and,‘eternal’Although swallowed whole‘destroy’,But it is always difficult to completely refine it,so far,He still has one eye that can’t perform magical powers normally,And the leg that protrudes diagonally from the right rib,Gave‘eternal’A lot of pressure,At least it shows that this residual limb may also come back at any time,‘eternal’Know that there is not much time left for him。

But at this moment,A familiar location in the distant void,The eye I once saw appeared again,‘eternal’Not afraid of the owner of this eye,In the last duel,Both sides only made one move,‘eternal’Hit the opponent hard,I got hurt too,But within the acceptable range,Goodbye,The eyes seem to be weaker。
Maybe the opportunity really comes,It’s not difficult to find Li Tianzhu’s past with this eye again,The difficulty is without killing the opponent,Can slowly assimilate it and eventually swallow it。
‘eternal’Quickly fell into this kind of thinking,And decided to take action,Follow the vine,Blend into the other’s memory,Not assimilated opponent,Was hit hard by the opponent,But there is no life worry,Its clone can die in the void outside the domain,But when‘Heavenly Gate’Inside,‘eternal’Is eternal,It still has this confidence。
then‘eternal’One eye looked at the weak eye in the distant void,Both sides freeze at the moment they stare at each other,A very faint halo slowly rippled away,‘eternal’Suddenly shouted,The body flew upside down and hit the blue barrier,And a light and shadow that is hard to distinguish the substance quickly goes away,It has crossed countless folding spaces at an unimaginable speed,Submerged in that weak eye。
Li Tianzhen seems to be aware,He has been trying to break free from the invisible pressure on his body,Never succeed,But as the blue barrier was hit,He jumped up all at once,Consciousness is still fuzzy,Take a deep breath,Side by side with two palms,The strong air flow came out,Bombarded the small shadow in the barrier,Tear it to pieces。
‘eternal’Was fought back by those weak eyes,Not yet relieved,Li Tianzhu instantly killed a small object he had assimilated,Uncontrollably furious,Flying around is a kick,Pedaling heavily on the blue barrier,The foothold is where the shadows lie down,Li Tianzhen was shocked and flew back。
Both sides were stunned,‘eternal’Can actually hurt Li Tianzhi through the barrier,It proved that the only light blue barrier that can protect Li Tianzhen has a problem,‘eternal’Overjoyed,Suddenly and then take a step,Face up and open your mouth,Actually madly sucking nearby chaotic matter。
This move caused Li Tianzhen to drop his jaw,‘eternal’Powerful,It has been learning,Especially in terms of law,He and the other two rough stones are not its opponents,More unexpected‘eternal’Can also swallow chaotic matter,Isn’t this ability comparable to Chaos Will?
“I’m afraid you have no chance to come!”‘eternal’Want to laugh,This is definitely not a withdrawal of Chaos Will,But a godsend,It’s just chaotic matter pouring in instantly,Even it is unbearable,Grinning in pain for a while,The handsome face is distorted indescribably。
along with‘eternal’Constant bulging of the body,His right arm suddenly became deformed and became thick and huge,A rare opportunity not to be missed,Can’t wait for the cooling off period after gaining momentum,Punch out,Seem ordinary,But it contains the terrifying power that destroys the world,Complex rules,Even with the presence of Chaos Will, it is difficult to distinguish clearly one by one。
The blue barrier broke,Li Tianzhen, who will never sit still, throws his fists indiscriminately,Even if you are crushed, you won’t be swallowed and assimilated。
‘eternal’Be prepared,The moment the barrier was broken, he used all his cultivation bases to disperse and remove the strength of his punches.,He doesn’t want to be after all the hardships,Annihilate the opponent completely、The result of drawing water from a bamboo basket is absolutely unacceptable。
‘eternal’This move takes great risks,Use lower-level rules,Can only remove part of the rules,But it is not effective against pure chaotic matter,Unexpected accidents may even happen,Remaining strength,It can only use self-cultivation as hard resistance,Equivalent to gambling。
The power that the fist spit out suddenly shrank,Li Tianzhen’s random fists have not touched the opponent,‘eternal’Was thrown out of sight by the backlash。
Li Tianzhen was also involuntarily thrown into the chaotic matter by the huge suction,Began to follow the crazy collision of these materials、Spin。
Blue bubble burst,There is no more place to evacuate,This instead made Li Tianzhen put everything down,He believes‘eternal’Is also mixed in these chaotic matter,Understanding of this environment,He may be slightly inferior to each other,As long as you don’t meet,The fatal danger will temporarily be a small probability situation。
Next,Is to concentrate,Find a way to leave in a chaotic environment,Since the big mountain in chaos was‘eternal’After control,Li Tianzhen can no longer come and go as freely as before,Neither the power of the law nor the unpredictable magical powers will work in Chaos Land,Can only be patient,Gradually explore with previous impressions。