It seems that the management ability of Trangote is very good.,Judging from the performance just now, he is also a courageous person。

Just this loyalty!
I guess who is the boss to go with。
“Trang, you are very nice,As long as you do things well under my hands,I won’t treat you badly!”
Talking,Leo throws out three potions。
Trangot immediately caught。
Just a moment,Trang’s eyes lit up:“This,This is the essence of life?And it’s the essence of life above the medium level?”
Leo is not surprised,The essence of life is no secret to the strong,It’s just that high-level life essence is hard to get。
The market price of this medium life essence is about 1 million Baileys,The most important thing is that there is no market,No one will sell it。
of course,Except for those prodigal Tianlong people。
Market value one million,But for many people, even 10 million people are willing to buy,This is a good thing that can directly increase strength。
“Your life level is in the sixth stage, right,This medium life essence is right for you,As long as you work hard,The essence of life will not be less than you!”
“Yes!”Trongot replied loudly。