jian asked gently:“Who owns this car,As if it was just proposed?”

“From my dad,It’s only been more than a week,I let Bu Ting run in for two days,It just came in handy today。I think this space shouldn’t be said!”Gu Yue stared at the front,Speak softly。
Xia Jian couldn’t help sighing:“This space is absolutelyOK,I think you drive very easily,A good car is different”Xia Jian was talking like this,Thinking in my heart,Rich people are different,Buy hundreds of thousands of cars,It feels like a poor man changing clothes。
The night is getting deeper,The two women behind are silent,Probably fell asleep,Gu Yue snorted coldly:“Two lazy pigs,And said they can’t sleep,Will speak with me,I fell asleep just now。Thank you for coming,Otherwise this car really can’t drive“
“Or stop in front,Let me drive,You take a break!“Xia Jian said softly。
Gu Yue shook his head and said:“The road is far,We drove for four hours alone,Change as soon as you reach the service area,In this case, everyone is not tired,Also safe。It’s ten o’clock,The next service area may be like 12 o’clock,You open,I will rest in the back“
“Ok“Xia Jiangang responded,I felt the phone vibrate in my pocket,It should be a text message。
Xia Jian took out the phone,Open the lid and have a look,It was sent by Yao Junli“build!My mood is very bad,Can you come to the hotel?“
Xia Jian has a look,I couldn’t help but shrink,Look at this trouble,Why did you forget Yao Junli?,Isn’t he going back tomorrow??
Xia Jian thought for a while,Then returned a message“Sorry,I just returned to the dorm,The boss called me to goYNBusiness trip,On the way now”
It’s been a while since the message was sent,He just received Yao Junli’s reply“Got it,Bon Voyage!”It can be seen from this information,Yao Junli is very unhappy,But I am indeed on the way,There is no alternative。
Watching the flashing lights outside the window,There are little stars in the sky,Xia Jian couldn’t help thinking,Why do people do this?Except for work,And deal with the complicated feelings,If people have no emotions and desires,He can’t figure it out,What will this world look like。
To the service area,Gu Yue drove the car in,Then shouted to the back:“Arrived!Almost getting up!“
Xia Fei and Chen Jing hurriedly sat up,Xia Fei rubbed her eyes and asked:“Where did you go?Will not have arrivedYNIs it!I don’t think you can fly at this speed.!“
“Get off!Really two pigs,Also said to speak with me,Fell asleep shortly after getting in the car“Gu Yue smiled and scolded and jumped out of the car。She stretched a long waist under the car,I can see that she is still very tired。
Chen Jing yawned and said:“I’m so embarrassed to say that we are asleep,Just a handsome guy,You won’t let him talk to us,Then we won’t sleep and listen to you two whispering,So sorry“
Xia Fei followed,The two masters made fun of Gu Yue。Xia Jian got out of the car,When I saw the word restaurant,I remembered that he hadn’t eaten yet,No wonder he always feels weird in his stomach,It was empty。
“Let’s eat something before leaving!“Xia Jian invites everyone。

This person,After Li Ming was introduced to the extermination meeting,Inquired a lot of relatively public information。

And in this information,There is this genius who claims to be among the top three in Lei Yuan Small World for nearly a thousand years。
The Wizard of Meng,After worshipping into Buddhism, cut off the family name,Self-named Buddha Sword。
It is also second only to the Demon Society to resist the Saito organization—Member of the Pure Land Society。
Pure Land Society,Taking Buddhism as its purpose,But the specific thing is to get rid of Saito,The purpose of returning to the pure land of Lei Yuan’s small world。
The second soul of the Buddha sword waved,The light of the sword penetrated directly into the cultivator of the Purple Mansion in the city lord’s mansion。
An instant,A total of seventeen cultivators of the Purple Mansion fell instantly。
“You two,Also hurry up!”Although the monks of the Qi Teng clan hurt their killers,But he is very friendly to people of the same camp,Directly open to the second、Said the two Assassins of Qingling Demon Slayer:“Once i show up,Saito’s fairy will definitely come soon,You two get out of here now。Don’t be affected by me。”
And Li Ming didn’t stay much,He casts escape,Quickly followed the scarlet spaceship。
Chapter Twenty Four Kill the soul
In the Scarlet Spaceship。
If Seven City Lord Meng Ju took out a porcelain bottle from the storage space,Pour out a bloody pill and take it,The left arm that was severed by himself quickly recovered。
Body recovered,But the shock of the soul is not so easy to recover,The cold in the eyes still has uncontrollable fear!

