Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you


Seven beautiful tricks let him take the initiative to talk to you

The word of conversation is very hot now, and there is a kind of person who is called a conversational expert, that is, those who love to speak actively and are good at creating casual encounters with chat.

In their eyes, approaching is simply a matter of learning, from “how to go” and “when to go” to “should go” should have a complete set of practical tricks.

For a woman who is inherently reserved and who defends “male chasing women”, if she masters the seven secrets from the boy’s version of “Study on Pick-up”, the chance of an encounter will suddenly multiply!

  Teach you to create a “temptation qi field” and use small air?

?Make the story happen “In most cases, a relatively closed place is better than an open place, and she will feel safe again.

If only you and her are in the elevator to work, it is a chance given to you by heaven!

“-The boy’s version of” Study on Learning “is the easiest way to accumulate” temptation fields “. The easiest way is to use incense.

Recently, in the small room where beauty editors gathered, every male colleague who came in couldn’t help but marvel: “It’s so fragrant!

who is it?

“Someone smiled slyly,” recently losing his body milk.

“Hey, the smell of body milk in a small space is several times stronger than that of perfume, and there is no worry that it will be pungent when accidentally used.

Elevators, buses, and small restaurants can easily arouse his curiosity.

  ① L’Occitane Orange Smoothing Milk 245 yuan charged to him within 3 seconds “sometimes inevitably shy or worried about failure.

The key to winning is to shoot within 3 seconds after finding the target, and don’t give yourself time to hesitate.

-The boy’s version of “Getting Started” is available in the same way. You look forward to your chances and the discharge time is only 3 seconds!

The earliest men would pay attention to the lips first, followed by the eyes and eyes that are not disproportionate.

The last point is very dependent on innateness, but it is not difficult for anyone to work hard on eyes and mouth, right.

98% of men said that they did not like decadent smoke and shiny lips, which made them feel inexplicable burden before kissing.

However, no man will refuse to flutter the eyelashes and look soft and tender lips.

Yes, it must be so soft that there are no lip lines, which coincides with their urge to kiss.

  Although many women do not like Lin Zhiling’s cymbals, other men have Lin Zhiling in their hearts.

You see, she used almost all the secrets that men most want to talk about: natural curls, fluttering eyelashes, and unobtrusive soft lips.

  ① Lancome pink unruly lip gloss 260 yuan ② Fu Xiu Xiu Dudu rich lip gloss transparent color (exclusive sale by Sephora) stirs his hair and awakens his interest “I just know, do n’t touch her body actively, although you have countlessThis thought came up again.

“-Boys’ version of” Study on Conversation “If that collaborator is exactly the boy you have longed for, you can’t wait to go further!

Don’t comb your hair completely, it always hints: I’m not a casual person!

In fact, a little irregular and slightly messy feeling is easier to get close to.

In the small space of two people, you may wish to use your fingers to flick the hair to make the hair smell more thorough. This “inadvertent” little movement seems to him to be a visual touch and can’t help but approach you.

  The supermodel Marie Steiss reveals the secret of her charm: the hair half-draped on the shoulder must carry the fragrance left after washing, and the moment you wake up and turn your head to see her boyfriend, veryNatural and must be sexy, right?
  ① Paris L’Oreal Yingying Brightening Shampoo 118 Yuan ② Chanel Coco Mlle Hair Fragrance Mist 365 Yuan Seckill Back wants him to follow the footsteps “Don’t rush to talk to her from behind!

Girls are afraid of strange greetings after coming to themselves.

-Although the boy’s version of “Getting Started” learns that the front cover almost makes girls feel safer, it does not reveal that men are easily attracted by a sexy back.

Didn’t expect it?

Naturally curly long hair, rounded hips, and slender calves are the three key points that make him most likely to follow.

It’s time to pack up the scenery behind it!

Auntie needs management.

This kind of management requires you to use body sculpting products, and at the same time, you can use the massage to “fix” the aunt in other parts to the place you want to be plump.
  ①YvesRocher plant fiber body shaping body cream (day and night) 390 yuan ② Clarins Newborn Firming Body Cream 550 yuan custom “Feromone” makes it tease memory “It is not important when you know, it is important to know after you know!
“-Men’s version of” Getting Started “In Meiti’s perfume class, perfume trainer Amanda discovered the secret of her use of perfume: at every important moment in life, I will choose a special perfume, because the memory of fragrance is the mostancient.

For example, in the honeymoon, she used Guerlain’s light fragrance and smelled it many years later. Her whole body was immediately filled with the happiness of the honeymoon.
Therefore, from the moment he knew his favorite, don’t change the fragrance easily during this time. The most fascinating thing for men is the unclear and unclear “Feromone”.

After many years, no matter whether it is a positive result or a parting way, this fragrance will record your story and it will always be memorable.

  Just choose the perfume that was reborn for the sake of love!

For example, Chanel’s Chance, Givenchy’s charm, the oldest and hotst fragrance in the back of the neck, 2 drops is enough.

  ① Chanel 邂逅 Fresh Eau De Toilette 50ml / 580 yuan ② Givenchy Magic Angel Rouen Eau De Toilette 50ml / 590 yuan innocent face makes him want to protect “When is the best time to talk?

The night is very unsuitable, girls are naturally afraid of darkness.

Except where she can at least see the other person’s face, and she happens to be ordering.

“-The boy’s version of” Study Conversation “is not suitable for night?

How can a romantic moment be staged into a bubble!

Pretending to be innocent can best win a vote of favor from the boys and release their vigorous desire for protection.

Glittering eyelashes, sweeping blushes in the square of the apple muscle, and lovely toot lips are the best props for innocent faces.

Among them, the most outstanding is actually the eyes.

Blue and purple mascara can easily help you capture the charm.

Don’t brush your entire eyelashes, you should first use black base, then use blue or purple to brighten up the accumulation of eyelashes to charm him.

  Benefit: The bad girl’s blue mascara is 240 yuan. Unexpectedly, there is a “perspirant” left in the palm.

-The boy’s version of “Study on Learning” wants to find a chance to break through this layer of window paper, and San Mao’s template is very worthwhile.

In “No More Rainy Season”, she finds the boy who has been secretly crushing on the conductor, and writes his name and phone number in his palm.

The popular perfume pen is especially suitable for this bridge.

The essence of this trick is to use perfume to make him more impressed with you, so when the master attends the party, he will deliberately spray a few drops of perfume in the palm of his hand. Once you shake hands with the person you want, his palm will leave your “sweat medicine”.Already.
  ① VeraWang perfume capsules ② CKONE electronic perfume pen