Shu Guanglun: The value of red wine is precipitated from the life of wine

Shu Guanglun: The value of red wine is precipitated from the life of wine

The scarcity of wine determines that they are not ordinary commodities.

Wine has its life.

Therefore, the length and thickness of life are also important substitutes for wine investment.

  Text: Feng Qinghui’s afternoon in the warm sun, the Portuguese garden office with the obvious Liu Haisu painting, the first time I saw the legendary “Red Wine.”

In the Shanghai wine circle, probably no one does not know Shu Guanglun.

  Due to the initial love of wine, Shu Guanglun began to operate Xia Duo wine industry 12 years ago, and built the Portuguese Garden three years ago.

However, it is better to say that he is a wine merchant.

As he said, every bottle of wine has a taste that you can’t imagine. The beauty of the wine is subtle and subtle, and natural.

It is also this kind of art that originated from nature that gives wine the basis of an asset.

  Parker’s weather vane “Wine is not a commodity, it is impossible to produce without limit, and its scarcity determines that they are not ordinary goods.

“Wang Guanglun came.”

  France has a so-called AOC origin certification system, which determines that the maximum output of each winery is established.

For example, Lafite, with an annual output of about 280,000 bottles, some of which will be consumed by various consumers around the world, so the same year Lafite, the future must be less and less.

This is an alternative to premium wines as an investment.

  The wine world, Robert Parker’s rating, is a huge wind vane.

Since its inception, it has become an important factor affecting wine prices.

  From past data, for every 1 point increase in Robert Parker’s score, the price of the wine being reviewed will increase by about 7%.

When Robert Parker gave high scores to some wines with uncertainties, the price of these wines would grow rapidly.

For example, a wine in the US market called Screaming Eagle, which was about $300 in the US market before 1991. When Robert Parker was called a 100-point high, the wine quickly rose to $1,000.
  Of course, not the wine with higher scores is worth investing, and good wines also need good prices.

For example, Lafite in 2009 got a high score of 100.

So the price is getting crazy, and the price of today’s wine has risen from the initial 500 euros to 1,200 euros.

If it continues to soar, the price of the finished wine will not fall indefinitely.

There have been precedents in the past.

  From an investment perspective, price/performance is very important.

In 2000, Lafite, the wine was opened at $1,500 per bottle, and with a 99-point Latour, the price of the wine was only $995.

Until the same wine last year, Lafite’s market value is about 2,000 US dollars, while Latour is 1,500 US dollars, obviously Latour’s yield is higher.

  In 1982, a wine was initially scored at 99 points, and later revised to 100 points, and the price immediately rose three times.

In the same year, Margaux scored from 99 points to 94 points. Its price was only about $1,000, and the wines of several other wineries in the five major wineries have risen to the market value of 6,000 to 7,000 dollars.
  ”So investing in wine based on scores is still risky because the scores will change and investors should pay close attention to Rober Parker’s update of the scores.

“Xiao Guanglun said.

  Good vintage good price wine has its life.

Therefore, the length and thickness of life are also important substitutes for wine investment.

  Each wine has its drinking period, and some may only have 10 years, 20 years, and a good first-class winery, of which Lafite has a life span of more than 40 years.

The longer the length of life, the more space they have to preserve their value.

  Guanglun said that the main reason is the relationship between supply and demand. If a bottle of high-grade wine has a life span of 30 years, when its output is 1000 boxes, if it consumes 50 boxes per year, it will leave 500 boxes after 10 years.Things are rare, and the value will rise.

If the bottle has a life span of 50 years, then the value will be higher and higher.

  In addition to the length of life, cultural connotations are another label for wine.“A wine with a historical story or a literary style will naturally be more inclined.

For example, in the “Paradise Lost”, the male and female protagonists drink Margaux when they are in love, so in Japan, people have a high degree of recognition of Margaux.”

  The noble bloodline theory still builds the wine market.

The Paris Expo divided the wine on the left bank of Bordeaux into five grades, and the first-class winery became one of the nobles.

For example, in 1978, Petrus, even with only a poor 89 points, its price is more expensive than Montrose with 100 points.

The noble wine of the descent is active in the international market, and it is very easy to realize.

  ”So only buy the right wine, buy a good year, and of course have a good price to get a higher return.

“Xu Guanglun said,” However, the fun of wine can not be used to return a little.