Zhou Ye, I have a smile in WeChat.:“There is this bad thing in the future.,Remember to add me 喔。”

Such easy money,Don’t earn simple fool!
No wonder Xu Lu asked Zhou Ye, I don’t want to get rich.!
Now it seems,This words are unexpected.!
I don’t know what kind of facts in my own patients in the ward.,Zhou Ye is in512I am also assured in the conference room.。
When the charter during the stage,Zhong Changsi had a few times and went back to see Yao Ye.,And look at him faint。
Zhou Niwu has some don’t understand this laugh.。
He looked at Zhong Chang Si’s face.,A batch of virtual。
“I am.。”Bai Hong suddenly stood up。
Zhou Ye watched the phone,I found that it is five o’clock.。
“what!Have already got off work?”He smashed his own temple,Some fatigue。
Zhou Yewu and Baihong’s position is。
And he is sitting in the corridor。
Therefore, when Baihong went out before Wang Ye,He has the opportunity to make a soft encouragement“come on”。
But Baihong does not seem to react……
Wait until Baihong is going on stage,Zhou Jixu found that the sister of this third part was still tight than himself.。
Speech,The intermittent renewal has completed the content you have to talk.。
Zhou Ye, sneaked with a book of Bai Hong。
“《How is not nervous?》。”He widened his eyes。
She actually?
I didn’t think I didn’t think about Wan Ye.,He also thought that he only had himself in the entire venue.,I didn’t expect Baihong.。
It turns out that Baihong is also a girl who will be handless.,For this lecture, it is also prepared for a long time.,Moreover, I have bought the book to overcome the tense.……
Baihong still stands on the stage,Severe extent of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,Suddenly stayed。
She seems that I can’t do what I have to say.。
Zhou Ye I shot the brain,Think“Finish”!
Here, Zhou Ji can’t give her ate.!
He is busy standing up.,Pretend to ask questions:“Hello,I have a question!”
Everyone instantly shifted his eyes from Baihong to Wenyu.。
“Bother!Is this not a bald guy who just lecture??”Someone is funny。
Bai Hong saw Zhou Yixun stood up and ask questions,It’s also slightly.。、
But with Yau Ye stood up, I attracted everyone’s attention.,She doesn’t seem to be so nervous.!
In fact, the source of tension is that the next pair of eyes will look at you.!
No one is staring at Bai Hong now,She is naturally not afraid.。
This is also the trick of Zhou Ye.!
See this trick,Zhou Niwu is also rushing to ask questions.。