Zhou Ye, I have a smile in WeChat.:“There is this bad thing in the future.,Remember to add me 喔。”

Such easy money,Don’t earn simple fool!
No wonder Xu Lu asked Zhou Ye, I don’t want to get rich.!
Now it seems,This words are unexpected.!
I don’t know what kind of facts in my own patients in the ward.,Zhou Ye is in512I am also assured in the conference room.。
When the charter during the stage,Zhong Changsi had a few times and went back to see Yao Ye.,And look at him faint。
Zhou Niwu has some don’t understand this laugh.。
He looked at Zhong Chang Si’s face.,A batch of virtual。
“I am.。”Bai Hong suddenly stood up。
Zhou Ye watched the phone,I found that it is five o’clock.。
“what!Have already got off work?”He smashed his own temple,Some fatigue。
Zhou Yewu and Baihong’s position is。
And he is sitting in the corridor。
Therefore, when Baihong went out before Wang Ye,He has the opportunity to make a soft encouragement“come on”。
But Baihong does not seem to react……
Wait until Baihong is going on stage,Zhou Jixu found that the sister of this third part was still tight than himself.。
Speech,The intermittent renewal has completed the content you have to talk.。
Zhou Ye, sneaked with a book of Bai Hong。
“《How is not nervous?》。”He widened his eyes。
She actually?
I didn’t think I didn’t think about Wan Ye.,He also thought that he only had himself in the entire venue.,I didn’t expect Baihong.。
It turns out that Baihong is also a girl who will be handless.,For this lecture, it is also prepared for a long time.,Moreover, I have bought the book to overcome the tense.……
Baihong still stands on the stage,Severe extent of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,Suddenly stayed。
She seems that I can’t do what I have to say.。
Zhou Ye I shot the brain,Think“Finish”!
Here, Zhou Ji can’t give her ate.!
He is busy standing up.,Pretend to ask questions:“Hello,I have a question!”
Everyone instantly shifted his eyes from Baihong to Wenyu.。
“Bother!Is this not a bald guy who just lecture??”Someone is funny。
Bai Hong saw Zhou Yixun stood up and ask questions,It’s also slightly.。、
But with Yau Ye stood up, I attracted everyone’s attention.,She doesn’t seem to be so nervous.!
In fact, the source of tension is that the next pair of eyes will look at you.!
No one is staring at Bai Hong now,She is naturally not afraid.。
This is also the trick of Zhou Ye.!
See this trick,Zhou Niwu is also rushing to ask questions.。

Spirit cane method,An enemy“two”Nothing to fall!

