Changes in the tongue have many connotations

Changes in the tongue have many connotations

The tongue must be identified with the moss; the moss is the scale and the tongue is the essence.

The moss detects qi disease and blood disease of the tongue;

The evil spirit is shallow and deep, you can see the moss;

Tongue coating changes, each with its own division: the apex of the heart and lungs, the central stomach, the root of the tongue is the kidney, the spleen on all sides, and the sides of the tongue.

Liver and gallbladder; another method, three points to look at, the top and bottom of the root, the middle of the tongue.

Distinguish tongue fluid, moisturize and smooth.

Run more than normal, wet thick is wet.

Run and more Jin, slippery color.

Astringent and rough.

Dry is robbed.

If there is a god but no god, don’t be glorified.

Rong is Rongrun, and the fluid is full of cloth; ruddy and clear, rich in qi and blood.


The righteousness will be exhausted, Jinjin will be dry, and the disease is critical.

Red tongue is hot, but there are still many differences.

He was inflamed and his tongue was red.

Red on the tongue, hot liver and gallbladder.

In the early stage of febrile disease, the sharp edges are red; seen in miscellaneous diseases, the color of the heart and liver; headache, insomnia, and irritability.

Bright red, each has its own special; temperature is very hot, miscellaneous diseases are yin deficiency.

The heart of the tongue was red and the yin was robbed.

Light and tender, without mirror, is the mirror tongue; disease is the main culprit, fluid is depleted.

If qi and blood deficiency, red tongue quality.

Ochre is crimson, warm and warm.

Pure and fresh, enveloping hot.

Withered and withered.

涸 exhausted kidney yin; see 嗌 dry.

Big life will fall.

Too much, the tongue is less mossy, and even the tongue is cracked, and the yin will be swollen.

The tongue is sticky, like moss and not moss, wet and cloudy, and the fragrance is spread out.

There are a few things to look for, there is a sacrifice, the fluid has been injured, hot and humid fumigation, phlegm and phlegm, and the fluid is cleared.

The main symptoms of purple tongue are yang and yin; moss and no moss are the main differences.

Runzao is deep, full of tongue or spots, the main diseases are different, and the severity is different.

Yellow moss and purple tongue, viscera accumulation of heat; both dry and uncomfortable.

The tongue is blue and purple, and the moss is smooth.

At the beginning of typhoid fever, straight in the middle of the three Yin.

Blood stasis disease, purple and obscure tongue, usually smooth, or see gray moss, weight full tongue, light plaque; pain for a long time, similar to similar.

Alcoholic drinks are accumulated, and the tongue is purple.

Center is slippery, typhoid fever after drunk.The purple tongue is swollen, the wine is poisoned, the danger is red, the life is irreversible.

The blue color changes slightly like purple tongue;

Light blue, no moss, withered color, extremely dangerous card, losing vitality.

The blue is not full of tongues, and the main evidence is different: the plague is turbid and the powder is white; the yellow greasy moss is wet and hot; the moss is slippery blue and the tongue is wet.