Massage, relieve liver, relieve pressure, regulate blood

Massage, relieve liver, relieve pressure, regulate blood

We know that when people are in abnormal mood, they are easy to affect the physiological functions of the liver, causing abnormal activities of various parts of the body, such as poor airway, stagnation, and disorder, which further aggravate mood disorders and even affect the function of the spleen and stomach.Emotional depression, liver discomfort, flank pain, stomach cramps, indigestion and other symptoms.

  Chinese medicine believes that the liver has the function of evacuation and leakage, that is, it can regulate the running state of the whole body gas, promote the function of various organs, promote the operation of whole body blood and body fluid, thereby enhancing the digestion and transmission function of the spleen and stomach.

  When you are recovering from work, when you are uncomfortable, you are too lazy to go to the hospital, and often forget to take medicine. This time, you will not hinder the massage techniques of trying Chinese medicine.

The health massage that often performs liver and qi is helpful to smooth the air machine and improve the running state of blood and blood, thus effectively relieving the pressure.

  The two palms overlapped with the suffocating method, and the middle point of the sputum between the two breasts was inserted and rubbed up and down 30 times.

It can dilute the air machine, stimulate the thymus and enhance the immune mechanism.

  The wide chest method is sitting, the right hand is inserted into the right breast, and the force is slapped and gradually moved to the other side of the lateral direction, 10 times back and forth.

Hold the palms of the palms tightly against the milk and rub them horizontally 20 times.

The two palms of the tiger’s mouth card are inserted under the two arms, from the upper side down the waist side to the tibia, and rubbed back and forth to heat.

Can be wide chest and qi, smooth air machine.

  Sitting in the sparse position, the palms of both palms are inserted under the arms, the fingers are open, and the gap between the fingers and the ribs is the same width. The right palm is first pushed to the left to the sternum, and then the left palm is pushed to the right to the sternum.Next, alternately push to the umbilical horizontal line and repeat 10 times.

Note that the fingers should be close to the ribs, the force should be even, and the chest ribs should be warm.

Can regulate the liver and soothe the liver.

  Take the psoas muscle seat, the two hands of the tiger’s mouth stuck in the double waist muscles, from the top to the bottom to pinch the waist muscles, round-trip operation 10 times.

  Rub the flank or supine position, place the palms under the two flank ribs, and simultaneously push the lower abdomen to the pubis with a force, and operate 20 times.

Can spleen and qi.

  The three-fog sitting or supine position, the two hands and four fingers crossed, placed horizontally in the middle of the sputum, the two palm roots in the position of the two breasts, from top to bottom, a little force pushed to the groin, a total of 20 times.

Tongli Sanjiao, qi and liver.

  Dial the Yangling sitting position, insert the thumb of both hands twice into the vertical oblique lower side, the small head of the humerus outside the calf is slightly recessed), and the other four fingers assist, press the point for 1 minute, then forcefully pluck the point at the point.-5 times, it is better to have a sour feeling.

It can soothe the liver and strengthen the gallbladder.

  The chest is sitting on the chest, first use the right hand to pinch the chest pectoralis muscle 10 times under the arm, and then change hands as usual.

Hold the back of the pillow with both hands and fingers, and the two elbows are level, and try to swing backwards, while inhaling and exhaling when swinging forward.

One breath, one operation, 10 times.

It can be used to widen the chest and stimulate the yang in the chest.

  The binoculars are staring, the head is straight and the two eyes are rotated clockwise 10 times, then blinking for a moment, then counterclockwise.

It can make the eyes look flexible and look good.

  Sigh the whole body to relax, first inhale deeply, then try to exhale, give a “squeaky” sound when exhaling, and try your best to repeat, 10 times.

Adjustable and dirty, soothing liver and qi.