How to eat healthy dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival

How to eat healthy dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival

It is well known that most of the medlars use glutinous rice starch, which has high viscosity, is not easy to digest, lacks fiber, and is also rich in aunts, salt and sugar.

  Therefore, doctors suggest that some people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other basic diseases, if you want to try, you must control the amount, and diabetes patients are best not to eat more sugar.Red dates, sweet brown like hummus; high blood pressure, high blood lipids patients try not to eat high fat content, more seasonings.

  Old people and children should not eat too much lice, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion, as well as the resulting symptoms of hyperacidity, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain.

In addition, due to the sticky nature of glutinous rice, the elderly and children must pay attention to prevent foraging when eating scorpions. It is best to cut the scorpions into small pieces before eating.

  In addition, the wolfberry is eaten in a pot and boiled in boiling water before consumption. Do not eat cold dumplings.

Also, don’t eat before going to bed. While eating dumplings, with some low-fat, high-fiber vegetables and fruits, it can help the intestines and stomachs to move, and can avoid the intestines and stomach indigestion caused by eating lice.