The seven ways to eat fruit are the most harmful to health

The seven ways to eat fruit are the most harmful to health

Fruit is one of the healthiest foods in people’s minds, and even some people eat fruits several times more than staple foods.

But do you know that eating fruit is exquisite, otherwise it will not achieve the purpose of health care, but will bring a variety of diseases.

  First, avoid eating fruit immediately after eating rice immediately after eating, not only will not help digestion, but will cause swelling gas and constipation.

Therefore, eating fruit should be 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals.

  Second, eat fruit bogey, some fruits contain a variety of fermented sugar substances, the teeth have a twisted corrosion, if you do not gargle after eating, the fruit residue in the mouth is easy to cause dental caries.

  Third, avoid eating too much fruit to eat too much fruit, resulting in the body’s lack of copper, which leads to increased blood plasma, causing coronary heart disease, so it is not appropriate to eat too much fruit in a short period of time.

  Fourth, eat fruit, avoid unhealthy food, start rotting fruit, and no dust, fly-proof equipment is not thoroughly washed and disinfected fruit, such as strawberries, mulberry, sliced watermelon, etc., prone to dysentery, typhoid, acute exacerbationEqual gastrointestinal infectious diseases.

  Fifth, avoid using a kitchen knife to cut fruit. Because the kitchen knife often comes into contact with meat, fish, and vegetables, it will bring parasites or parasite eggs to the fruit, causing people to be infected with parasitic diseases.

In particular, the rust on the kitchen knife and the alkaline acid contained in the apple will react chemically, making the color, fragrance and taste of the apple worse.

  Sixth, fruit avoid alcohol disinfection alcohol can kill fruit surface bacteria, but it will cause fruit color, fragrance, taste changes, alcohol and acid in the fruit, will reduce the nutritional value of the fruit.

  Seven, raw fruit avoids not peeling Some people think that the vitamin content of the peel is higher than the flesh, so eat the fruit together with the skin.

As everyone knows, when fruit and pests occur, they are often sprayed with pesticides. The pesticides will soak and remain in the wax of the peel. Therefore, the pesticide residue in the peel is higher than that in the pulp.