The nurse who is giving him a sling,When I heard his words,Immediately his face sank:“Are you kidding about life,Surgery like yours,Can get out of bed in a month,It’s already a great thing,You still want to go home for the new year?”

“OK!If you get out of bed and stay on the ground, you can walk twice,I specifically approve you to leave the hospital,Wouldn’t it be better,I also want to go home for the New Year”Professor Wang stood at the door of the ward with an angry face,He has to come every day to see how Wang Cong is recovering,He didn’t expect Wang Cong’s words to be heard by him。
Wang Yihua couldn’t help but make a face,She has learned about Professor Wang’s greatness,Wang Cong is not looking for a joke,She couldn’t help but take care of Wang Cong。
“You are a famous military medical professor,Speak must count,If I walk twice on the ground by myself,I was discharged immediately”This Wang Cong is really overwhelmed,As soon as I finish talking, I don’t wait for everyone to recover,I got out of bed as soon as I turned over,Everyone in the ward,I mentioned my throat,Wang Yihua was almost suffocated。
A circle,Two turns,Wang Cong walks calmly and calmly。
“miracle,What a miracle!I have done so many major operations,No one can recover so quickly as you,In this case,We all go home for the new year!Hahaha…”Professor Wang said later,I couldn’t help laughing。
Wang Cong after returning to the village,Consistently take the Sibao of bee products every day,But the miracle is on him,Did not happen again,one year later,He is accompanied by Wang Yihua,I finished my life happily。
When Wang Yihua talked about this,,Already crying into tears again。This story makes Xia Jian not happy,He thought the love story was only in the book,I didn’t expect it to exist in real life。The story of Wang Yihua and Wang Congming,Although it can’t be talked about vigorously,But what kind of trend of love,Really moving。
“I understand,These apiaries are all left by him“Xia Jian asked softly。
Wang Yihua took a breath and said:“I gave everything to Dawang villagers in other places,This one under the mountain is where we met“
“Did you get married later?“Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Wang Yihua smiled sadly:“Life must go on!I entered the city later,Met a man,We start a business together,Career has just picked up,We divorced。Through this marriage,I don’t think people need to be tied up with another person for a lifetime,It’s enough to live out of yourself“
“Capable women think so“Xia Jian said,Can’t help but smile。Looks like another woman who doesn’t want to get married,It seems that Yao Junli also said this to him。
Wang Yihua sorted out her mood,Suddenly smiled:“More than ten years,This is the first time I tell someone my story,Make you laugh,Let’s hit a few wild animals and go back!It’s too early“
“OK!I was about to try my marksmanship“Xia Jian conforms to Wang Yihua’s topic,He didn’t want to remind Wang Yihua of the past。
Wang Yihua pointed to the open front and said:“Where should there be pheasants,And this time is also the best time for them to come out,You are ready“