When Sun Yuejuan said this,Secretly winked at Xia Jian。The clever Xia established a horse to understand what the old lady meant,He smiled and said:“I’ll bring you these things to the kitchen”

A door into the kitchen,Sun Yuejuan said with a change of face:“Listen to me,When Luo Yi was at our house,You can’t go anywhere。you know,You haven’t come back for so long,How anxious is she,I ran at the entrance of Guangcun two or three times。You do it again,Then don’t blame me for being impolite”
Looking at my old lady’s serious look,Xia Jian nodded guiltily。
I was also very happy for dinner。Because Xia Jian is back,Luo Yi was talking and laughing again。She was happy,Sun Yuejuan and Xia Zecheng were also happy,This is the chain reaction。
While eating,Xia Zecheng asked about Wang Degui’s situation。Although the two families of Wang Xia have always been at odds,But Wang Degui got sick,Xia Zecheng never meant to be happy。He has a look of concern,This is the nature of honest farmers。
Said dinner,Xia Jian and Luo Yi went to his room。same,In addition to burning coal in the room,I can only use electric blankets on the bed。
Sun and snow during the day,This to night,It’s surprisingly cold。Luo Yiyi went to Xia Jian’s room,Two take off the coat,I slipped into the bed of Xia Jian。
“You come up too,Let’s sit on the bed and chat”Luo Yi is like a child,Wrapped the quilt under the neck。
Xia Jian hesitated,He ended up in bed。He just sat down,Luo Yi turned upside down,Leaned tightly in his arms。
At this moment,Outside the house came the whine of the cold wind。Luo Yi couldn’t help but hugged Xia Jian tightly.。Xia Jian is also a little emotional at this moment,But he knew,This is at home。
After getting up the next day,Luo Yibian told Xia Jian,She should returnGZwent。Anyway,She is still the general manager of Longdong Group,There are so many things waiting for her to deal with。
Sun Yuejuan heard that Luo Yi was going back,She really feels,But this is no way。Sun Yuejuan took Luo Yi’s hand,The two said a lot。This makes Xia Jian feel a little weird。
The car arrived in Pingdu,Xia Jian asked about it and found out that the expressway had been released last night。Because this heavy snow only reached Pingdu,And the snow in the city is not as thick as the snow in a few towns。
On the high speed,Opened soon,Xia Jian never saw the shadow of snow anymore。Even Luo Yi, who was sitting in the co-pilot, said with a smile:“It seems that God knows that I came to see the snow,So I deliberately put heavy snow on your Xiping Village”
Xia Jian smiled but said nothing,But he is still happy。Along the way,Luo Yi drove Xia Jian for a while。Thus,Xia Jian unknowingly,So I drove to Bucheon。
Because Beishan has a place to live,So Xia Jian didn’t register the hotel for Luo Yi,But took her directly back to Beishan’s home。