“That’s right,Learn to learn clothing design after blue,People who can design such a beautiful dress will be great,I have to learn after blue and blue,Give yourself a lot of princess skirts。”The girl’s clear eyes are full of hope。

That time he,Look at the simple smile,Such happiness satisfaction。
Can you think of the rainy night,His heart will remorse,Self-blaming, you have to die.。
He is fast,Drink the wine,But there is no irritability of the heart.。
He has a deep breath,The slender figure suddenly got up,Go outside the door。
That long back,Enlightenment。
Muzi fought a TV,I only started eating now.,I also want to persuade Lu Hao who is injured to drink less wine.。
A piece of chicken has not been available in the mouth,Looking at the back of Lu Hao。His closed eyes closed,This ancestor,It’s really difficult to wait!
He put chicken in the mouth,Ok, a piece of chicken can also make him a little satiety.。
Grab the car key on the table,Just follow Lu Hao Cheng。
River City, a high-end restaurant!
Plentiful box,Recommended a crisp。
“cheers!”妍 妍 开 大 大。
Everyone respects the red wine in his hand.!
After the game is over,The three people have a blue and sorrow to celebrate.。
妍 妍 眯 的 的 蓝 蓝 蓝 蓝,Gaze,Soft temperature:“Congratulations on our baby’s piano competition first。”
“Thank you Mommy!Of course there is today,All the merits of Mommy。”Blue sneak smiles。
妍 妍 妍 妍 喜欢 他 叫 叫 叫 叫,He is sorry for her happy,Just called Mommy。
“Ouch!Our baby is sweet.。”妍 妍 眯,She after drinking wine,His face,Faced looks more charming。
She is happy in the blue and her little face.,The white little face left a mouthful in an instant。
Blue and blue, don’t care,Looking at my mother smiles。
Today’s game,He wrote it to your mother.。
She and her grandmother have three people.,Thanks for your hard work!
Blue Xin loves to knead his head。
Look at 妍,Ask:“瑾 妍,When are you going back to Fan??”
NS12chapter:The pain of the year is still fresh in her heart.
NS12chapter:The pain of the year is still fresh in her heart.
Xi Xi looked at Blue Xin,Charming and smiling:“Blue,Go back tomorrow,There is a child’s role tomorrow,Director is now,I have to come back tomorrow to go back to Fan City.,Before starting school,Make a shooting。”
Blue Xin’s distressed look at my son,“Ran Ran,Take it easy,Go back and listen to your grandmother.,Mother is coming back after a month。”
Blue and clear eyes look at my mother,The tender voice is pleasant:“Mom rest assured,Three brothers and sisters will obey。”
Blue Xin nodded。
妍 妍 微,It seems that it is not paying attention to it.:“Blue,Don’t worry,No, is there me??I am also 俊,Ran Ran,And Qiqi’s mummy,I will take care of them.,Don’t worry,focus on work,Jiang family is not good in these years,Already throw shares,I will also buy Jiangjia’s shares here.,Help you one arm。”
Colded to the unity of the dissatisfaction:“Blue,Don’t forget,And I,I will also observe the shares of Jiangjia’s shares.,I will buy it when I have a chance.。”
Blue Xin is grateful to look at the brothers and brothers。
She is blue, this life,The most owed is that their brothers have two people.。