Be wary: the old man is very excited

Be wary: the old man is very excited

After the winter, the temperature has slowly risen, and the winter’s repressed mood has been swept away by the sun. But what needs to be wary is that if a person’s mood is unusually excited, you need to pay attention: this may be a mental illness.

  Some older people, in recent times, have become as energy-efficient as young people.

For example, during this time, his mood is obviously higher than before, he is always confident and full of enthusiasm, and he is also enthusiastic about people. When he meets, he will never finish talking.

It is also good to remember, call old friends who have been disconnected for many years.

I have recently got up very early, and after going to breakfast, I went to climb the stairs to exercise.

  Performance like this, called “manic episodes” in psychology, is another extreme emotional state that is contrary to depression.

Usually it includes nothing to be happy, and the mood is particularly good; the conversation is endless; like to join in the fun, love performance; unprecedented self-confidence, love to brag and talk big words; burning full, there is no end to the strength.

Other manic patients are excited, but they love to lose their temper and ignite.

  Manic episodes are seen in the complications of young adults and the elderly, especially in the elderly. The balance of various psychophysiological functions is more likely to be broken and manic.

If you find a madness, you must see a doctor in time.