Spring health follows the seven principles of liver and spleen and disease prevention

Spring health follows the seven principles of liver and spleen and disease prevention

In the spring, everything will recover, and the weather will gradually warm up. It will gradually increase. Although it is a good season for spring blossoms, it is also an active period of various germs. In addition, the weather changes at this time, and it brings opportunities for germs.If you want your body to be healthy and strengthen your own resistance, health care is essential, and spring is a time of high liver disease. Therefore, it needs to be nursed back to health. Spring health needs to be carried out, both to nourish the liver and prevent diseases.

  ”Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is very suitable for health proverbs “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, saying that in the early spring season, do not rush to take off the cotton coat to prevent cold spring.

Spring is warm and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so spring health must be “squeaky”, pay attention to the appropriate clothing.

In fact, there are often repeated cold weather in the spring, clothes should be gradually reduced, and the clothes should be warmer.

  Get up early and go to bed early to raise the liver. “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Spring March, this is said to be Chen, the world is born, everything is glory, the night is getting up early, the step is in the court, the shape is slowed down, so that Zhisheng, ShengAnd don’t kill, don’t take it, don’t take it, don’t punish it, this spring should be, the way to health.

The opposite is that hurting the liver.” means that after the beginning of the beginning of the spring, the natural world is full of vitality, and everything is flourishing. At this time, people just need to follow the natural scenes of life, get up early and get up early, go for a walk in the morning, relax the body, and let the emotions pass through.The spring of hair can not be violated, this is the way to adapt to spring.

Violating this method will damage the liver, which is the basis of spring breeding.

Therefore, in the spring, the body is comfortable and the emotions are used as a method of health.

  Less acid, more sweet, spleen and stomach, Chinese medicine believes: “Spring days should be acid-enhancing, to raise temper.

Therefore, it is best to eat less hot and sour in the spring diet, so it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, so the spring diet should be avoided.

In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five flavors, the sour taste into the liver, with astringent nature, is not conducive to the germination of the yang and the evacuation of the liver, and the diet should be cast into its organs, that is, “in violation of its sexuality, suffering from its sexual desires.

The person who desires is the good God of the dirty, that is, the supplement.

The bitter person is the evil of the god of the dirty, that is, the diarrhea.

“This relationship has been clarified, and some herbs and foods that are soothing liver and nourishing the liver, soothing the liver and regulating the qi can be purposefully selected.

Slightly sweeter and appropriate.

For example, yam, lily, fungus, etc.

Among them, the porridge diet is the most spleen and stomach.

  The daily combing of five hundred diseases is the savvy government. The important 12 meridians of the human body and more than 40 large and small acupoints, as well as more than ten special stimulation areas are concentrated in the head.

Using a wooden comb or a bone comb instead of a small silver needle, so-called acupuncture massage or stimulation of these acupuncture points and meridians can be used for physical fitness.

It is indeed the easiest and most economical long-term health care strategy to actively maintain the human body, gas, and God.

  Don’t prematurely reduce clothes. “Spring does not reduce clothes, autumn does not wear a hat.”

The temperature in the spring has never warmed up, don’t lose winter clothes too early.

In the winter, wearing a cotton coat for a few months, the regulation of heat production and heat dissipation in the winter is relatively balanced.

From the winter to the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature changes greatly, and the winter clothes are lost too early. Once the temperature drops, it is difficult to adapt, and the body’s resistance is reduced.

The pathogens fly by the body, easily lead to various respiratory diseases and infectious diseases in winter and spring.

  Eat more leeks and coriander in the spring yang qi newborn, in addition to pay attention to the rise of yang, but also to invest in dirty worms, should eat some Xingan divergent products, should not eat sour taste.

Because of the sour taste into the liver, it has a convergent nature, which is not conducive to the growth of yang and the evacuation of liver gas.

The food can be selected from Xin Wen’s scattered onions, coriander, peanuts, leeks, shrimps, etc., and eat less spicy food.

  Leek and scrambled eggs are a good medicated diet during the spring season.

Wash the leek, 2-3 eggs, and the amount of shrimp.

Cut the leeks into small pieces and beat the eggs after breaking the shell.

The wok is set on fire, and the vegetable oil is warmed. Add the shrimp skin and stir-fry until fragrant.

Then pour in the evenly beaten eggs and pour the leeks after the eggs are fried in a slightly fixed shape.

After a while, add salt, ginger, MSG, and then stir fry for a while.

Amaranth Xin Wen diverges, helps the body to produce yang, smooth, egg nourishing, this dish can nourish the liver and nourish the blood, produce yang, suitable for spring tonic.

  Eat less tonics and salt Many people advocate winter tonic, but after spring, tonic should be moderate.

There are characteristics of “spring, summer, autumn, winter” in all seasons.

Living in nature should conform to the laws of nature.In winter, according to the appropriate amount of personal physique to supplement, in line with the principles of winter preservation.

However, during this period of time after the beginning of the spring, it is not only supplemented or supplemented, but the amount of tonic is gradually reduced. The brakes gradually adapt to the upcoming spring season, the rise and the seasonal characteristics of the strip.

In fact, reducing the amount of salt absorbed is also critical, because salty taste into the kidneys, eating too much salt can easily damage the kidney, which is not conducive to the maintenance of yang.