Briar family Rosaceae.

The fruit is famous, the flower name is Lily flower, and the name of Jiangsu medicinal material is white residual flower.

The fruit can be brewed, flowers, fruits, roots, stems, and are used for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual fruit: sour, warm, non-toxic.

Roots: bitter, astringent, cold, non-toxic.

  Ingredients Root bark contains sulfur, flowers contain volatile oils (for geraniol, vanillyl alcohol, etc.), fruits: contains rosate, pectin, vitamins C and P.

  Compounds in pharmacological fruits have a laxative effect.

  The function is the astringent medicine; the flower is an aromatic qi medicine, which cures stomach pain and gastric ulcer; the fruit has diuretic, menstrual flow, and edema.

  [急性肾炎,全身水肿、小便不利]  营实3-6克,红枣3个,水煎,一日2次分服。  [口舌糜烂]  蔷薇根煎浓汁,频频含漱。Root bark for winter and branches and leaves for summer.

Aphthous ulcers, those who do not wear for a long time, are effective.