However, this spiritual snake cane method is the most dangerous,It is two snakes to explore、Bite the opponent,Particularly raised,More stronger than the ordinary snake,And when I tried,Its Ouyang Feng will also protect the snake stick,Ming strength unless it can break the true gas of Ouyang Feng,Otherwise, you can’t hurt the two disks on the cane.。
So a very common master and Ouyang Feng pass,Be careful,Leave three points to kill the strength of the snake!
The Chu Deiren did not think this.,Still full,Ouyang Feng snorted,After there is a hop to scatter the sulk swords of the sulk’s right hand.,Take advantage of Chu Defire,Secretly,The double snake on the stick is like a signal,From extremely moving,Quickly popping up to Chu Deirers!
And if you can see the power,It can be found that these two snakes are explored so fast,In addition to its own factors,It is also because they borrow Ouyang Feng’s breath.,Ouyang Feng’s shake,The internal force also stimulates the body of the two snakes……
But just at this time,Chu Deirers just changed their left hand,Boxing,Grassed,Suddenly a huge suction,The two snakes can’t help but they are the force.,Also reverse the other side,Later……Have the left hand and chemical claws,Forcibly unload strength!
Be right,At this time, the left hand of the Chu Deirers,Entirely“Returning”A series of martial arts,And the right hand is“North”A series of martial arts。
Because“Chaotic work”Basic achievement,When the Chu Deiren was closed,Also determined,will“Swim”and“Seven magical rainbow finger”Integrate,And guided by your own awareness under merits,Rebudes the nature of Northern Mercury……
At the same time“Small return”and“Plastic star Dafa”、“Empty punch”Integrate——The same consciousness also guides,Mainly“Unload strength”Directional deduction!
The fusion results are basically satisfied with the Chu Deirers.,only……After equipped with both,Chu Deirers also found“Three points return”Another limitations。
That is Zhongdan and Shangdantian,Extended“Technique”Equipment bar,It is not possible to equip other martial arts.,Only can be filld by China Dantian and Shangdantian“gas”Accompanied“Technique”。
Fortunately, Chu deer fused“North”and“Returning”,Also coming with it“Technique”Nature of internal strength……
Because it is integrated into seven-magical rainfly,Under the kingdom, there are also many ways to finish.,It is very popular with a six-stage sword.!
But“Left and right patron”Role,It must also be a north martial arts.、A kind of martial arts,Can use it at the same time、Uninterrupted——This is not as good as“Left and right patron”flexible。
Chu Deirers are now hand in hand with Ouyang Feng,It is also only the first trick.“Small dragon turtle”——That is from Dantian,Chaotic analogy to simulate the palm of the fairy,After that, the left hand and the right hand of the right hand are“Returning”and“North”of。
楚 人“Three points return”,Not only“Left and right patron”,Now Chu Deirers,It is the top three Dantian cycles in the middle,Xia Dan Tian is chaos、Zhongdan is North、Shang Dangtian is the return……
Now the Chu Deirers’ Tanzhan is“North”,Corresponding to the boundless accumulation and expansion;Mud Pills is“Returning”,Symbolic endless accommodation and elimination……Both can be said to be complementary,Embedding“Chaotic work”Comes with two“Dantian”Later,Self-constrained effect,Even than the deer people imagine!
therefore“Three points return”Not weakening“Left and right patron”,Apical“Left and right patron”Outside the effect,“Three points return”There are other capabilities……
Chapter 36 Struggle
North Ming in Taoist Legend,It is the end of the North Sea、Sunshine can’t,It also refers to an endless ocean,Reflecting the most primitive worship of humans on the ocean。
And the return of the Taoist legend,It is the east of the East China Sea,One of the bottom of the sea,Endless sea water will be added here,Genzaire does not know water circulation,Just see the water of thousands of rivers,Irront the sea,The sea is not rising up.,So I imagined such a place。
Today’s Chu Deirers will“North”and“Returning”,Sino-Dangtian embedded to interaction with Shang Dantian,Both self-contained circulation!
Chu Deirers now becomes the throne,Sulfed is a total of 90%“Returning”Re-absorb,and“Returning”Not only can suction、And you can absorb the dissolved heterogeneity,Although I can’t directly promote skills,In“North”In the middle,Can also accelerate Chu Deeng recovery……
Hey, play,Chu Deirers’ real consumption is extremely small,Only those who have effectively and Ouyang Feng can’t recycle,But at the same time, I will absorb Ouyang Feng’s qi.,I have almost excited consumption。
In addition, because of the alternation of the two,Effect of returning to the body,More stronger than before,I am almost uncomfortable, I am not bad.!
Just a slight difference between the two,“King Kong is not bad”Be really hard,and“Returning”It is a self-shifting force that is flowing in the whole body.“strength”。
Blunt、Internal force,“Returning”More effective,Changed to a true sword,Performance“King Kong is not bad”Worse。
In addition to《Plastic star Dafa》,“Returning”Even active unloading。
Normal unloading martial arts,It will be hit to your own attack.,“dial”Aside,And Chu Deirers can force the other party to attack、Even the other party does not attack, you can force the opponent’s heterogeneity.,Plug“Returning”Initiate!
Ouyang Feng is now facing such helplessness,I was really wrapped by Chu Deirers.,Not allow……
In fact, the internal force of the Chu Debans,Compared with Jinxian, there is also a gap——“Small chaotic work”Blend“Chaotic work”Time,Even if the nature is similar,It is still born in the nearly 20% of internal strength,After the Chu Deiren, I closed it three days and four nights.,After adding three times,Epiphany time is still more,Also, I’m experiencing twice.,This will replenish the original level.。
Compared with the golden immortality,Internal strength is weak,It can be said that the gap between Ouyang Feng and Zhou Botong is even greater.。
In“Three points return”Under the role,Be in trouble,Chu Dee people play with the body,Strength is already the body of Jinxian——This is already a lot to improve,After all, the original Chu deer originally only barely reached the first class.,Have only“sleep”Later,Be“First-class”Level。

It seems that the management ability of Trangote is very good.,Judging from the performance just now, he is also a courageous person。

