He has to report this matter to Mr. Zang,He can’t be the master。

then,Fang Yu sat for a while。
I saw old man Zang coming out for a walk!
“Doctor Fang,Rarely you haven’t gone back yet……Let’s have a meal later!”Old man Zang smiled。
“Is not……actually, I……”
Fang Yu wants to decline。
But seeing the expression of old man Zang,Retracted that sentence。
After all, his situation,Can’t go out every day!
“Doctor Fang,You really only worked as a doctor for three years?”Mr. Zang asked。
There is a hint of expectation in his eyes!
“It was indeed three years at the People’s Hospital……But ten years ago, I learned ancient medicine from Master。”Fang Yu said honestly。
“Ten years of sharpening a sword!That’s it……”
Elder Zang was still hesitant。
Heard Fang Yu say this,No longer think about it。
This achievement in ten years,Very good!
“But my skill,Compared to my master……Still a lot worse!”Fang Yu waved his hand。
“Your master must be the kind of genius doctor……Otherwise, I can’t teach an apprentice like you!Do you like playing chess?”Old man Zang slowly said。