“died,Die well。”The old voice sighed,“When the storm is swaying you sleep,Seems to be out of the way,Really timid as a mouse,But now do such a feat,Surprised the old man,I really looked down on you before,Ugh!Wasted years,In a flash,Old man forgive you,I apologize to you,Good journey。”

Young man dare not make a sound,It sounds like the other party is evaluating Huo Ling’s life,This also indirectly satisfies the fire spirit.,He couldn’t help but feel guilty,Decided to rot in the stomach that Huo Ling was so angry。
“Ah Cheng,Please go forward。”I heard the sound of Lihuo,Juvenile froze,I found myself still standing in front of the temple gate,Look at the eagerness of everyone around,So no longer hesitate,Step into the temple。
There was a black high-back chair in the hall,It looks very abrupt in the empty hall,It seems to be specially designed for teenagers,He remembered the first time he was led into the hall by Huo Tianzun,Everyone is standing and talking,Even Tianzun is no exception,Today, I have to sit in this chair,I look very arrogant and domineering,Hesitated for a while。
“come on,child,Just take a form。”The old voice came out again。
“You also think i should do this roush**the Lord?”
“Why not?”
“Where’s my master Huo Tianzun?”
“This position has no relationship with him,and,He is not willing。”
“But you didn’t ask me if I wanted to?”Juvenile distinguish loudly。
“Originally meant to ask,But forced by form,No choice。”
“Do you mean there is a war outside?I don’t know anything。”
“Sit up,Learn slowly。”
“Old man,You are hard for a strong man。”
“Why not?”
“Huo Tianzun also meant this,and also,I’m dying。Is this reason enough?”
“Please promote the new palace lord!”Suddenly a courtesy officer sang。
The boy found out that he had walked to the high-back black chair without knowing it,Four of the five elders in white are already on both sides of the black chair,Another elder and Li Yun stood side by side in front of the chair on the right。