Just this loyalty!
I guess who is the boss to go with。
“Trang, you are very nice,As long as you do things well under my hands,I won’t treat you badly!”
Talking,Leo throws out three potions。
Trangot immediately caught。
Just a moment,Trang’s eyes lit up:“This,This is the essence of life?And it’s the essence of life above the medium level?”
Leo is not surprised,The essence of life is no secret to the strong,It’s just that high-level life essence is hard to get。
The market price of this medium life essence is about 1 million Baileys,The most important thing is that there is no market,No one will sell it。
of course,Except for those prodigal Tianlong people。
Market value one million,But for many people, even 10 million people are willing to buy,This is a good thing that can directly increase strength。
“Your life level is in the sixth stage, right,This medium life essence is right for you,As long as you work hard,The essence of life will not be less than you!”
“Yes!”Trongot replied loudly。

He has to report this matter to Mr. Zang,He can’t be the master。

then,Fang Yu sat for a while。
I saw old man Zang coming out for a walk!
“Doctor Fang,Rarely you haven’t gone back yet……Let’s have a meal later!”Old man Zang smiled。
“Is not……actually, I……”
Fang Yu wants to decline。
But seeing the expression of old man Zang,Retracted that sentence。
After all, his situation,Can’t go out every day!
“Doctor Fang,You really only worked as a doctor for three years?”Mr. Zang asked。
There is a hint of expectation in his eyes!
“It was indeed three years at the People’s Hospital……But ten years ago, I learned ancient medicine from Master。”Fang Yu said honestly。
“Ten years of sharpening a sword!That’s it……”
Elder Zang was still hesitant。
Heard Fang Yu say this,No longer think about it。
This achievement in ten years,Very good!
“But my skill,Compared to my master……Still a lot worse!”Fang Yu waved his hand。
“Your master must be the kind of genius doctor……Otherwise, I can’t teach an apprentice like you!Do you like playing chess?”Old man Zang slowly said。

“You let this shit,I got angry”Meizi’s face changed,Said angrily。

Wang Youcai knows the nature of this woman,Obviously thought about it,Do it myself。But she just didn’t admit it,Really want to be**,The woman who wants to set up an archway。
“Ah!Be so careful now!Am I just kidding you?”Wang Youcai quickly changed the subject。
A plum,Looked around,Found no one here,He smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“go!Go home for tea”
“Not going!I’m afraid Chen Gui sees you and I get jealous again”Wang Youcai said he was leaving。
But what he didn’t expect was,Meizi boldly took his hand and said:“Chen Gui works overtime at night,It will be past nine o’clock in the evening to come back”
Wang Youcai became even more scared when he heard it,He has also learned how this woman is,Besides, the matter between him and Wang Lan left a shadow in his heart。I can’t follow this woman anymore today,In case something happens again,His reputation as Wang Youcai really stinks。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai broke free of Meizi’s hand and said:“No way!So many people came home,Wait for me to go back to eat,Next time you come to the city, I will treat you to dinner”
“Eat you big head,Don’t tell me if your phone is changed,Where can i find you”Meizi turned white and Wang Youcai said with a glance,She seems to be serious。
Wang Youcai is walking,Whispered:“You can go to my little clinic to find me”
“cut!I’m not sick”Meizi saw Wang Youcai like this。Twisted his butt exaggeratedly,Turned and went home。
When Wang Youcai came home,Yao Chunni and Song Fang are busy in the kitchen。It seems that Song Fang helped Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai felt a little better。
“Hey!Don’t hurry to go!Come and help us!A few dishes are cooked,You help bring it to the room”When Song Fang saw Wang Youcai,So he called him down。
Wang Youcai has no affection for Song Fang。And there is a bit of hatred between them。But she turned out to be her own sister-in-law,Wang Youcai has been upset about this。
Since Song Fang took the initiative to call him,He was too embarrassed to refuse。So Wang Youcai returned,Went into the kitchen。Yao Chunni is really capable,She wore a big mask on her mouth,Holding a big shovel and it’s frying。
This woman does housework for cooking,Never complained。And Wang Youcai also found,Yao Chunni’s cooking skills are pretty good。
“Hey king boss!How about going to your small clinic to work”Song Fang saw that Wang Youcai came in,He said quickly。
Wang Youcai glanced at Song Fang and said:“If you can sit for a doctor,Go to work tomorrow。Besides,Don’t mention it in front of me,Listening upset”Wang Youcai said,Picked up two plates of fried dishes and went into the room。
Wang Youfa and Wang Youdao are chatting,I’m ready tonight。They stood up immediately,Began to put a small dining table on the kang。Chen Yueqin also sat up at this time,She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Call your second wife,Let her bring the kids up to eat”

“I’m afraid it is you who will die!”A weak clone of Li Ming’s monster clan clone is far away‘attention’The three strongest。

The secret of talent of the avatar【Clone】,Can easily incarnate over ten thousand,At the same time, it can consume a clone without loss,Make the divine power directly return to any other deity。
Simultaneously,Every clone can be used【Void Snare】This secret technique,This secret technique can suppress the void,Can also be simple‘touch’Void,Explore everything around without changing the surrounding area。
And the scope of this field,Beyond the realm beast’s perception。
Whenever the world beast approaches,Li Ming directly dissipated the clone。
This makes Li Ming walk in the dark place easily,Probe everywhere。
Single Beast,I saw a thousand heads。
natural,I also saw the side that betrayed the original universe,The three strongest people in the world of beasts。
These three strongest seem to be powerful,But Li Ming understood that when the original universe was released【World of Jin】,Many of the strongest in the three reincarnation ages of the universe、Many lords of the original universe will have a sharp rise。
By the time,These three ninth-tier reluctantly strongest ones are nothing。
But the beast,But a real confidant。
“A total of more than1382Head Beast,Including412I’ve seen them fight,The strongest head surpasses the current giant axe,The weakest end is equivalent to my monster clan clone。”
“but,This is a pure attack power,The energy of the world beasts is completely opposite to the creatures bred in the universe,It’s hard to tell if you really fight!”
Li Ming is still very wary of the world beasts。
They were born on the same level as the original universe itself,Extremely powerful,And the world beasts that grow to the extreme need even a group of god king-level existences to resist。
Against the beast,To detect their news,He is also very serious。
This probe,Eight full years have passed。
“Dim place,Except for the most densely packed world beasts,I have surveyed the other over 90% of the area。That dense place,Observed in my field,There is almost one world beast per million kilometers,It’s almost like making dumplings!Single projection,There are over a million world beasts。”

“strange、strange,Really strange!”

Gu Rimou’s three strange things a year attract everyone’s attention,Chen Xiu asked curiously:“Master Gu,What’s weird?”
“According to your face and palmistry,You have a thin nose,Photo book with cloud,Thin nose,The head is sharp and bitter,Is easier to be poor;And your ears are bare and thin,This is from the photo book“Translucent ear”,This one must be one of the hardships of childhood luck。
Have your palmistry again,The gap between the fingers is large,This is a manifestation of not gathering wealth in physiognomy;There is no sensation in the palm,The whole palm is like dry wood,hard,Palmistry like this,It should be bad luck,Bad luck,Doomed to be poor!
But your Yintang shines、Palm wealth line is wide and long,This is the very rich palmistry。
And from the middle palace,Your current wealth is almost a windfall!
Really strange,How could there be such contradictory palmistry and face?”
Chen Xiu thought,Before I got the dragon jade pendant, I was really poor and white,So poor girlfriend Zhang Min has turned herself green,He was right when he said the hardship of childhood luck。
As for the windfall,It’s not wrong。
Most of my wealth now comes from extortion,Gu Hua first、There are also the wealth of the Shen family in Shacheng and the 500 million that burned the sky recently,As for the small fortune in the antique shop, it can almost be ignored。
It’s exactly the same as that of Luo Chuizi, who talks about cross talk and sells mobile phones.“Sell mobile phones without making money,Purely making friends。”
His antique shop is also making small money,It’s just a connection。
“Is there a contradiction in his mouth,It’s all because of the dragon jade pendant!”
“The dragon jade pendant not only changed my physique,Changed my luck?”
Although Yi Zhixing gave me the head of Longhushan to myself after his death,But Yi Zhixing doesn’t really believe in metaphysics.,Chen Xiu naturally didn’t believe it much。
I pulled my palm back and smiled:“Master Gu,Your face and palmistry are correct,I am still poor and white。”
Gu Rimou stared at Chen Xiu and shook his head.:“Do not……wrong,Your fortune line is now wide open,At least the net worth is not less than 2 billion.。If you are poor,worldwide99%People are poor!”
Chen Xiu is not embarrassed and smiles,I’m just polite,He really said all his family background。
“But let’s say that metaphysics is not credible,How does this old guy figure out my wealth?!”Chen Xiu is also strange。
As the host, Guo Yingdong said:“Master Gu,Don’t worry,Sit down and have a cup of tea。”